IDOLATRY: Their gods are clay

  • clay idolsAre Christians “slaves to Christ” as the Bible says or is GOD the slave? … like a “genie in a bottle” as most mega-church pastors say He is?
  • Do the traditions given to them by their fathers and clergy really equate to Truth?
  • Is Christianity really more about conforming to current practice and cultures? Is their GOD really more of a chameleon-like “god” who changes with time and doesn’t require an unchanging “peculiar people” set apart from the world?  Is the Christian Bible really as prone to cultural change as modern pastors say it is? Or are all of these modern ways just an excuse to justify how people want Jesus to be? … like some type of clay god they can fashion to their own likeness?
  • Is the cross of Christ really so  convenient, small, and cost-free as Christians today say?
  • Even with these new custom-made “crosses”, do Christians still fear the pain and isolation of cross-bearing?
  • Do they have time on their schedule for a sports game, but none for evangelism?
  • For church, do they really think the rock concerts they attend on Sundays are “worship”?
  • Have the Big Three Sins of Wine, Women, and Song really become a “good thing” like some Christians say today?
  • Is salvation “saying a prayer” without repentance and receiving a “fire escape”?
  • They dress like prostitutes, swear like sailors, drink like fish, and bop like rock stars, because their “jesus” says “it’s all good”.
  • If so, could this be why they spend more time reviewing the latest entertainment, pop theology books, and other crass, vulgar, pseudo-intellectual, and ungodly pursuits with a pseudo-“christian” flair, but seem to have no time for the Word, evangelism, holiness or the prayer about which they blog (but seldom practice)?
  • Albeit, the Bible doesn’t even talk of evangelicals and fundamentalists, but “obedient” and “disobedient” Christians, but why are so many of the “fundamentalist” variety of pastors and church attendees now priding themselves in how much like “evangelicals” they look? Is this a revival or a sign of apostasy?
  • Is there some indication from the Bible as to why modern attendees of churches are excitedly talking of “grace” that excuses sin, wearing trendy outfits, and looking “cool for Jesus”? Is it to sway the masses toward GOD? Is it truly impressing the lost? Is it even impressing GOD? And if so, then why did Jesus say “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven”?

Are they really Christians? Or are they false brethren and idolaters who have fashioned for themselves a version of the Bible which fits their own personal desires?  Is their “jesus” a god of clay who they fashion according to their ideal of how “jesus” should be … a god made in their own lustful, hedonistic fashion?

How do you think GOD feels about today’s many gods of clay?