VATICAN: Hurling 100 damnations toward non-Catholics


Why is the Vatican so nice these days?

The Vatican condemned non-Catholics to hell one hundred times at the Council of Trent and reaffirmed that in Vatican II (just fifty years ago). Read this article to get the evidence.

Their dogma is that killing “heretics” is what their “christ” requires. With the United States currently standing as the world’s superpower and composed of mostly non-Catholics, the Vatican continues to smile and use syrupy speech to non-Catholics, but what if:

  • The Vatican gets a majority in the United States through immigration?
  • The United States sinks?  Will they benefit?
  • How will they feel about non-Catholics then?  Just as super syrupy?
  • Or will there be another Inquisition of Inquisitions?

For information on the “real Vatican” and her place in future prophecy, be sure to watch this video.

Currently, the Catholics dominate the United States Congress (one-third are Jesuit grads, not to mention the many others who are Catholic), the Supreme Court (six of the nine are professed Catholics), our Intelligence Committee, our CIA, our FBI, our Cabinet, our White House, and our national holidays (such as Columbus Day in 1934 and Christmas in 1968) … even many world leaders are Jesuit grads. The Pope has just started his own Twitter account and is considered to be one of the most powerful men in the world. The Vatican is one of the richest enterprises on earth.

And most non-Catholics are just wandering along through life without any knowledge of history like sheep to the butcher. With the Vatican’s enormous power over the kings of the earth, their enormous wealth, their enormous network of global corporations, media, banks, and religious organizations and orders, and their enormous influence on the world scene, when will people notice them?  Is not the silence of the media very telling? As much as they hate the power of the “religious right”, it seems they sure ignore the Pope, the Vatican, and Rome’s enormous power … especially when the Pope makes remarks like the one in this article.