TEN HELPS: Avoiding and marking heretics


  1. Quote GOD’s Word, instead of our thoughts. 
  2. There is more to the Bible than the Gospels.
  3. Marking [naming] and avoiding false teachers is not suggested but commanded (Romans 16:17) regardless of what it does to the budget.  
  4. Greeting or receiving false teachers into one’s habitat is forbidden by GOD (II John). 
  5. Study the Word including its original language using a tool like this site
  6. Never allow heretics to use men or angels as sources (Galatians 1).
  7. Never allow heretics to use traditions of men as sources (Colossians 2). 
  8. Never allow heretics to use contemporary culture as sources (Hebrews 13, Malachi 3, Proverbs 24).  GOD’s ways and mindset must be used, not ours. 
  9. Eloquence, intellect and philosophy are not GOD’s way to share the Gospel (Colossians 2, I Corinthians 1).
  10. Be aware that Satan’s false teachers infiltrate, wear masks and can “sound” like Christ’s (Galatians 2, II Peter 2, I  John 4, II Corinthians 11, Matthew 7, Matthew 24)