PARALYZED: Spiritually helpless?

1Imagine that you are a black ops commander with the capabilities to take out a small army with only physical fighting skills, your elite “grey matter”, and basic household items at your disposal. Imagine that you are enjoying an evening with your family and friends when suddenly through the door comes barging a disrespectful young gang wielding knives.  Your first thought is to take them out with the firearm in your coat pocket or just finish them off one-by-one and toss them out the door.

2Instead, you are suddenly gripped by a feeling of helplessness.  You feel tired, .. dreadfully tired, and lifeless.  Half of your body feels numb, and you begin to realize that you are having a stroke.  You can’t seem to move.  You watch as the gang members begin to  hurt those you love. You feel guilt for being unable to move fast enough.  You begin to wonder what you could possibly do differently to help.  Your energy seems to have disappeared and your body is limp.  You …. are … so … tired.   You …. are …. so … paralyzed.  You see their leader has placed a live explosive package in the room and is leaving. Your mouth can’t seem to open.  You want to warn the others, but your voice won’t make a sound.

OverloadThis is how I feel many times.  I am a Christian.  I am a follower of Jesus alone and His Word alone.  Thus, I have such amazing hope to share with others.  However, it seems that I am helpless at times to communicate the urgency of our present time and of the Mission to those without Jesus Christ.  In fact, I can’t seem to communicate this urgency to those who call themselves Christians.  I look around and people today seem to be totally unaware of what is happening prophetically … or even how close death is to all of us.

5They seem to be so content with believing doctrines that will send them and others to hell. They seem to be so unaware of how dangerous such damnable heresies are.  They smirk or attack those who rebuke them.  They seem so blissfully ignorant of how much time they are wasting in their life with the trivial.  If your house is burning down around you, would you laugh and fill your mind with amusements and pleasure, especially of the sinful variety.

watching-tv1Jesus died for our sins.  Which sin for which Jesus died is acceptable for us to enjoy as we watch a movie or a television show or listen to a song?  In fact, why are we so obsessed with entertainment or leisure or having a good time of ‘fellowship’ with each other when the world is at one of the most critical times in history prophetically?  Especially when America seems to be at the brink of spiritual collapse?

6Many nations are dependent upon America for support during times of persecution and for reaching the world with the Gospel.  How many believers around you seem to care that such doors may soon end?  How many are still focused on their own fun and leisure?  Isn’t it a lot like having a stroke on the floor and seeing all these events taking place, but being completely helpless and unable to communicate to those non-believers around you that they need to repent?  Does it seem like they’re asleep?
Time_WastersDo you feel paralyzed too wanting to communicate to believers that the Mission is more important than ever as you see the storm clouds gathered around the world, while watching them frivolously waste their time on cruises, sports events, ruinous pleasures, and non-essentials that they enjoy, but you can’t get them to join you for a soul-winning outing or a special evangelistic rally in town?


What’s even worse?  How about the fact that we can’t seem to get ourselves out to win souls as much as we should?  Do you ever feel like you are so … very … tired.  You can’t seem to get the bills paid before they mount again.  You can’t seem to find enough time in your day.  Yet, the lost all around us need our attention.  Our mission to share the Gospel has never been more important.

PrayerChangesThingsIf you feel the same way, please join me in prayer for the people of GOD on this planet. Pray with me that the Spirit will awaken us, so that the Mission can be more feverishly accomplished and soon.  Also, pray for your co-workers, neighbors, friends, and other non-believers who need to hear the Gospel as the events of prophecy are erupting all around the planet.

Prayer changes things. Pray for the Holy Spirit to awaken you and those believers around you.  Pray that He will energize you for His Mission, and assist you in how you spend your time.  Without the Spirit of GOD, we are like the sleeping dead.  Jesus told us at the end of the Gospel narrative what to do – go into all the world and share His redemptive story, but it is in the first chapter of Acts that he tells us how to do this.

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”  – Acts 1:8