MODESTY: Guidelines for Classy Dames

Modest wedding dress available at:

Modest wedding dress available at:

Modest clothing styles can be fashionable, exquisite, embellished, and natural looking instead of baggy, boring and black, without drawing undo attention to any particular area of the body. One fantastic store, a fairly new start-up company as of May 2017, with great looking clothes for ladies is the ‘Virginia Dare Dress Company’ as seen at this Webpage link.

Modesty is truly more beautiful than being vulgar, crass, and shameless. While the following guidelines are suggestions primarily for women, men should also display modesty. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.  While an article at this link can tell you more on the reasoning for a belief in modesty, the following article is more of a practicum for the application of such a belief.

Always and Anywhere:

Necklines do not allow anything to show that shouldn’t, even when bending over.

Material is opaque, not sheer, very thin, or spandex.

Shirts draw attention to the face, not the bust line. They can be ruffled, be-jeweled, patterned, etc, but the bra is not seen in the back (if visible, the shirt is too tight).

The back is covered: no strappy backs, halter, or backless garments.

Sleeveless shirts or tank tops are worn with a shirt, jacket, or sweater over them.

Modest Clothing5Pants
Can be form-fitting but not too tight, especially in the seat or thigh area.

One should be able to pull pants away from the leg—and not just because the material is spandex (that doesn’t count). Shorts cover the thigh.

Panty lines are not visible. If necessary, pantyhose or a “thigh shaper” can create a smooth appearance in the clothing.

Pants should shout “feminine”! They should always celebrate a lady’s feminine nature and men should look at the pants you wear as something they wouldn’t want to be “caught dead wearing”.

Skirts cover the thigh.

Be attentive to see if a slip is necessary.

From the waist up, dresses follow the shirt guidelines.

Dresses need sleeves or two-inch wide straps. Wraps go nicely with dresses that have straps.

Note: Undergarments should never become outer garments.

Not all shoes are modest. Some speak a whole language: extra platform or overly strappy heels might be sending the wrong message:

Make sure that heels reflect elegance and classiness and not “sexiness.”

Be sure that the shoes match the occasion—casual shoes with casual occasion and classy shoes and pumps with classy or elegant occasions.

Modest Clothing

Modest winter outfit from Chadwick’s

Though not everything on their site is recommended, Chadwicks and Land’s End are two great mainstream sites for very modest and classy outfits

More Clothing Guidelines

On the runway

When modeling on a raised runway, hemlines appear much shorter, so caution should be taken.

Care must be taken when entering or exiting the stage in a skirt or dress.

The brighter the better is a good rule for runway clothing. The audience is coming to see a show and bright clothing adds pizzazz.

Heels are best on a runway. Ballet flats or wedge shoes do not show as well. Practice is needed to walk elegantly in heels. Heels that are too high detract from the overall impression of the model.

First impressions are important. How do you want the audience to remember you? Dress accordingly.

All clothing is always crisp, clean, and stylish! Accessories can be colorful, flashy, extravagant, or tailored. Everything must look professional. Accessories add an important component to the overall impression of the outfit on stage.

On the job
When buying clothes and dressing to express your personal dignity as a lady, remember to consider what you will be doing in them! People sit, stand, lean over, walk up stairs with others behind them, and sit at tables facing speakers, bosses, or teachers. How do your clothes or lack of clothes appear to someone seated alongside, above, and below you in all of your daily postures?

Some pitfalls
Blouses and shirts that are too loose can be as immodest as tight ones. If the neckline droops from the body when a woman bends over, everyone can see the body parts the blouse was designed to cover.

If the armpit is too loose, think about the view of the person standing alongside.

Blouses that button sometimes have see through gaps between the buttons, so if there is a side view to the inside, this may not be the blouse to buy or wear.

Is the blouse too tight and comes unbuttoned easily? Wear a slip or tank top underneath.

With arms lifted overhead when looking in the mirror, does the back or belly show? If so, a longer look or a layer underneath is necessary.

Many of today’s V-necks have plunged to all new “lows.” They can even become more revealing when worn by young women of short or medium height. Layering ensures that private parts remain private.

Modest Clothing4

Modest swimsuits from “Stitchin’ Times”

  • Undergarments can do a good job of protecting modesty during the warm summer months.
  • Try an extra lined bra for the months when it is too warm to dress in layers.
  • Choose a bra that has a little padding in the event of a chill.
  • White garments require a selection of undergarments in a white shade.
  • Swimming is not an excuse to share the private parts of your body with the general public.
  • Search the Stitchin’ Times website to find yourself swimsuits and undergarments.
  • At the mall and in everyday dressing, let the clothing be a testament of your dignity as a young lady. What you choose to wear can affect your behavior.
  • Be careful about dressing “grungy” even if it is modest. It can be perceived as a lack of self-confidence.
  • Attend to the current trends in clothing, but don’t allow yourself to become enslaved by them. Fashion-forward dressers usually select one or two items from each season to coordinate with their existing wardrobe.

Although we do not endorse anyone’s site completely, for those interested in online clothing stores that sell modest apparel, you may visit the below stores: