PARENTING: Thoughts from a friend

proverbsI have believed for some time now that there are far too many books on parenting in bookstores (including Christian bookstores).  Multitudes of authors want to share what they think parents should do, regardless of whether they have raised a successful family themselves.

The Bible didn’t forget about parents.  It’s the greatest book ever written on parenting and I personally believe it is all one needs to lovingly raise children.  Proverbs has an enormous amount of advice on parenting, written by King Solomon, one of the wisest men in history, to his own son.

Recently, a friend of mine wrote to me with the following thoughts which echoed this fact that GOD has given us the perfect plan for parenting.  My friend points out that school shootings have nothing to do with “gun control” and everything to do with forgetting GOD and His wisdom. I thought his perspective was refreshing and so Biblical that I just had to share with you.   His email follows:

“Almost 20 years ago I did some volunteer work for an organization … that took in kids from the state that the state could not control.  These kids were kicked out of every juvenile home and school the state could come up with.  The state had no option other than prison for these pre-teens and young teens.  The organization that I was with took them into a privately funded home, and the state turned a blind eye.   People within one block of this home had no idea what it was.   People farther than a block away had no idea that the place existed.

The kids that lived there had murdered siblings or parents or other awful crimes. Most of the men that worked there were taller than me and about 100 lbs heavier (no kidding) [this is being written by a six foot six inch tall man who once worked out twice a day, six days per week].  The punishments were harsh.  Most people in our society (including myself) would think it abusive.

Strangest part about my short experience is that the kids there were courteous, kind and usually asking me if they could help.  More courteous, kind and helpful than myself.  I would not [have] admitted that then of course.  These weren’t mentally ill children in need of psychological counsel.  These kids were not abusive or threatening in language or gesture.  Not what I expected.

My point is this.  Even in the church, we’ve neglected God’s law to the point that we’ve endangered ourselves.  We’ve cow-towed to the world’s view on spanking and withheld [lovingly] driving the foolishness out of our children with a paddle on the butt.

Romans says the law is good.  It also says the fulfillment of the law is love. (Romans 7:12, 13: 8-10) We need to love our country, communities, and families enough to look closer at what God says about corporal and even capital punishment.

More firearms or less firearms don’t change the heart.  What we are facing are the consequences of a wayward church.  This isn’t the fault of bad politicians.  The salt is not so salty.  The light is dim.”

For those who do not get what my friend is saying, he is not advocating harsh punishment that is abusive, but is saying that out-of-control children who commit acts of mass murder are oftentimes the same ones who were allowed to run wild as children without direction or love.

There are two types of abuse.  One is when a parent or authority wields power over a child in an immoral or hot-tempered manner such as how some parents or even the CIA and other government departments have done as shown in this article.  The other type of abuse is when a parent or authority lets the child run wild.  My friend is talking about this latter type of abuse above.  He is also saying that our society cannot blame objects like guns for the actions that they choose to do.  Such a society is like an abusive parent who blames their lack of sleep or some other thing for their hot temper.  People should never blame other things for their own actions. Our nation needs to take responsibility for its actions and stop the blame game … and that starts at the level of the home.