DEATH: Did Adam eat plants?

strawbsDid Adam and Eve eat plants before “the Fall”? Since death came by sin, then were plants killed for food?

To some, I realize this question is similar to did “the Fall” take place in the Fall (i.e. Autumn), but I assure you that this is not a trivial question.  Read this verse:

“For since by man came death, by man came also the resurrection of the dead.” – 1 Corinthians 15:21

plants talkWhen man sinned, the curse from his sin affected more than just him as can be seen in the video at this link. Something to ponder when we sin.

In order to eat meat or plants, some would suggest that they must die. Remember that plants can also eat, talk, listen, smell, feel, and communicate as you can see in the video at this link. In fact, the video at this link shows how they may even wage war as predators, while living in harmony with each other as communities. Today, plants die due to the curse of sin. Humorously speaking, think of all the heartless vegetarians who wage war on plants.  Why?  Just because they can’t hear what plants have to say about what they feel, and thus they have no empathy for the plants.

plant senseThe same crowd from P.E.T.A. and other vegan organizations are as little concerned about life on this planet as Hitler. How do I know this?  How many of them are for abortion?  Many other examples of their hypocrisy abound, such as if pit vipers, fire ants, or flies were to enter their lovely abode, guess what they would do to them?  If they have chosen to kill some creatures, but fight for the cause of other creatures, is this not hypocrisy?  If they kill plants, is this not also hypocrisy?

Adam and Eve ate food in the Garden of Eden, whether they actually needed it or not, because GOD allowed them to eat of every tree of the Garden except the tree that had forbidden fruit; yet, at the same time, there was no death.  How is this possible?  I did not know the answer to this question, but I continued to believe until the LORD allowed me to see the answer to this question and many other questions I’ve had over the years.  Many “alleged discrepancies” in the Bible are nothing more than a lack of education regarding the Bible.  Once enough time is spent understanding the Bible, we usually find the answers.  Sure it takes work, but GOD has stated that those who study His word are workmen. I do not believe we can totally understand how everything works and must accept GOD’s Word by faith in those rare cases, especially regarding His mysteries; however, I believe there are usually answers to most questions we ask. I prayed and asked for GOD to help me understand this question and and I believe that I have the answer to this question asked above now.

I do not believe any plants died in the Garden of Eden.  My belief is that the fruit or product which the plants produced, was eaten, but the plant continued to flourish.  As the article at this link says “Keep mature fruits picked to encourage further production“.  In a sense the picking of fruit is a form of pruning which increases the growth of the plants as seen in this article and this article.  Think of how earthworms can be dissected, but then they heal back and continue flourishing, which is similar to the hair or nails on humans.  In other words, nothing is killed.  The fruit was designed to be removed as a way of furthering the reproduction of more plants. Feeding humans was another benefit.   Furthermore, I trust GOD will explain to us the full picture when we get to heaven someday.

beautiful-fruit-wallpaper_1024x768_36898Keep in mind that GOD told Abraham to kill Isaac, his only son.  Abraham may not have understood that command. GOD is calling seekers to Himself who trust Him, not scorners.  Therefore, at times, it seems that He gives men enough evidence to believe, but also the opportunity to either doubt or to have faith.  Such times allow us to show how much we trust GOD. Our reaction can make us skeptics or seekers.