no king but Jesus2GOD’s ideal is not to separate the sacred from the secular.

As seen in Israel’s history of theocracy in the Old Testament, GOD preferred a theocracy in which there was no king but GOD.

“But the thing displeased Samuel when they said, “Give us a king to judge us.” So Samuel prayed to the LORD. And the LORD said to Samuel, “Heed the voice of the people in all that they say to you; for they have not rejected you, but they have rejected Me, that I should not reign over them.” – [1 Samuel 8:6-7]

This same Biblical model was shown forth by the motto of the successful English who proclaimed “We have no King but Jesus” which resulted in such success that a cliche resulted that stated “the sun never sets on the British Empire”.

no king but JesusThis same Biblical model of “No King but Jesus” was later adapted by the Pilgrims and Puritans who founded the United States, and they became the superpower of the world until they were corrupted and taken over in 1776 by Freemasons and then fully enslaved by Roman domination shortly after the Civil War.  After Vatican II, the destruction of America went into full force and the separation clause that Rome’s Freemasons had created was enforced as they began their countdown to what one former Jesuit termed “The Final Solution“.

While avoiding another Old World where Rome dressed as a religion and dominated the world through its control of religion, we must find a balance.


Historically, when true believers ruled in a theocracy, people of other belief systems were treated with more tolerance than at any other time in world history. When either religious or secular Rome ruled as a theocracy, the bloodshed rose into the millions with some estimating anywhere from fifty to one hundred million souls being murdered by the relentless fascists of Rome. When pluralism was adopted by the Freemasons in 1776, it was only a half-way house to our present situation in which atheism has corrupted our country and dominated our government life and public educational and political systems. After all, atheism by definition simply means no GOD (a-theism) or an absence of GOD.  The entire separation of church and state argument is not a question of whether religion should be kept separate from the government or whether religion should be united with the government. Instead, since mankind is naturally religious, it is always going to be a question of which religion should best govern the government. By saying this, I realize that there is no perfect government, because even if someone or certain groups of people who perfectly follow the Law of Love were to take office, we have no promise that he or they would not eventually become hateful and fascist as well.  That being said, we can generally observe in history, however, that those nations are quite successful and at peace who choose GOD as their King, adopt the Bible as their rule of Law and who create a commonwealth that is governed by the people.  When I say “governed by the people”, I mean a government in which the federal government is almost non-existent other than an alliance, the protections of government, such as a robust military, are held at the state level and the local governments are the real decision makers for people’s lives. Such was the case in ancient Israel, Oliver Cromwell’s England, and the North American colonies under the control of the Baptists, Huguenots, Amish, Mennonites, Pilgrims, Puritans, Quakers, and many other groups who fled the old Roman world where Rome used religion as a garb to attempt to force their empire and government upon the world scene through bloodshed, Inquisitions, Crusades, and vile abuses of power while white-washing themselves in many of today’s encyclopedias, textbooks, and historical records after they took power through their Freemasons (i.e. Knights Templar) in 1776.  I believe that our world will know nothing but pain, heartache, economic chaos, poverty, illiteracy, war, lust, human trafficking, covert operations and deceit until the Messiah appears to set up His Kingdom for a thousand years on this earth.  Also, beware that a Roman False Messiah will first attempt to do this, so don’t be fooled by his false show of “peace and prosperity”. He will be the ultimate Politician and his False Prophet will be the ultimate Televangelist … con men under Satan’s control with power, greed, and evil in their hearts.

Thus, these three governments of ancient Israel, Oliver Cromwell’s England, and the Pilgrim’s North America are quite different than the modern mindset that says the Bible should be ousted as our main rule of law and replaced by practical atheism (the absence of GOD and His Word from society). It is also quite different from Rome’s desire to pretend they are Christian and then set about killing off others who have different religious beliefs.

Today’s government of the United States is ironically free of the Bible’s influence, yet they still have their nose into everyone’s beliefs today in an attempt to shutdown those with conservative political or religious beliefs different than the occult Roman leadership who have hijacked our country. This is the opposite of the intentions of our Pilgrim forefathers.  No one should wonder that America’s greatness is waning.  The United States was once a nation whose government stayed out of its citizen’s beliefs as long as they lived moral lives and remained free of crime. That old United States held the Bible as the main model for success.  Today, America is a police state and is reaping the results of leaving the Bible out of their government and public life as seen in their economy, moral state, and fading liberties. We can see the Roman control in almost every branch and department of government as they have secretly and stealthily sneaked their own people into power as F. Tupper Saussy in his book “Rulers of Evil” so brilliantly pointed out in his painstaking research and documented history of the 1776 government of the United States, as well as in Eric Jon Phelps’ similar research efforts have shown in his book “Vatican Assassins”.

Pluralism was an act of occult Freemasonry which was spearheaded by men like Thomas Jefferson who wouldn’t allow a chapel on the grounds of the university that he founded. It was the first step to atheism which was the first step to creating a void in the spiritual lives of Americans. Why? I believe Rome plans to eventually replace this void with their own fascist leader of a Fourth Reich. Keep in mind that the German people experienced almost every single phase of what America has been experiencing just before Hitler, supported by the Vatican, took power. In the 1800s, the Protestants were in the majority in Germany but feared the Romanists who were becoming more and more powerful. Suddenly, a culture war was started in which the Catholics were made to look persecuted. The Jesuits were banned, but alas one might say it was too late. Religion was removed from the schools first.  Then seminaries were effectively brought to a halt. Then the socialists began to attack the Protestant government.  This resulted in a void of no Biblical teaching in the schools, the state training of pastors, socialists rising up in anger, Catholics rising up in anger, and in the end, the atheistic void was filled with a powerful Catholic Center party who eventually was able to bring Hitler into power years later in exchange for a concordat that brought much wealth and power to the Vatican in return.

Rome has always hated Jews. Many of the Jewish leaders understand these matters and while they do their best to be kind to the Roman leaders in public, their covert opposition to Rome and their constant vigilant watch for freedom, motivated most likely for a desire for their own survival, has in many ways benefited the rest of the Gentile peoples from the horrors of a full-blown Roman fascist assault on the world’s freedoms.  Whether it be in Hollywood or government or the mass media or corporations or other aspects of society, the Jews have always been working to slow down the Roman’s bloodthirsty quest for world domination, even at their own peril.  For example, you will not only find articles on this site showing the Roman papists pushing forward of men like Hitler, Franco, Mussolini, and other such world dictators, but you’ll also see articles on this site that show how three of the world’s richest Jews opposed the Roman fascists’ Federal Reserve Bank that the Romans sneakily passed on December 23, 1913 after everyone had left Congress to go home to their families for the holidays. What happened to these three wealthy Jewish men who opposed the Federal Reserve Act just prior to that sneaky legislation in 1913?  All three of them died in the sinking of the Titanic.

The reason you may not already be under the power of a bloody tyrant in the United States yet is quite possibly because the Jews have fought long and hard to fend off the Romans from their quest for world domination. However, the time is running out. We see in the Bible that all the world will be gathered against Israel. Will that be because of Ezekiel 39’s prophecy that the Spirit of GOD will be poured out upon all of Israel? Will that be because they will return again to their Creator and recognize their Messiah? If so, you can bet that Rome will be even more driven to annihilate the Jews than they already have been over the past two thousand years of Roman-Jewish conflicts. Will they succeed? Absolutely not! Those Roman Knights will be ousted from their metaphorical horses into an Abyss of No Return.  The Messiah will then reign over the world for one thousand years with a Theocratic government, the type of government that best works according to history – a government where GOD is King instead of men.

The wording of the Constitution’s clause “establishment of denominations” was changed to “establishment of religion” at the behest of the 1776 Freemasons, so that no law could be made prohibiting the establishment of religions outside of Christianity which served the occult Romans. The Roman priests and their occult followers who had perpetrated so much bloodshed in Europe and who were eager to monopolize the New World, were banned from holding office in America at the time (and some early American colonies forbid them from even living in their colony).   This new federal-level pluralistic Constitution resulted eventually in the excision of the Scriptures from secular life in 1963 when the Supreme Court decided to legally remove prayer and Bible reading from our society (it was legal because of the pluralistic clause in the Freemason’s Constitution).

Most people are oblivious to all of the above, but those who know their history are completely aware of such matters and can name the Freemasons, Jesuits, and other men involved in detail with specifics of each event. Such a person is Chris Pinto of Adullam Films who has produced documentaries like the one on his website at this link.   Oh, how greatly the educational system and history of the United States and even the world has been “dumbed-down”!  Even David Barton has played a part in the dumbing-down of Americans with his comments regarding the 1776 founding fathers. As Pinto very respectfully points out, David Barton offers quotes from men like the early American Presidents of the 1776 government to try to prove they were Christian, but then leaves out the wording in the sentences just prior or after his quotes which show the founding fathers of 1776 to be in actuality opponents of the Bible. Is it any wonder that David Barton was featured on the Mormon Glenn Beck’s broadcast when you consider that Mormons with their Masonic regalia and ancient Baal customs were founded by the Freemasons Joseph Smith and Brigham Young.  As knightly authors have stated in their books, every Freemason is a Knights Templar. Thus, Rome’s hand is seen.

schizoWe now have schizophrenic Christians who are convinced that we must keep the Bible out of government and secular areas of life.  They believe pluralism is good. They make decisions based upon whether a matter is sacred and related to GOD or whether it is secular and related to business, government, or culture.  What does the Bible say?

“Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”  – [I Corinthians 10:31]

A theocratic government has been and always will be the best form of government, but sadly I do not believe it will be until the Messiah returns that such a government will exist again. Until then, the world must groan in poverty and oppression under the heavy chains and yoke of Rome, that beast and its Dragon Master, Satan. I believe we are about to see the worst times that mankind has ever experienced, and when you do, don’t blame GOD. He has warned us of these things in His Book. Instead, be sure to blame the Beast and the Dragon for their foul deeds.  Point your finger at them and pray for the Messiah’s redemption and soon return.