EVOLUTION AND THE BEANSTALK: The tale keeps growing

If a tenured Professor of an ivy league university told you his theory that angels come at night and plant “beanstalk seeds” in your back yard and that these beanstalks grow to three miles tall with mansions atop them and chickens that lay golden eggs, you would laugh out loud and say by the authority of empirical science: “That’s a fairy tale. You can’t prove that!“.

However, if he added that it takes billions of years, then you are stumped, because even though we know his tale is unlikely, he has taken his theory from a place of empirical science based on observation to a level of theoretical science based on imagination.  It’s impossible to test a theory that someone says will take billions of years, because nobody has lived for billions of years to observe whether the theory is true or not.

This is how the fairy tale of evolutionary theory works, and it is also how mythology worked back in its day. Time will show that evolution is a form of mythology.  After all, “once upon a time” the Bible scorners believed that thunder comes from Thor throwing his hammer across heaven and they were proven wrong. Now, they believe in evolution, and time will destroy these “fig leaves” they are hiding behind. They had best ask GOD for “robes of righteousness”.

The irony is that evolution, much like the fairy tale’s beanstalk, is a tale that keeps growing bigger and bigger … the ultimate “fairy tale” which continues to change as new discoveries prove their faulty theories to be laughable at best.  They are stumped as they attempt to place props under a crumbling fossil record theory. They keep changing the time from thousands to million to billions to trillions of years in order to keep from looking inept every time new information is discovered.  Like bank robbers who haven’t corroborated their stories yet, they differ with each other on the details. Some say evolution began with a big bang, while others say it began in a chemical soup.  Still others find even more imaginative ways to soothe their conscience and “imagine GOD from existence” with even more ambitious theories of evolution’s origin.  Some say it started large and some say small and others still say it started from nothing.  All of these major aspects of evolutionary theory have holes bigger than any “fish story” as the discoveries of irreducible complexity, DNA modeling, and true science seem to snicker at the evolutionists from the sidelines. It reminds me of Elijah getting a good laugh at the expense of the priests of Baal as they vainly hopped around trying to prove their beliefs were true and that a god of their own imagination truly “existed”.

What a laugh people will one day get out of the lunacy of evolution, just as we chuckle today at those who really believed that Thor is throwing thunder around the heavens.  Those who promoted the maniacal myth will answer to GOD on Judgment Day.

Evolution is much like a spider web that continues to be spun in order to avoid facing the inevitable day when their giant myth is exposed, and the more unsuspecting victims that are trapped, the greater their judgment … and what a giant web of a lie!  The “bigger they are, the harder they fall”.  Payday someday! What a tangled web they weave, when they practice to deceive.