LIFE: A reality game

Heaven's ShoreThe awesome thing about heaven? At death, we never really say ‘goodbye’ to fellow believers in Jesus Christ.  We just say ‘hello’ to heaven.

Life is a test. It’s like a big video game or a laser tag game in a huge arena called Planet Earth. At the end, we all walk out alive, immortal and into our permanent state based upon our love for GOD.  Those who embraced the Biblical prescription for salvation are rated on their rewards in heaven as I Corinthians 3 states, while those who rejected GOD’s way of salvation through Jesus Christ are damned in the darkness of the lake of fire and recompensed according to their deeds as Revelation 20 and other passages indicate.

Have you ever played a game and you seemed to keep losing and couldn’t quite get to the next level? This seems an awful lot like our lives sometimes.  We keep stumbling and looking to GOD and His grace with the hope that we’ll finally “get it right”.  We want to gain as many rewards and get to as high a level of sanctification before we die or the “trumpet blows” … whichever comes first.

Unclouded DayIn this life, some get more pain. Others get more pleasure.  The harder the test, the more opportunity for reward if we obey GOD.  Have it easy now?  The scales will be balanced in the next life.

The more we obey GOD in the smallest matters, the greater the reward in the end.  The winners here are often the losers there.

Got unspeakable pain?  A horrible family life?  Economic woes?  Not a celebrity? Alone?  Be thankful. You have a way to show GOD how much you love Him.  You can rise in reward more quickly. Life is like a simulation. The next life is the real deal.  Some will be rewarded.  Others will not.  I pray you’re blessed in your race.  Dodge the darts, wipe the tears, and look to Jesus who stands with the rewards.

Life is a quick test of our love for the Creator.  A land of “forever sunrise” awaits those who believe GOD’s Word and allow His Spirit within them.  Greater reward awaits those who follow every command of His Word and every leading of the Spirit out of love for the GOD who created them.

Soon, the Judge will say ‘Game Over’.  Are you ready to meet Him?

Forever Sunrise