PREGNANT: Hero or villain?

If you want “sugar-coating”, then listen to the “left” where everyone is a “winner” (using my best “Charlie Sheen” voice).

Mother enduring childbirth

Mother enduring childbirth

Women who:

  • Suffer through pregnancy and childbirth (especially natural birth) are heroes!
  • Kill their own baby and make their baby suffer through an abortion are villains!

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERANatural childbirth is oftentimes like being tortured by a fascist.

Women on this planet who:

  • Have a baby are performing a selfless, amazing act of love and natural affection
  • Kill a baby are performing a selfish, cold-blooded act of hate and unnatural affection

int_22WK_02aborted fetus_thumb[4]

Where are the “hate crimes” police at abortion time?  Like cold-blooded reptiles such as the Gestapo, the KGB, or the Inquisitors, they are only interested in preserving the speech of those who thrust their obscenity and perversity upon society, but they slink away when the true cruelty is taking place.

Have you thanked your:

  • Mom?
  • Wife for birthing your children? 

I did today.  Enduring some excruciating pain of my own helped me to understand ever so slightly what they have endured upon my behalf.

newborn_brochure_smThanks be to GOD for mothers! If you have ever watched someone you love endure the pain of childbirth, you totally understand the glow and smile that they display after it is all over.  After the delivery is complete, you will also notice that they never complain about the process, because the result is indescribable!

I hope this makes you think twice the next time you see a mother kiss her newborn.

The next time you see someone endure excruciating pain, just think of your mother and make that phone call!

Also, a special thanks to all those mothers who continue to sacrifice for Jesus Christ after childbirth in spite of the odds that are stacked against them by the world around them, so that their children might receive the best possible education, training and nurturing in the LORD!