FAMILIES: Back to basics

imagesAs go the fathers, so go the families. As go the families, so goes the nation.

An elderly contributor sent the following which I thought was a well-written poem, reminding us of an older, more Biblical era of family values in the United States before the powers of evil swept across the land.

The poem reminds us of how almost all children of that era respected and appreciated their parents and the wisdom, correction, and example that they showed forth.

22Today’s youth, even in Christian circles, rebel against Biblical and secular authority, standards of morality, and conservative Biblical doctrines, standards of holiness or ethics. No wonder – they’ve watched dad and mom. Today, parents divorce to fulfill their own sexual desires in spite of what it does to the children, and are oftentimes physically, sexually, or verbally abusive, lazy, rebellious toward authority, and poor examples in so many ways.

A few decades ago, women were depicted as feminine, modest ladies, instead of hookers or loud-mouth, butch-like femi-nazis.

A few decades ago, even Hollywood depicted women as feminine, modest ladies, instead of hookers or loud-mouth, butch-like femi-nazis. Men were depicted as professionally-dressed businessmen or hard-working laborers who provided and protected, instead of unkept, sloppy, girlish, gushing delicate crowd-pleasers who seem incapable of taking a stand, holding a job, keeping their eyes to themselves, or leading a family or nation.

People today are losing the heritage and even their knowledge of decency, manners, and doctrine that they once had. The arts serve as a great indicator of the spirit, culture and attitude of a nation and of Christ’s Body. As I look at the entertainment, music and dress of those who claim to be Christians today, I must admit that these indicators are indeed telling us where we are today, and it’s very troubling. Today’s culture, “Christian” or secular, reminds me of a passage of Scripture.

“This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, Without natural affection, truce-breakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, Traitors, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.” – 2 Timothy 3:1-5

little-house-on-the-prairieOne can see how different things were just six decades ago compared to today by watching left-wing Hollywood’s old television shows from that era in how even they portrayed families in a more wholesome light. Today’s generation, who are more like children of anti-christ, see those days as “bad” and today’s era as “good” in their mentally and spiritually deranged, reprobate anti-GOD, anti-morality mindset.

That era, in which disciplined, well-behaved, clean-talking, sexually abstinent, mannerly, parent-loving, GOD-honoring children were commonplace, was made possible by parents who were themselves disciplined, well-behaved, clean-talking, sexually abstinent, mannerly, parent-loving, and GOD honoring. This is not an endorsement of these old Hollywood shows, many of which were gradually and incrementally pressing families to the “left” due to Hollywood’s left-wing agenda, but it is a matter of historical record because the families and towns in those shows reflected the times.

father knows bestIn that era, father “knew best”, because he wasn’t spending his spare moments downloading porn, sleeping with his secretary behind his wife’s back, or getting drunk and chasing girls with friends, but was disciplined, hard-working, kind, loving, and devoted to his wife and children, and selflessly sacrificial in his choices that affected his family. In that era, mother prided herself more in her family than her career, and found her pleasure in pouring all of her love and life into the children she had been given by reading Bible stories to them, training them to love GOD and their fellowman, and serving as an example herself. In that era, there’s a reason that the children showed respect for their parents and elders’ wisdom.

hayy vs timontySo much has changed since those days, and today’s generation no longer reflects that beautiful era. The “magic of Disney” (which promoted “magick” through their fairy tales, stories about witches, and more recently “good” wizards) isn’t quite so magical these days as we see how they are producing youth like Selena Gomez, Britney Spears, and Miley Cyrus who are some of the most immoral role models in human history. Is this not a leap from the old era of American values? However, is Disney not reflecting the values and families of today’s culture and era?

Columbine massacre

Columbine massacre

Could anyone even imagine six decades ago that today children would kill children or that parents would abuse children or that couples would kill their own flesh and blood? Could anyone imagine back in those days that their Constitutional freedoms would be almost gone and that our nation would be in the spiritual, economic, and physical dilemma in which we find ourselves today?

images (12)When children kill children, they blame the guns instead of the people. In a nation where the Bible is banned from schools, they refuse to acknowledge the direct link between the Bible’s dismal from the education of the youth, and the incredible perversion, crime, hedonism, and economic turmoil that we’re seeing today. In fact, they are willingly ignorant, just as they are willingly ignorant of Creation and choose to believe in evolution in spite of how absurd it is to believe that everything came from nothing. In fact, schools have become cesspools. What’s the answer?

download (3)We must turn off the entertainment that has programmed us and turned us into reprobates concerning the truth, and return to GOD and His Word. Even if nobody else does, we must repent of our sin and realize that our family is where revival must start. We must return to the basics that made this nation great. GOD’s Word is the key to changing our community.

family-bible-study-reduced_edited-1Will this happen? We can make it happen in our own family. While I believe we are seeing the final prophecies regarding world events coming to fruition, I believe there is hope for individual families in America to return to GOD. At the same time, we must understand that all of the spiritual apostasy, hedonism, and evil that we see around us is not a surprise to GOD. It was prophesied long ago. Despite the cacophony of societal, government, and even church influences that are anti-Biblical these days, we can find forgiveness, hope, direction, and healing in our families and local communities through the Bible and the Holy Spirit. We must begin by turning off the constant spiritual sewage of Hollywood and the rock industry, and open our Bibles with our families and start family devotion habits once again in this land.

Today, the youth are being prepared for anti-christ by the school, movie, video game, and music culture.

Today, the youth are being prepared for anti-christ by the government schools, movie, video game, music culture, and even churches and Christian schools in many cases.

America today no longer resembles those families and towns seen in the black and white days of television (which was only a few decades ago), but instead resembles the formerly atheistic Soviet Union.

Bible teaching in all public schools in America is not only gone, but today children are taught witchcraft in public schools instead of the Bible through the Harry Potter series and other anti-christ books. In fact, the Hays Production Code which restricted and guided the morality in Hollywood has long been forgotten and scrapped, since Americans don’t seem to be outraged anymore over even the most perverse or demonic forms of entertainment.

dad-moms-on-cocaine-lindsay-lohanIn fact, many adore and emulate celebrities who are oftentimes openly promoting the occult, possessed by demons, drunk, doped, and immoral in the most perverse and anti-christ meaning of the word. Their marriages and families are resounding failures. Is it any wonder that the families throughout this nation who adore these celebrities have little success in their own families? We must ignore these celebrities and the majority who are destroying their own families and say like Joshua “As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD”. It’s not too late for your family.

images (10)I am thankful for this contributor whose poetic skills and love for GOD and family reminds me of that era only six decades ago, in which a nation still taught its youth the Bible in schools, prayed before meals, and held standards of morality high in schools – an era that has been swept away by the negligence of Americans who lived in the 1960s as well as all those still living today.  As they say, what goes around comes around. Let’s hope America repents soon, so that mercy can be shown by GOD instead of justice. 

Family-Watching-TVMay the LORD bless all those parents who rear children in such a way that they rise up to praise their parents, because such is the reward of those parents who truly love and train their children according to GOD’s Word, instead of according to the failed examples of celebrities, the insane advice of atheistic government schools, or the faulty, flawed wisdom of men. Instead of following the crowd of raucous, reprobate Americans who do whatever the atheist state tells them to do or who mimic those in Hollywood or who follow the examples of their own parents’ failed relationships, do you not desire to be different by taking your family and your local community back for GOD? The rewards are phenomenal. 

“Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her.” -Proverbs 31:28

images (4)May GOD bring revival on this nation that has gone far astray into the darkness and which now twists the most perverted crimes into matters of pride and elects mentally deranged individuals into places of leadership, while condemning good parents, pastors, and companies who show forth self-discipline, morals, love, kindness, and good deeds for their communities. We must purposefully block out the entertainment choices of today that drown out the voice of the Spirit and determine in our hearts that we will follow GOD with our family even if nobody else does and then work to make a difference in our community. This is how revival will occur – one family at a time. If our nation will be saved, it will start with your family and mine.

May more parents realize the Bible is the key to having a close loving family as this contributor so aptly conveys in the following folksy poem.


fdfdRich? Not in wealth or fame,
No houses, land, or gold,
No silver spoon came in my mouth,
No hopes of these were told.

But greater far than all of these,
A richer gift I had,
My gracious God bestowed on me,
A precious mom and dad.


Oh, yes!  They had their ups and downs,
When I became their own,
And prob’ly thought how nice t’would be
When I was up and grown.

Yes, in our home were certain rules,
We knew were meant for us,
A mini-skirt or hippie hair
Never caused a fuss.

You see we knew that Mom and Dad stood firm,
There was no doubt.
A gentle hug and hickory switch
Could straighten us right out.

dadA “no” meant “no”, a “yes” meant “yes”,
A love for God, they had;
The Bible, prayer, and church were just
A part of Mom and Dad.

Rich – I have a priceless gift!

Thanks to my God above
For parents like my Mom and Dad,
That I so dearly love.