HALLOWEEN: Christian fun time?

samhain3Do American Christians really celebrate Satan’s black sabbath?  As an American Christian myself, I can say “yes” to that question … sadly.

One of the most Satanic philosophies on this planet is that “the end justifies the means” or “it’s okay to do wrong in order to do right”.  The Spirit of GOD departed from King Saul when he walked that path. The nefarious Jesuits were well-known for following this Satanic philosophy.  GOD has shown His grave displeasure with such thinking throughout Scripture.  In light of GOD’s strict requirements in this area, one must realize that we can never violate His commands in Scripture in order to “spread the Gospel” or “engage the community” or “have a good time”.


Baal, god of Babylon … worshiped as numerous of other gods throughout the world by other names which is no surprise in light of the confusion of languages at the Tower of Babel and the resulting dispersion throughout the world.

Another great displeasure of GOD is to see people take Baal practices and “clean them up” or worse yet add His Holy Name to them.  GOD has killed people in the Bible for committing this sin.  We see Aaron using the implements of Baal worship for “godly” purposes in the wilderness of Sinai.  He took a golden calf and called it Yahweh.  What did GOD do?  He had three thousand of them killed.  GOD gave specific commands throughout the Torah or the Law of GOD that His people should refrain from taking up the Baal practices when they entered the land of Canaan.  GOD took great care to ensure that His name, His people and their lives were totally separated from paganism. Those who failed to listen for whatever “good reasons” they had rationalized in their crafty minds for “cleaning up” sinful Baal practices for their own use had to pay the price when the wrath of GOD consumed them.

Jesus stated to His disciples that you can’t take an old wineskin and use it for new wine, and you can’t patch old clothes with a new cloth patch or both will be destroyed.  Jesus wasn’t giving them advice as a seamstress.  He was instead giving them spiritual truth as He often did through parables.  He was reinforcing the Old Testament principle that you can’t take the old pagan practices, implements, or culture, and then just re-purpose them for your use.

“When you enter the land which the LORD your God gives you, you shall not learn to imitate the detestable things of those nations.” – Deuteronomy 18:9


In fact, that is how the Roman Catholic religion was created.  They took Roman sun worship,which was a product of ancient Baal worship, and they simply stamped the names of various Bible characters over the top of names of their gods and re-purposed Baal worship in GOD’s name by adding a few niceties from the Bible.  Such is the case with Halloween, a pagan sacred day at which time humans were sacrificed to their gods by Druid priests as described by Julius Caesar and Didorus Siculus as seen in the article at this link.

Neopagans honoring the dead as part of a modern continuation of the ancient Samhain ritual.

Neopagans honoring the dead as part of a modern continuation of the ancient Samhain ritual.

Such human sacrifice still takes place today as seen in the video at this link.

The rock group Black Sabbath took their name from the sabbaths of witches.  When it comes to the eight witch sabbaths of Baal sun worship (each spaced 6.5 weeks apart around the circle of the sun to form a solar wheel / cross with the major holidays spaced thirteen weeks apart), these Satanic sabbaths originate from the Baal worship of Nimrod, the world’s oldest religion.  As seen in the article at this link and this link,these Satanic holy days are still practiced, in their purity by some and in a secular or “christianized” version by others.  Can one truly “christianize” something so evil?

Let’s ask some questions:

  1. If someone tells you the more recent Medieval “meaning” behind certain “holy days” like Halloween, Christmas, and Easter which the pagan Catholics recycled, does
    Modern Samhein dinner

    Modern Samhein dinner

    that erase the ancient historical meaning of these Satanic witch sabbaths? Especially when pagans still celebrate them today as their holy days (i.e. holidays)?  Today, many modern resources, such as encyclopedias, lean toward the Catholic understanding of such days and link Easter and Passover (which is a mixture of Baal and Bible practices) or do other such inexcusable mental gymnastics in order to appease the Vatican or what they see as the main branch of Christianity. In reality, the Vatican is a pagan religious system teaching Baal worship with true Christianity added to it (much like new wine to an old wine bottle or a new cloth patch to old clothes).

  2. Wasn’t Halloween originally called Samhain as seen in the article at this link?  Just as Christ Mass was originally called Saturnalia as seen in the article at this link?  Just as Easter was originally called Eostre and Ostara as seen in the article at this link? Isn’t pagan Samhain worship still practiced today as seen in this video?
  3. How important was Saturnalia to the life of Roman heathenism?  Did the pope’s waving of a wand over the holiday render it holy? Or do we today see the same pagan holidays taking place?  What did pagan Roman culture look like?
  4. If these days originated with Baal worship, is it okay with GOD if we participate if they have been “cleaned up” and their implements given new “meanings”? For example, 57224197-3some Medieval and even modern writers have attached new meanings and even spiritual stories to things such as the Christmas tree, the Easter bunny, the twelve days of Christmas, and so forth.  In reality, the practice of cutting trees and decorating them was first practiced by Baal worshipers in ancient times. One must step back to the origins of such things instead of pacifying themselves with convenient explanations written by medieval monks or others who would re-purpose the practices of Baal for their own use.
  5. Does it really matter what we think when GOD has made it clear that He has killed people for participating in “cleaned-up” old pagan practices?
  6. What is the main theme of Halloween?  Is it not as the article at this link describes 5it?  Do we feel the need to somehow blend into the pagan world around us or satiate the appetites of those “church members” who desire to do so by offering substitute fall celebrations?  Why not instead return to the true Biblical holidays such as Passover, Purim, and the Feast of Dedication which serve as show-n-tell lessons that teach Scriptural truth?
  7. If it’s okay to recycle holidays and the pagan bloody rituals involved in them such as
    Human sacrifice

    Human sacrifice

    the painting of eggs (read its history), then why not recycle other pagan practices like rock music or Ouija boards or add GOD’s name to them? Then again, hasn’t that happened with music and sodomy and other practices already? And what about doing the same with Ouija boards or smut or abortion? Well, that might just be next for this generation who doesn’t fear GOD since they already enjoy Harry Potter, occult movies, occult music, and other occult practices from the temples of Baal. After all, it is said that Easter eggs were purportedly colored red with the blood of aborted babies.  The pope then adopted the practice, but instead of babies’ blood, they were colored red with paint and he directed that they would now symbolize the “blood of Christ”.  Anyone who knows Scripture will understand what GOD has done to those

    The wicker burning man was employed to kill people on Halloween night.

    The wicker burning man was employed to kill people on Halloween night.

    who commit such blasphemies in His name. Such evil cannot be “cleaned-up”.  Did you know that most pagan holidays mentioned above oftentimes included human sacrifice?  How can anyone justify the “cleaning up” of such days for human consumption.  it’s like taking “Hitler’s Day” and re-purposing it as “Jesus Day”.  That would be sacrilege of the highest order.

  8. Why was it wrong for the forefathers of this country (i.e Pilgrims, Puritans, Baptists,
    Brutal murders were committed in the name of Satanic Baal worship on Halloween.  What Christian in their right mind would celebrate this day just so their children can have candy and fun?

    Brutal murders were committed in the name of Satanic Baal worship on Halloween. What Christian in their right mind would celebrate this day just so their children can have candy and fun?

    etc) who banned the holidays as did England at one time? If they were not just dopes, then what has changed? Or is it this nation that has changed and its Christian people and leaders?

  9. Do you know what a “wheel of the sun” or “wheel of the year” is or how old it is?
  10. Do you understand pagan Baal worship and what was involved?
  11. Is ignorance an excuse? How about those who go to hell who never heard the Gospel? Can they plead ignorance?
  12. Is your testimony in celebrating
    Satanic sabbaths or Black sabbaths are still celebrated today in the form of Christ-Mass, Easter, Halloween, Lammass, CandleMass, Beltane, Midsummer's Day, and Mabon.

    Satanic sabbaths or black sabbaths are still celebrated today in the form of Christ-Mass, Easter, Halloween, Lammass, CandleMass, Beltane, Midsummer’s Day, and Mabon.

    pagan holidays going to send an atheist or pagan to hell who knows these things and sees you as a hypocrite?

  13. Shouldn’t we know more about history than pagans and atheists?
  14. Do you know how important such things as pagan’s holidays were to them?
  15. If you know, then aren’t you responsible for what you do with that knowledge now that you’ve read it here?
  16. Do you care? Or do you feel you can recycle any pagan practices you wish in violation of GOD’s code?
  17. If He killed people before for their syncretic mixing of pagan practice with His name, could He do it again? On a massive scale? Like a national scale?
Eight witch sabbaths of ancient Babylon

Eight witch sabbaths of ancient Babylon

I could share a video from an actual witch that I saw, but it wouldn’t be appropriate for children, so instead here is a video explaining Halloween and its evil, Satanic meaning. History Channel also has this video series on Halloween including Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. Keep in mind that this Satanic holiday is still celebrated by witches around the world as their holiday, while at the same time people who claim to be Christians are also emulating them in honor of the gods of candy and fun and in violation of GOD’s Holy Will.

samhain_night_by_nightt_angell-d4bag3pAlso, please realize that much of the hedonism in which most American “Christians” participate today from pagan dress to pagan holidays to pagan music to pagan entertainment were first begun by witches and pagan Baal worshipers and are still today practiced by the same.  Most American “Christians” are a mockery of the name of Jesus Christ.  American Christians who participate in pagan cultural practices must repent or they will soon see the wrath of GOD poured upon them.

“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap.”  – Galatians 6:7