THE BIBLE: Have you read all of it?

I AM A CHRISTIANIf you have never read through the entire Bible, how can you truly understand each book, chapter, and verse as they relate to the whole context of Scripture?

Will you simply trust your pastor to tell you the truth or to teach you properly?  What if he is wrong?  Is it really his responsibility to work out your salvation for you? Or do you need to work out your salvation with fear and trembling as Philippians 2:12 tells us to do?  Do you need to feed yourself with the “milk” of the Word, and then eventually the “meat” of the Word? Or do you need to be treated like you are in a spiritual coma?


If you desire to know the Word of GOD, I have just the thing for you and it is totally free.  You can use MP3s or a YouTube channel or an online Bible or your own Bible for reading through the Word of GOD in one year according to your own needs and tech savvy.  You can find all of these materials at the article at this link.

I have taken the time to build out a schedule for those of you who use the “Faith Comes By Hearing” audio Bible at the previously mentioned link. I placed all the MP3 recording times into a spreadsheet and found that if you listen to 100 minutes each week, you will complete the entire Bible in a year.  This equates to twenty minutes each day (Monday through Friday).  I suggest you also read your Bible as you listen to the MP3s.

drive timeAnother option is to listen to the Bible using these MP3s for ten minutes each day on the way to and from work.  You can them complete the remaining 50 minutes on Sunday evening with family and friends where you can study it with them as well. This allows for more meditation on the Word with only ten minutes to digest per day and time on the weekend to study the rest with others.

china20house20church202005An option for local congregational meetings is to listen to 50 minutes during their weekly service each week, while following along in their Bibles.  They can cover the entire Bible in two years with this method.

I hope this helps you draw closer to the LORD and to learn about the great love letter that GOD has shared with us, His creatures.