REVELATION: A Simple Outline

I have created a simple outline of Revelation. This is only an outline, so there are many other events that take place in each chapter, but I have tried to highlight what I feel are the most central events of this very important prophetic Book.

REVELATION Chapters 1 – 22

Chapter 1 – Jesus reveals Himself to John the apostle.

Chapters 2 & 3 – Jesus speaks to the seven churches of Asia Minor.

Chapter 4 – GOD’s throne area is displayed.

Chapter 5 – Jesus, the Lamb of GOD, is the One worthy to open and release the Seven Seals of the Book (plagues).

Chapter 6 – The first Six Seals are opened by the LAMB.

Chapter 7 – The 144,000 believing Jews (12,000 from each tribe) are marked in their foreheads with GOD’s name (protection from plagues). The redeemed are seen as well.

Chapter 8 – The final and Seventh Seal is opened unleashing seven more Trumpet Judgments. In this chapter, the first four Trumpets are sounded.

Chapter 9 – Two more Trumpets (judgments) are sounded.

Chapter 10 – Seven thunders utter their voices, but are kept secret.

Chapter 11 – The temple is measured. The two witnesses testify, and are killed by the beast, resurrected and raptured by GOD. The final and Seventh Trumpet sounds out its judgment.

Chapter 12 – A “woman” is symbolized with the same symbolism as Israel in Joseph’s dream in the Book of Genesis. This symbol is that of twelve stars, moon, and sun which in Genesis appeared to represent Jacob (Israel) and his twelve tribes.  This woman gives birth to the Messiah and is persecuted by the Dragon, symbolizing Satan primarily but this same exact beast with ten horns, also symbolizes the false Christ and his kingdom as found in Revelation 13 and 17.  Daniel’s “fourth beast” is this same kingdom with ten horns. According to Daniel, the fourth and final beastly kingdom comes right after the empire of Greece in Daniel 2 and 7. We know from history that this fourth kingdom was and is the Roman Empire.   This dual “dragon” symbolism could be a possible implication that Satan possesses the beast.

Chapter 13 – The beast (false messiah) and the false prophet described.

Chapter 14 – The 144,000 are seen rejoicing with the Lamb. Seven angels are seen. One preaches the Gospel. A second speaks of the destruction of Babylon. A third warns eternal fiery torment against those who worship the beast and his image or take his mark. Four more are seen in relation with the harvesting of the “grapes of GOD’s wrath”. Two with sickles and two encouraging them in their efforts, as the “grapes of wrath” are pressed in the “wine press” of GOD’s wrath.

Chapter 15 – Seven angels are seen carrying the seven last plagues in bowls full of GOD’s wrath. These bowls appear to be associated with carrying the “wine of GOD’s wrath” mentioned in the previous chapter and the plagues.

Chapter 16 – Seven bowls of GOD’s wrath and plagues are poured upon the earth by these seven angels.

Chapter 17 – The dragon with seven heads and ten horns with the harlot riding upon it are described.  The dragon turns upon the harlot with the ten horns or kings and makes the harlot desolate and naked and burns her with fire.

Chapter 18 – Babylon, which is associated with the harlot and with enormous wealth and power and influence, is fallen.

Chapter 19 – Marriage Supper of the Lamb is followed by the Battle of Armageddon.

Chapter 20 – Satan is bound while the one thousand year reign of Jesus takes place. He is loosed to test the nations at the end of this Millennial reign. The final judgment takes place.

Chapter 21 – The new heaven, the new earth, and the new Jerusalem are described.

Chapter 22 – Continued description of the new Jerusalem and the conclusion of the Book.


1) If you compare the trumpet judgments to the bowl judgments, you will find them to be very similar in nature (i.e. Trumpet #2 has the sea turning to blood, while Bowl #2 has the sea turning to blood). You will also see a comparison to the Egyptian plagues that GOD performed upon behalf of Moses and Israel (i.e. water turned to blood, darkness, hail, boils, etc).

2) Chapter 14 has an angel proclaiming that Babylon has fallen. It’s almost like a foreshadowing and it’s the first time you hear about this “Babylon”. Then in the end of Chapter 16, it’s as though the same phrase is echoed about Babylon having fallen. Then, the next Chapters 17 and 18 go into a thorough description of “Babylon”. It describes Babylon as a harlot or whore (both words are used) who is riding upon the back of the beast. This beast is described the same way as the beast of Daniel with ten horns. The beast in the Book of Daniel is the fourth beast or empire that comes directly after the Greek empire. The empires before Greece are Medo-Persian and Babylonian (just as history tells us). History also tells us that the Roman Empire was the empire directly after the Greek Empire. This fourth empire is described as the one that would be in place as the Beast empire and in another passage, it’s described as the kingdom that Christ will smash.  We know that it is seen in Daniel’s vision as much more tenacious than the other empires. If you realize that the Roman Empire has literally been around since before Jesus’ time, then it makes perfect sense that it has truly accomplished what Daniel saw it doing.  Furthermore, this harlot riding the back of the beast is described as “that great city” that reigns over the kings of the earth.  Rome (and presently the Vatican) has always been a consultant for kings and empires world-wide, so Rome is a possible candidate.  Other candidates could be the city of Babylon itself in Iraq or Jerusalem, but these were not reigning over the kings of the earth, especially at the writing of the Book of Revelation. Rome was.  By wielding worldly power, Rome is able to persuade kings to take orders and carry out their every whim, just as they have always done throughout history under the title of both the “Holy Roman Empire” and as the “Roman Catholic Church” which today has a headquarters in Vatican City. Once again, you see this “Babylon” in Revelation 14, and then from the end of Chapter 16 all the way through the beginning of Chapter 19. “Babylon” is indeed represented throughout this Book as a city that reigns over the kings of the earth which would make a knowledgeable Bible student glance over in Rome’s direction.

Keep in mind that the Vatican is both a government and a religion. It’s as though the Roman Empire has survived all these years in the cloak and disguise of religion. Its Curia is much like the Roman Senate, its power structure (i.e. republican-democracy, provincials, cardinals, bishops, etc) is very alike the Roman Empire’s power structure, and so forth. The “harlot Babylon” is described with the colors of purple and scarlet (Rome’s colors). The large golden cup in the harlot’s hand brings to us images of the Pope’s large golden cup. The description of her power and wealth in Revelation 18 is akin to that of the Unholy Roman Empire and the Vatican as well. Also, we are told that her merchants are the great men of the earth. Most of the wealthiest businessmen alive today are Knights of various orders of the Roman establishment, whether of occult or Catholic orders (and the Jesuits appear to be a hybrid of the two).   Thus, you can easily see why most Christian leaders over the years have pointed to this truly “harlot church” as the “harlot” of Revelation.  I would say that it’s the most plausible and historically accepted theory I have ever heard on this subject, although I do not state my theories or analysis as fact.

3) The Sixth Seal Judgment of Revelation is very similar to the Seventh Trumpet Judgment of Revelation 11 and the Seventh Bowl (or Viol) of Revelation 16.

4) A lot of sevens exist in Revelation. You have the seven candlesticks and seven stars of Chapter 1. The seven churches of Chapters 2 and 3. The seven spirits of GOD in Revelation 4. The Seven-Sealed Book in Revelation 5. Then over Revelation 6 and 8, the seven seals are opened. In Revelation 7, preparations are made to protect 144,000 Jews from the Seventh Seal Judgment (which begins the Seven Trumpet Judgments). Also in Revelation 8 and 9, the Seven Trumpet Judgments proceed with the Seventh Trumpet Sounding in Revelation 11. In Revelation 10, we see the Secret Seven Thunders. After Revelation 11 concludes with the Seventh Trumpet sounding, in Revelation 12, we see the dragon beast has seven heads. In Revelation 13, we see the same. In Revelation 14, we see seven angels. Three are making proclamations, two are using their sickles to reap GOD’s “grapes of wrath”, and two are encouraging the two with the sickles – a total of seven. In Revelation 15, the seven angels are seen coming out of GOD’s Temple with the Seven Bowls of GOD’s wrath containing the “grape juice of GOD’s wrath” which appears to be the same grape juice from the “grapes of wrath” that the angels were reaping with their sickles in the chapter before, so that the great “wine press of the wrath of GOD” could trod these “grapes” down. In Chapter 16, the Seven Bowl Judgments are poured out by these seven angels upon the wicked earth. In Chapter 17, the dragon beast is seen with his seven heads again. After Chapter 17, the sevens seem to completely stop (interestingly enough).

5) Notice that in Revelation Chapter 7 that when the 144,000 Jews are sealed for protection by GOD that we see the saints in heaven.