PIETY’S DISGUISE: The mask of witches bold

Peak behind the curtain, fix your eyes upon those men
Who wear their masks with cursed lies to hide their secret sin.
The oh-so-holy ranking leaders with their plotting schemes.
Their magic lies within their cries against such lies, it seems.
In truth, their piety is not piety at all.
‘Tis just an act to gain men’s trust, a “cover” like a pall.
They cry the loudest ‘gainst the sins they know their follow’rs hate,
But they are traitors, traitors ranking high within the gate.

They start their work with care and shout at vice with loudest voice,
They curse the hand of Baal, and mark each follow‘rs’ sinful choice.
They measure out a speck of leaven with the strictest rule,
Are first to hound the hounds of hell with words so harsh and cruel.
With scathing speech, they pound down those of “sinful lesser ilk”,
While on the surface, they look prayerful, robed in scarlet silk.

They talk of grace, they show good “face”,
A maze of lies, but leave no trace.
Like Bob White, singing in the night,
They hide their darkness through their “light”.

They extol dramatic works by Rosicrucian wrights,
And claim it only literature of sprites’ midsummer nights,
They reverently sing masses and requiems for the dead,
Like Roman monks did just before they split a Pilgrim’s head,
And when you gaze upon their art, the works of Baalist brush,
Never does it seem to contradict their prayerful hush.

Their word, the very “Word of GOD” to some, they wield with might.
Craft and pomp and men of means they elevate as right.
Materialism, rank, and pride, they also do promote
To all the youth within their realm through every daily rote.
Indeed, their clever ploy is really such a grander scheme.
Their words are strict, but watch their hand,
They use a ruse, a clever meme.

They offer books to pious children to train them in their way,
They fill their minds with cultic lore and also how to pray,
Occultic tales and Bible truths are mixed and fed as prose,
While claiming that for learning, they are “need-to-know”s.
With subtle tones of upper crust, the classics are a “must”,
While pagan knowledge they impart to fill the youth with lust.
They censor out their ancient schemes, and make their history white,
When in truth, their bloody deeds are dark as blackened night.

They bring back pagan holy days, but do it for “the Light”.
They teach the pious how to sing the songs of shaman rite.
They slowly teach the godly youth their consciences to crush,
So they can wear mere fig leaves, without the slightest blush.

Through generations and through trust, they grow tradition high.
Parade their ranking men as righteous gods across the sky.
The youth can move up in the ranks to higher lauds as well,
Through spying well, reporting peers, calumniations swell.
Accountability is used to gain confessions from the youth.
And those defamed, rebel to think that they were wronged by Truth.
They are provoked by all these things to turn away from GOD,
Not knowing that these “pious men”
Are cruel and gorged with fraud.

These “high and mighty”, “pure and noble” men are evil Knights.
Through Rosicrucian orders, they become such awful blights
Upon mankind, upon their race,
Upon the history they erase,
Upon Christ’s Body they deface.
Upon the Gospel they retrace
To lead men back to Rome’s embrace.

From a man of high degree within a secret coven’s guild,
I heard of shocking news and even still my lips are somewhat sealed.
That fine morning, I was told of a religious man’s disguise.
I then verified his tale, and learned of other secret lies.
I am waiting to reveal these dark secrets I have learned.
And I realize when I tell you that I surely will be spurned.
How one famed for “doing right”
Was a secret, evil Knight.
But I cannot share it now,
I must decide just where and how.

Who would listen? Who would care?
Would they believe? Why do I share?
Most of their adherents worship at their feet,
If I reveal who they worship, they through self-deceit
Will not believe these darkened men are full of utter lies
Generations came and went, fooled by Piety’s disguise.

Piety’s disguise, the mask of witches bold.
I wish to warn you, just in case you never have been told,
So many men in rank so high,
The pious never doubt their lie,
In proper time, in proper way,
I’ll share it with the world someday.