BIBLICAL CONNECTION (all articles by category)


  1. ETERNALLY SAVED: Most won’t be … will you be?
  2. CHRISTIANITY: What is it?
  3. COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS: Name them one by one
  4. HELL: What is it? Did Jesus suffer it?
  5. JUDGMENT DAY: One excuse you can’t use
  6. VERDICT: Winners, losers, and fools


  2. DEATH: Did Adam eat plants?
  3. DIFFERENCES: How to resolve?
  4. DISPUTING: Time wasted
  5. EARLY CHRISTIANS: Purpose-driven but not greedy
  6. FREE MP3 BIBLE: Reaching the world in our lifetime?
  7. HEROES OF THE FAITH: Ups and downs
  8. IGNORANCE: Burning non-KJV Bibles?
  9. NEW TESTAMENT MODEL: Learning from the early believers
  10. ROLES DEFINED: Elders, Deacons, and Others
  11. SOCIAL NETWORK: The greatest on earth
  12. STEWARDS: Wise or foolish?
  13. THE BIBLE: Have you read all of it?


  1. CATHOLICISM: Their post-VII beliefs compared to Scripture
  2. CHARISMATIC: Change agent for ‘one global religion’
  3. CLEVER ROME: Ever evolving and ecumenicizing
  4. EL AND BEL: The two most ancient religions
  5. EVOLUTION AND THE BEANSTALK: The tale keeps growing
  6. FALSE CHRIST TEST: Will you be fooled?
  7. FORBIDDEN: Additions to Scripture
  8. GRACE COALITION: Dark ministers of light?
  9. HERE I STAND: With Christ or Rome?
  10. IDOLATRY: Their gods are clay
  11. I DID IT MY WAY: How does Satan present himself?
  12. IN THIRTY PHOTOS: Do Catholics pray to Mary?
  13. ISCARIOT: Never forget
  14. It just might be false teaching, if …
  15. JEWS: GOD and the Popes
  16. JOHN PIPER: Soft on Rome?
  17. LORDSHIP SALVATION: Is it Biblical?
  18. MYSTERIES: The secret things belong to GOD
  19. PIETY’S DISGUISE: The mask of witches bold
  20. POPE: Crush hard work, liberty, but exalt global ruler
  21. PROUD LEADERS: Made possible by blind followers
  22. QUOTING HERETICS: Tim Keller and his friends
  23. TEN HELPS: When dealing with heretics
  24. THE GOSPEL: According to Ellerslie
  25. VATICAN: Hurling 100 damnations toward non-Catholics
  26. WOLVES: The enemy is among us


  1. CHRISTIAN ACTORS: “Saving grace” or “saving face”
  2. CHRISTMAS: Baal worship?
  3. CHRISTMAS SONGS: That aren’t Christmas songs
  4. DESPISED: For Jesus Christ
  5. DYING WORDS: Worthless prayers and practices
  6. HALLOWEEN: Christian fun time?
  7. GRACE: Given to some, denied to others
  8. HOBBY LOBBY: President Green in bed with Rome
  9. It’s One Thing …
  10. JESUS: When was He born?
  11. CHRISTIAN ETHICS: Two ways to do anything you wanna?
  12. LORD’S SUPPER: Memorial Meal Now, Celebration Meal Soon?
  13. LUCIFER: Can you solve the million dollar mystery?
  14. MODESTY: Guidelines for Classy Dames
  15. MODESTY: True Beauty!
  16. MUSIC STYLES: Communicating in the Spirit Realm
  17. PAGAN ASSIMILATION: Justified by ‘Answers in Genesis’?
  18. PREVENTION OR CURE: Avoiding spiritual train wrecks
  19. ROAD LESS TAKEN: Made all the difference
  20. ROCKIN’ MODERN HYMNS: In the name of GOD
  21. SCHIZO: Secular and sacred separation?
  22. SEPARATION: What does purity cost?
  23. TEBOW: Betrayal, sacrilege, and man worship
  24. THE MASTER’S HAND: Amazing grace still changes lives
  25. The Modern Christian
  26. WINE: Drink for your stomach’s sake?
  27. WITCH SABBATHS: Protestants and Catholics find commonality
  28. WORSHIP: According to GOD’s Word


  1. BELGIAN MP: Prophetic implications?
  2. BIBLICAL MODEL: Sudden Judgment, then Redemption
  3. DANIEL 11: An important prophetic chapter
  4. ENDGAME: Prophetic “Day of the LORD” coming soon?
  5. MESSIAH MARK: The technology is ready
  6. MODERN ISRAEL: Scriptural prediction proven true
  7. OBAMA AGREES WITH ISRAEL: Sign of the Times?
  8. OLD OR NEW: The Beasts may change, but the people don’t
  9. PROPHETIC TIDBITS: Links of interest
  10. REVELATION: A Simple Outline
  11. SATAN: Is he building “cover stories”?
  12. TRIBULATION: Coming soon
  13. TWO DAYS THEORY: A glimpse into the end of time?
  14. Will Israel be the World’s First ‘No Cash’ State?


  1. FIDDLING: As America’s heritage burns
  2. GENERATION “W”: Much given, much required
  3. GONE: In a blink
  4. HURRICANE SANDY: Tip of the iceberg?
  5. LIFE: A reality game
  6. LIFE ENDS SOON: Tired of the race?
  8. MEN: Rise up
  9. MIRACLE: Beauty out of muck
  10. OUR GENERATION: A long way from home
  11. PARALYZED: Spiritually helpless?
  12. PERFECT PARENTING: Thoughts from a friend
  13. PREGNANT: Hero or villain?
  14. SILENCE: Worthless salt?
  15. WARRIORS: No pain, no gain
  16. WHY SPEAK OUT: If a Truth is not popular?