CHRISTIAN ETHICS: Two ways to do anything you wanna?

How much does GOD really mean to most Christians today? For Him are they willing to:

  • Die?
  • Look unpopular or change their lifestyle?
  • Take ten minutes each day to devote to Him?
  • Sacrifice just a favorite song or movie for Him?

Or do they just accept what is the popular belief and practice prevalent today (whatever that happens to be)? Do they find the convenient, popular path to be “acceptable to GOD”, even if they contradict the unchanging beliefs of their GOD? If so, what type of love is that?

When it comes to syncretic versions of evil or even pure evil, it seems that those who call themselves “believers” appear to be vehemently against evil practices at first, but as evil practices become popular and with time, they decide that GOD finds these pagan practices “acceptable”.  Thus, we find the first plank of today’s American “Christianity” is not so much GOD’s desire as it is their own desire.  Their second plank is that they will pursue anything they find to be 1) rational, 2) popular, 3) current practice, or 4) convenient, regardless of GOD’s Word on the matter.  Most Christians practice this type of Christianity, and that includes most of the “conservative” ones that I have observed.

Want an example?

Most believers and pastors in America in the 1600s, 1700s, and early 1800s stood against holydays like Easter, Christmas, and Halloween, because the massive weight of history proves undoubtedly that these holydays were pagan festivals which the Catholics took from the wizards, warlocks, and witches of Baal sun worship and used for Christian purposes through syncretism. These early American Christians realized how abhorrent GOD found syncretism and refrained from the current practice of their time. There were even laws against the practice of such things in this nation.  “Wow! That was conservative” is probably your response. Your next response is probably how different the Christians and nation is today.  So how did we get to where we are today? Why was there a change in holydays in this land?

After increased Catholic immigration and the Civil War left this land with a far more Catholic culture in the 1860s, majority opinion shifted and “current practice” changed as Catholic holydays became more accepted in our land.

What was the response of most pastor’s and church member’s in the mid to late 1800s?  Was it rationalism due to popular opinion, convenience or current practice?  Or did they abhor syncretism which GOD hates?

The answer is obvious.

Most believers and pastors in America in the 1600s, 1700s, 1800s, and 1900s stood against vulgarity, profanity, immoral and cross-gender dress, obscenity, swing music and the immoral dancing that accompanied the swing. Even motion pictures condemned much of these vices. Then motion pictures slowly changed. With these changes, current practice changed as majority opinion “swung” (pun intended) to the other side of the proverbial pendelum of morality in America.

What was the response of most believers and church leaders?

The answer is obvious.

Even with the acceptance by more and more believers in this nation of such vices and immoral living, they refused to change their doctrines. Then came the day when denial of key doctrines was popular and the current practice.

What happened to most churches’ doctrinal positions?

In spite of all the changes to lifestyles and culture in our land, Christians had kept their church buildings reserved for holy living, even though by this time they were living like non-believers outside of their churches.  The day finally came when the immoral dress, pagan music, and other vices began to be allowed in their actual church buildings in the 1970s.

What was the response of most believers and pastors in this land?  Have they accepted such music, dress, and conduct in their actual cathedrals? Do they even sometimes use and celebrate such vices in the very name of GOD?

Once again, the answer is obvious.

When divorce became prevalent in the world around us, did most American Christians follow suit?  Why does their divorce rates compete with the non-believer’s divorce rate if their beliefs and lifestyle are really so much better than the world around them? Or are their beliefs and lifestyle really not so different?  Are they guilty of having identical lives to their non-believing neighbors with the exception that they are doing many of the same vices with rationalized justifications or even in the name of their holy GOD?  What is their definition of holiness and how does that look in their actual lives?

When it comes to most false religions, the massive weight of history and ancient manuscripts show most of them to be variations of the Baal religion.  One of these false religions is Catholicism which is Baal worship that Constantine used for Christian purposes through syncretism.  How did most believers respond? For most of America’s history, Catholicism was deemed a false religion and was even known by most citizens to be run by a foreign government (Vatican City) as part of the “Old World Order” who was considered a threat to our national security.  Today, not only has that belief changed in our nation and most churches, but even communism, socialism, Mormonism, Islam, and other religions are just considered “different belief systems with the same god”.  The “Old World Order” has now spun a “New World Order“.

What is the belief now of most Christians?  Will it change next year?  What will then be the new beliefs of Christians? Does the Bible change this much? Does the Bible really have anything to do with their lives?

Church members have found that most things are acceptable to do if they really want to do them and if they are popular or current practice, no matter how abominable or abhorrent to GOD.  They also have learned they can do anything they really want to do with their pastor’s approval. In their mind, even if the pastor didn’t approve their desires, they are allowed to follow their own desires in contradiction to Scripture by just electing a new pastor.  How is this any different than Catholics who look to the priest for the same? Or who ask for a new priest from their Bishop if the old priest gets to be too unsatisfactory?  In fact, today’s modern church is filled with believers who wish to carve Jesus, the Bible, and Christian practice into their own image and their own rationalized opinions of what “right” and “wrong” should be.   They don’t want to sacrifice anything or take up their cross.  They don’t want to be unpopular.  They love to follow current practice, because it’s convenient. They don’t want to offend fellow church members, family, co-workers, or friends with their “strict beliefs”, and they especially refuse to give up their own desires and sinful pleasures.

Today, many non-Christian Americans are using this same philosophy in electing the President of the United States, while many Christians criticize them.  Today’s non-believing Americans don’t want to give up their desires. They refuse to be unpopular or make inconvenient choices that might make them sacrifice. They want to heap to themselves all the pleasure and federal money they can get.  They abhor the difficult path of proper living.  Who does that sound like?

Who else sees the hypocrisy? Does anyone see the hypocrisy? Or are the eyes so closed with self-righteousness that Christians fail to see that their acceptance of syncretism and contemporary practice as “truth” is abhorrent to GOD?

There will be no healing for America until the believers in America repent, starting with the most conservative of them.  GOD states “If my people who are called by my name” will repent, then He will heal a nation’s land. He never starts with those who are not “His people”, but rather His people first.

  • Look at Jonah and how he affected the ship on which he was sailing.
  • Look at how the believers in America used to be and how this nation was so blessed.
  • Then look at how the believers in America are today and look around you at the state of this nation.

Repentance is our only way out of this mess.  The other option is purging through persecution. That may be well on its way.

“For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?”  – 1 Peter 4:17