MIRACLE: Beauty out of muck


Mankind’s good works are like manure to GOD.

My tomato plant is still giving tomatoes this late in the season, which is probably because of a lot of fertilizer of the natural kind (i.e. manure) was used around it … which reminds me of a spiritual lesson.

Most plants of both the marine and land variety are known to take the waste product of sea creatures and land creatures and convert it into oxygen and beautiful food. Aquatic ecosystems or water gardens thrive off of this principle of plants converting the feces of fish and other marine life into beautiful oxygen and food.


GOD can make something beautiful out of the muck that we give to Him.

Doesn’t that remind you of our Savior? He takes our lives full of sin, conditional love, bitterness, anger, lust, wicked desires, and useless “good works” (i.e. our works are more like animal waste), and He can turn us into something beautiful that produces fruit and love for so many other hurting hearts on the planet.

That’s the power of Jesus Christ!