The Modern Christian

The modern Christian …

  1. Can’t afford a Hummer but buys one on credit while blogging about contentment.
  2. Speaks superfluously of grace and tolerance, but shows none to the conscientious.
  3. Buys things to look healthy and rich, but never works to be healthy and rich.
  4. Wants the earthly pleasure of the rockers, but the heavenly pleasure of the apostles.
  5. Wants to live in debt, but still wants retirement.
  6. Doesn’t have time or money for the Gospel, but takes regular exotic getaways.
  7. Talks of a servant’s heart, but refuses to submit to others or get their hands dirty.
  8. Spends all their resources on treasure here, but wants treasure in heaven too.
  9. Thrills over occult songs, shows, and books all week, but claims to love the Bible.
  10. Sings of separation using songs written by heretics and set to tunes from paganism.
  11. Names their child after the virgin Mary, but admires Lady Gaga.
  12. Shouts the loudest of GOD’s grace, but shows no grace back to GOD in return.
  13. Talks of loving GOD and others, but disobeys GOD and teaches others to disobey.
  14. Talks of sacrifice and the cross of Christ, but refuses to carry their own cross.
  15. Joyfully tweets about the Gospel, but fails to defend it or mark those who pervert it.
  16. Acknowledges that GOD’s choice servants like Noah, Jeremiah, John the Baptist, and others were usually very unpopular and sometimes killed for their beliefs; yet, still wants to be popular at school and “mainstream” in their church or theological circles.