OUR GENERATION: A long way from home

Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen, false teacher


G. Campbell Morgan, teacher of the Word







What is the legacy that our generation leaves to the next generation?  What spiritual, economic, and social benefits are being handed to our children and our children’s children?  What graces, manners, and morals are their inheritance?  What safeguards of doctrinal purity and Biblical worship have been left to them?

Our generation of Christianity substituted …

  • Sin-naming pastors with soothing false teachers
  • Cross-bearing with pleasure and celebrity status
  • Peculiar holiness with hedonism
  • Prayer with immoral dancing
  • Modesty with mini-skirts, short-shorts, or worse
  • Sacred cantillation with the enchanter’s rock
  • Classical works of Bach and Handel with Madonna’s promiscuous groanings
  • Ira Sankey and Rudy Atwood with “torch singers” like Kristyn Getty
  • Charles Spurgeon and G. Campbell Morgan with Tim Keller and C.J. Mahaney
  • Fanny Crosby and Isaac Watts with NewSong, Petra, and Stryper
  • Purity with fornication, while “tweeting” about how much they love GOD
  • Children’s Bible Hour with occult TV shows, movies, and music
  • Our only means of grace, Jesus Christ with sacraments as “means of grace”
  • The treasures of heaven with the sinful pleasures of earth
  • Jesus their Lord, Master, and Owner with a “fire escape jesus”
  • Persecution as a sign of success with prominence and prosperity
  • Youth evangelistic outreaches to the lost with entertainment for the lost
  • Holy living with rocking like a hurricane, drinking like a fish, and immorality
  • Bible memory quiz competitions with beauty, dance, and rock contests
  • Purity, humility, and abstinence with sodomy, abuse, and unbridled lust
  • Fathers teaching sons to work and start businesses with “deadbeat dads”
  • Family Altar led by father with TV and internet time
  • Fathers mentoring children with Dads worn out from “late night porn”
  • Virtuous, submissive ladies with rebellious, dominant, promiscuous women
  • Girls wanting to be homemakers with girls wanting to be half-nude models 

mega churchOur generation has promoted false grace, false worship, and a cheap false version of Christianity which requires one to only say a “sinner’s prayer” without any repentant faith that shows forth fruit.  Today’s generation of false brethren are people who know the judgment of GOD but take pleasure in the sins he condemns while “thanking Him” and saying that He is “cool”.  In truth, the “god” they thank is one they have crafted into their own image who allows them to do as the please. They build their enormous mega churches with large screen televisions and rock bands for their entertainment while believers around the world can barely eat.  Remember how Paul the apostle collected money to share with the poor saints?  It wasn’t a legalistic “tithe”, but an opportunity to help other saints.

wicked grunge look by religious rock group


Mothers and grandmothers once taught the younger women and children about modesty, propriety, and manners. Now grandmothers dress like hookers right in the congregation. Fathers once taught their children about GOD, but instead they now rely upon the Sunday routine and the “cool reverend” who entertains with jokes, stories and dramatic clips that entertain, and a soothing justification of worldly culture. Do I want Christians to return to the 1800s?  No, I want them to leave their sin and return to the Christ who died for them and begin to listen to His Spirit’s guidance regarding separation, holiness, and purity, and if that looks more like the 1800s then so be it.

Jars_of_Clayfamily 1800sThey embrace false gospels, false worship, false brethren, false prophets, false apostles, while supporting false teacher’s bookstores, radio shows, and books. Those who claim Christ to be their Savior, and those who do not claim Christ are now so much alike that they are indistinguishable in their differences. The world hates today’s ‘christians’ who steal their wives and who watch the lost descend into hell while living just like them.  This generation of “christians” are so lacking in discernment and Biblical knowledge that they are completely prepared to welcome the False Prophet and False Christ when they appear.

concerrthard work - plowingOur generation is the one who has sold their spiritual birthright, liberties and economic stability purchased by the blood, sweat, hard work, prayers, and tears of former generations. They are a generation wise in their own eyes, without manners or humility whose passion is taking photos of themselves and “tweeting” of their latest “good times” usually purchased on credit.

saddlebackOur generation is the one who always has an excuse why their sin, their favorite rock group, their favorite book or movie, their favorite clothing, and their latest adulterous affair is “okay with GOD”.  No matter how much filth they consume with their eyes and ears and regardless of how many sins they commit, this generation always feels they are “cool with god”.   To which, I must ask what “god” are they serving?   A god that their favorite “pastor” carefully crafted out for them to fit the current corrupt culture or the GOD of the Bible who destroyed the world with a Flood and burned Sodom to the ground for their sinning?   This generation, like the fool in the Book of Proverbs, despises the rebukes of GOD’s messengers, but loves to be entertained and to have their ears spiritually “tickled”. They are extremely wise and “spiritual” in their own eyes, but in reality, they are clueless of how close they are to the eve of their own destruction, ruin, and judgment.  Their spiritually darkened eyes are unable to see the painful purging, persecution, enslavement, and sudden, bloody, cruel destruction that is right around the corner. Hell gurgles under their feet and does not slumber awaiting these people who cling to a sinner’s prayer they ritualistically mumbled as a magical way to a “fire escape” they call ‘jesus’, but they are void of repentance and faith or the Spirit of GOD and their ‘jesus’ is an idol they have crafted from the Scripture for their own pleasure.

“Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard, and hold fast, and repent. If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee.”  – Revelation 3:3