DEAD MUSIC: The sound of lifeless ritualism

Some equate tradition with intellectualism, when in fact the opposite is true. Those who do things, because they've always done them are those who fail to think for themselves.

Some equate tradition with intellectualism, when in fact the opposite is true. Those who do things, because they’ve always done them are those who fail to think for themselves.

In the past, I have spoken of the evils of orgiastic, hedonistic rock music, but today I would like to speak of the dangers of emulating the dead, ritualistic music of pagan tradition and lifeless intellectualism. Such music plagues some Protestants today in even fundamental circles.

I also would like to point out the importance of using only Biblical words in Christian music.

Has Christianity become centered upon the aesthetics of music and musical personalities, instead of the Scriptures? Why is it that a person can compromise with a group of anti-Christ religious rulers like those wicked men in Vatican City under the guise of the arts and “high culture” and still be honored by and invited by those claiming to be Christians to lead their music? Could it be because they are also guilty of many of the same grievances against Yahweh?

The subject matter and the communication means used in the arts must be pleasing to GOD. Exalting false religions or basking in their traditions or art forms is not acceptable.

The subject and the mode of the arts must please Jesus Christ. Christians should never emulate the dead, ritualistic traditions of paganism, but should rather show forth a “new song” in the arts. Requiems, masses, and Marian art from the damning Catholic religion are an example of pagan art forms. Yahweh had three thousand Israelis executed in Exodus 32 after they employed a golden calf from the Baal religion for a feast day for Yahweh.

A great example of this truth is how lapdogs of Rome in art and musical circles have doors opened to them by fundamentalists who rightly decry the ecumenicism of Billy Graham and Jack Van Impe, but who in the arts have a different standard as they exalt ecumenical and Catholic art forms and allow celebrities of such religious persuasion to influence their youth through art, drama, music, and literature, all under the guise of intellectualism (much like the Higher Criticism movement also used intellectualism to decry the reliability of the Scriptures). Intellectualism, “high culture”, tradition, or other excuses are never acceptable reasons to violate the commandments of the Almighty regarding separation between the holy and the profane.

A difference must be made between the religious and the secular. Heretics must be completely marked out and avoided in all things as Paul specified. Whereas, the lost world does not need to be avoided as long as what they are doing doesn’t violate GOD’s commands. My own children understand this concept. We must be careful what we exalt in the area of the religious and in what we offer in the name of the Most High Creator. The Creator doesn’t want us to take the works of darkness and “redeem them” for His use. He wants us to put away the “unclean” things of the old man and the world’s system and be separate from them. He wants us to embrace the pure, the new man, and pattern ourselves after the image of Himself.

“And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you,” – 2 Corinthians 6:16-17


The ecumenical Getty duo rocks for Jesus, while those who listen to their rock music are proudly “cleaning up” their music for their traditional, ritualistic, dead congregations. Is this not blatant hypocrisy? Throw out the rock, but also stop listening and emulating it yourself (whether or not you “cleaned it up”) and stop exalting ecumenical groups to your youth.

Some speak boldly against ecumenical heretics such as James Dobson or Rick Warren, but allow musicians like Craig Courtney and the Gettys or organizations like Sovereign Grace and the Gospel Coalition to influence their youth toward a more ecumenical path.

Is this not blatant hypocrisy?

Has Scripture changed or have the leaders in Christianity changed? Has Rome changed or has the view of today’s Christians changed toward Rome who once burned babies and children alive, skinned fathers alive in front of their wives, and crushed women inside of Iron Maidens among other gruesome tortures they conducted under their Council of Trent doctrines (doctrines that still remain unchanged today)?

cross-monstranceCraig Courtney is a great example of a musician who is exalted among Christians whose music is ritualistic, dead and contains lyrics that are not Biblical.

Let us contrast the hymn of Patrick of Ireland with the hymn of Craig Courtney. Which one sounds more Catholic? For example, the Irish flag is green, orange, and white; green for Catholics, orange for Protestants and white for peace between the two. Yet, while St. Patrick’s Day is a celebration of green (Catholic) and alcohol (beer), Phillip Schaff, the renowned historian of church history, gives great evidence that Patrick was a prohibitionist and not Catholic (‘green’). Such rich irony! No wonder when we see Patrick of Ireland’s song and compare it to Craig Courtney’s song, we wonder if Courtney plagiarized Patrick’s song and just simply gave it more of a Catholic sun-worship twist (Catholics being descendants from that sun-worshiper, Roman Emperor Constantine I, who considered himself the sun god of Romans and the Messiah of Christianity simultaneously as recent archaelogy and a history documentary have pointed out). The cross upon which Jesus died was an ancient sun-worship symbol of Rome, the sign of Apollo the sun god. Let’s read the lyrics of the hymn of Patrick of Ireland and then compare it to the lyrics of Craig Courtney, that darling of certain fundamentalists in Greenville, South Carolina.  Patrick’s hymn titled “S. Patricii Canticum Scotticum” states:

Christ with me, Christ before me,
Christ behind me, Christ within me,
Christ beneath me, Christ above me,
Christ at my right, Christ at my left,
Christ in the Fort (Home).
Christ in the Chariot-Seat (Car).
Christ in the Poop (Sloop or Boat).

Christ in the heart of everyone who thinks of me,
Christ in the mouth of everyone who speaks to me,
Christ in every eye that sees me,
Christ in every ear that hears me.

The latest song by Craig Courtney may be his least Roman-inspired song, compared to others listed below, but even it brings to mind a vision of crucifixes and Catholic liturgy as it exalts the cross in place of the Christ in stark contrast to Patrick’s hymn.

“The cross before you to lead,
The cross behind you to defend,
The cross below you to uphold,
The cross beside you to befriend,
crucifixThe cross above you to inspire,
The cross within you to consume,
The cross surround you with its power,
Enfold your life, your soul, your all.

The cross each morning when you rise,
The cross each evening while you sleep,
images (6)The cross to see before your eyes,
The cross upon your lips to speak,
The cross be all that you would hear,
The cross be all that you believe,
The cross be with you in this life,
The cross be with you when you leave.
The cross before you,
The cross within you,
The cross be all you need.”

dracula - crucifixThis latest mysterious song by Craig Courtney sounds like something taken from a Dracula movie with its ominous line “the cross behind me to defend”. Its line “the cross within me to consume” smacks of the Catholic Eucharist. The line “the cross beside you to befriend” sounds a bit of a stretch. Why would the cross be our friend? The cross represents the pain and suffering we have to bear. Furthermore, it almost seems as if he stole a song from Patrick of Ireland or another Christian writer who had actually written about Christ and then replaced the name “Christ” with the word “cross”. In other words, Craig Courtney replaces Jesus with the cross as the object of adoration all throughout this song.

dracula-crucifixIs this actually sung by Christians today? Just watch as a Baptist choir sings this song in the video at this link.

Really? Wow! In spite of its awful tune, its totally non-Biblical lyrics, and its generally, … well, typical boring Courtney sound, there are actually people in Christendom who sing this song and swoon over this composer and others like him who prostrate themselves at the feet of those dark lords of Rome for financial gain or whatever reasoning they use to prostitute their talents out to the Vatican.

IHS Cross - Baptist Congregation in Fredricksburg

Notice the warrior symbol IHS of the Jesuits in the cross found in the video of the Baptist choir. More than likely, the people in that congregation do not even realize they are displaying the symbols of the Jesuits as they sing a song by a Roman lapdog.

Why would a Baptist congregation sing this music? I can only think that they’ve been emulating their favorite mega-ministry, radio station, or perhaps their favorite fundamentalist university whose sponsors and leaders have included men from the Freemasons, Knights Templar, Ku Klux Klan, Notre Dame affiliates, and other cloaked Romans.

I can’t imagine them choosing this song for its tune, arrangement, or words. Should they be choosing music based upon what others do? Should we determine how trustworthy a ministry is by its size or its tenure or its high-end, slick appearance or its financial assets? Or is Scripture alone the measure of its integrity?

And beware of some of these ministries parading as “conservative” or “fundamentalist” who are the ones introducing much of the Catholic mindset to Christians, their congregations, and ministries.

Malachi Martin, confidante to four popes, professor in Rome at the Pontifical Biblical Institute, exorcist, and a former Jesuit himself until he requested release from his Jesuit vows, is world-renowned as an author. Malachi implicated the great majority of Jesuits and Romish priests as being demon-possessed in his book ‘Hostage to the Devil’, a book in which he describes how even many of the Romish exorcists were also demon-possessed.The Roman Jesuits were the masters of the Inquisition.  They led the chilling, horrendous torturing of believing Christian men and women as the Jesuits would slowly murder them by removing their skin while they were still living. Or roast them alive for hours. Or cut a hole in their stomachs and drop a rat inside of them, while placing a hot pan over the opening, thus forcing the rat to eat its way through their bodies. Or perform other twisted, demented, agonizing horrors upon those who had faith in Jesus. And these vile, sick, demonic, twisted Jesuits perfected their perverted Satanic art of inquisitions, torments, and executions over the centuries. They were masters at extracting the screams of Christian men and women with the most grotesque of evil means.

One of Craig Courtney’s most popular arrangements is that of the song “Here I am, Lord”, a song written by Dan Schutte. Who is Dan Schutte? Schutte is a Jesuit as Wikipedia explains in its biographical sketch as seen in the following excerpt, and he is specifically part of the new strategy of Vatican II which is to absorb the Protestants through false charismatic unity, ecumenicism, and rock, ritualistic, new age, and other popular musical styles.

“He was one of the founding members of the St. Louis Jesuits who popularized a contemporary style of church music set to sacred texts sung in English as a result of the liturgical reforms initiated by Vatican II.”

ihs - jesuitsAre there some ministries that are too important and tenured to receive a rebuke? When they are rebuked, do they take such rebuke humbly as Paul said for the Philippians to do? Or do they act like so many Jesuit priests – proud, wrathful, authoritarian, vengeful, shunning you, and giving you the ‘cold shoulder’? Didn’t Jesus say to give the brethren ‘cold water’?  And not ‘cold shoulder’?

Should Christians, like those in the Baptist choir video linked above, be emulating their favorite ministries as though their favorite ‘ministries’ always make the right choice? Or should they think for themselves? So many Christians today do not think for themselves and fail to use Scripture alone to work out their own salvation and sanctification with fear and trembling.

formal dead musicI believe the dead, ritualistic musical sound of certain composers is a reflection of their belief system. They have a dead, traditional Protestant religion filled with rituals, instead of a vibrant, Spirit-filled, Christian relationship with Jesus Christ, and it shows in their music. There are few things that don’t show up in a person’s music. Music is a reflection of their soul and spirit, and the lyrics of such dead, boring ritualistic music is a confirmation that their beliefs are Roman-inspired instead of Christ-inspired.

Some musicians confuse boring ritual music with well-crafted music of great learning. They aren’t the same.

Many of the early and even popular religious rock bands today are Roman Catholic.   Thus, I realize with so many of Rome’s religious rock bands singing lyrics that sound more like the morality teachings of Harry Potter or John Lennon or Ghandi while being incorrectly dubbed as “Christian music”, that a song with lyrics that mention anything that sounds Biblical must be a welcome relief to some since people’s expectations of “things acceptable to GOD” have plummeted so very low these days. However, music written for the Savior must reflect Scriptural Truth, not man’s wisdom or Catholic theology.

eucharis10092012tAnd what about the line “the cross be all that you believe” or that last line “the cross be all you need”?  This is heretical if not also blasphemous. To take the sun cross of Baal upon which Jesus was crucified and to idolize it and adore it in the place of Jesus Christ is just unthinkable by any stretch of a Christian’s imagination, yet fundamentalist Christians sing this song in their congregations. If Courtney was using the ‘cross’ as a symbol of the Gospel, his theology is still rancid. Also, if Courtney was attempting to use the ‘cross’ as a symbol of the Gospel, he got his symbols confused.  Scripture uses the cross as a sign of suffering. Paul gloried in his sufferings rather than his triumphs.  The cross itself is a pagan symbol which predated Christ, because obviously it was used to crucify Jesus Christ according to Scripture and also it is said that it was used to kill other followers of Christ as well.

So much was this pagan implement of Rome and ancient Babylonian Baal worship used to kill those dear to the Father in heaven that it should be obvious why early believers saw it as an emblem of suffering. I understand why the Romans love the crucifix, but why would any Christian exalt and coddle such a symbol of pagan Rome and Babylon that caused so much suffering to believers?

Do some conservative musicians exalt Craig Courtney to their congregations and ministry followers? Yes.

What does that tell you about how traditional people are and how many don’t even think through the lyrics they’re singing as long as the music sounds morbid and slow enough? Or should we even consider the possibility that some may actually be thinking through the lyrics of this song in conservative Christian circles and STILL sing it?

popeDo people really sellout Jesus today for an excruciatingly boring tune such as ‘The Cross‘? Meanwhile, study the rich text of ‘When I Survey the Wondrous Cross‘ and its splendid accompanying composition, and then compare it to Courtney’s ‘The Cross‘, and one can only wonder why the former sits unused while the latter is embraced. Is it the drinking water that is contaminated? What is wrong here, people? Perhaps it is the one-man shows in pulpits today and boy bands which have replaced the reading of Scripture in congregations today that has brought about such a leader-dependent, easily duped, tradition-based, ritualistic generation of people who call themselves ‘Christians’.

It is said that a young man named Alexander who was attempting to desert the army of Alexander the Great was brought before this mighty conqueror, and that Alexander the Great said “Son, change your name or change your conduct“.

DIGITAL CAMERAWho are these pastors today in Baptist and conservative congregations who lift up allies of Rome such as Keith and Kristyn Getty and Craig Courtney? Could it be the same wolfish men of Rome who were known to infiltrate congregations as early as the time of the Pilgrims landing at Plymouth as I read in one history book?

Is that why certain seminaries and universities are crawling with men who can tell you what ‘really happened‘ during what they describe as the ‘myths‘ of the Crusades, Inquisitions, and other massacres of Christ’s martyrs and who play down the number of people who were killed in such holocausts?  Can we really just throw away our history books or Christian books like ‘Foxes’ Book of Martyrs’ or ‘Martyrs’ Mirror” or “The Trail of Blood” and trust these men to tell us the “truth”?  Can we allow them to ridicule books by intellectual giants like Samuel F.B. Morse or Alexander Hislop, whose bibliographies are overwhelmingly filled with ancient sources from rare European libraries that would make any modern book pale in comparison?  Can we allow them to continue to lie to people through their online magazines such as ‘The Christian Post’ or ‘Christianity Today’ whose leadership has supported the Baal worshipers of Roman Catholicism by adopting the Manhattan Declaration, numerous other heretical beliefs of Rome, and other ecumenical initiatives?  Can we accept the even more deceptive sources such as textbooks, magazines, and books that pretend to be ‘fundamentalist’ which gives people the appearance that they are ‘conservative’ when they are really sources from wolves in sheep’s clothing?

You may be surprised how many of the ‘founding fathers’ of the ‘fundamentalist’ movement were men involved in the secret societies of Rome.  Several of these laughably ‘revered’ men even were said to have prayed to the dead.  I heard with my own ears the once ‘revered’ Jack Hyles speak from a pulpit about how he would ‘pray to his mother’ at her tomb. He was not alone.  I have been told that a long-standing employee who had worked for a top fundamentalist organization for decades had inside information that included testimony that an even greater ‘giant’ of fundamentalism is said to have held seances with the dead, a practice of witchcraft condemned in the Bible as necromancy.  No wonder that particular ‘giant’ and his succeeding generations led people to sing requiems (prayers to the dead in the form of song) and masses, embrace Catholic art, and held hands with men of Rome in various forms such as Freemasons, KKK, Notre Dame sponsors, and Knights Templar. They also allowed young people from their organization to participate in ‘seminars’ at the home of a local dentist who would teach the youth a warped version of history akin to the “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion‘ and closely resembled anti-Jewish hate rhetoric. The dentist was also included on this particular so-called ‘fundamentalist’ organization’s list of preferred dentists for their employees’ medical program.

No wonder that when their publisher was called into question as to why they were promoting a Catholic perspective in their narrative of history and other publications that they refused to be held accountable, but ignored the rebukes and the calls for a retraction.  No wonder their current President ignored an employee who attempted to ask why their organization was sympathetic to Harry Potter in their publications. And when the alarm was sounded regarding heretics and books promoting witchcraft, their ‘fundamentalist’ followers continued to march after their ‘fundamentalist’ leaders without blinking as if they were completely blind … as if they had been trained through many decades of ‘authoritarian’, fascist leadership to accept whatever they were told as ‘truth’.

Are these ‘fundamentalists’ actual followers of the ‘fundamentals’ of the faith or are they just a cult-like movement who does what their leaders say to do unquestioning in their loyalty to their ‘leaders’? Why do they ignore such utter evil?  One must logically ask if these people are truly following the Word, both incarnate and written, or if they are instead just following a tradition. Could this be why many who have attended ‘fundamentalist’ organizations have been devastated by the gossip, Pharisee-like judgment, false piety, papal authoritarianism, and unloving actions of these so-called ‘fundamentalists’?

I have many friends who are very loving and devoted to the Messiah who are involved in the ‘fundamentalist’ circles, and not all of their organizations, congregations, and ministries are cult-like traditionalists. Thus, we must also distinguish between which shade of the movement is truly following the Messiah for the most part and which is not.  Certain branches of ‘fundamentalist’ leaders and people appear to only be following traditions and authoritarian clergy much like the Catholics while never questioning their leaders regardless if they promote witchcraft, ‘Christian’ fantasy, Catholic culture, authoritarianism, and many other non-Biblical concepts.  You will notice in this website that we advocate very high standards of holiness and doctrine.  This doesn’t make us ‘fundamentalists’ but followers of the Messiah.  You must distinguish between these two properly.  One is a movement.  The other is a relationship.

Keith and Kristyn Getty singing a concert in honor of the Catholic Saint Patrick of Ireland.

Keith and Kristyn Getty singing a concert in honor of the Catholic Saint Patrick of Ireland.

Can we really hope that the next generation will somehow know the truth of what Rome did to the martyrs when so many trolls are in control of the pulpits, universities, schools, and textbooks of future generations of believers?   The Bible teaches that the congregants and the nearby elders are the ones who work together to ‘appoint pastors’, not some convention, university, or ‘ministry office’ that puts itself in ‘charge’ as an ‘authority’.

How can the next generation know the truth when those who are now being “appointed” into pulpits are not even being told by these so-called ‘educational’ seminaries and universities? And why are those who have captured our seminaries and universities in both ‘fundamentalist’ and ‘evangelical’ circles, while filling students’ heads with revised, white-washed Roman Catholic views of history, helping to appoint pastors for local congregations? And since when do universities, conventions and seminaries “appoint” pastors and have sway over such decisions? Does not Scripture teach that the job of the laity is to elect pastors in communion with other faithful local pastors?

pied_piper2It seems the music leads the way for people to follow Satan. No wonder a story like that of the Pied Piper was written.

Typically, what I’ve seen happen with Christian individuals and congregations is that their music mimics the pagans, then their bodies mimic its lifestyle and culture, and finally their minds fall into apostasy. In some rare cases, worldly wisdom and intellectualism lead the way, and as the mind grows dark, then the body follows.

Either way, the music usually reflects such worship of the intellect and traditional human wisdom. In both cases, the music can convey the lusts of the body or the pride of the mind in its sound.

Craig Courtney, friend of the Vatican

Craig Courtney, friend of the Vatican

In some cases, music has departed from gorgeous hymns sung with fervor by Spirit-filled choirs to dead, dry ritualistic theological garbage laboriously chanted by our people like so many friars or monks, while in many cases, the youth flee the congregations of Jesus Christ to join the world and their wild rocking music of the enchanters and charmers in order to escape dry, dead traditions. Or worse yet (and more realistically and prominently), the adults and youth bring the wild rocking music of the enchanters and charmers into the congregation.

The dead ritualistic music reflects a religion of traditions and intellectualism.

The wild music of enchantment and charming reflects the orgiastic hedonism of debauched paganism.

Both types of music reflect a language and culture that falls outside of Scripture.

inquisition crossObviously, those who sing the song “The Cross” by Craig Courtney have forgotten what the cross meant to early believers. Believers gloried in their suffering, but they did not cherish such suffering. Hebrews 12 says that Jesus endured the cross and despised its shame. Paul gloried in his sufferings rather than in his successes and in this context, he stated that he gloried in the cross (not in the symbol but in the honor of suffering for Christ). The symbol of the sun cross (“+” and “x”) was pre-Christian and part of the sun worship of Babylonian Baal worship.  Romans were historically known to sacrifice criminals to the gods on their venerated sun crosses as seen in articles such as the article at this link.

Harlot RomeWhen persecution swells throughout the United States in ways that make the German Holocaust look like a picnic, perhaps then the believers will begin to realize that Jesus is the one to be adored, not the cross of suffering. They have forgotten the suffering of the cross and this is why they can idolize and adore it in this present hour by singing songs by lapdogs of the Romans, the same Romans who helped to inflict suffering upon Christians for millennia.

Not only is Craig Courtney idolizing the cross instead of Jesus, he gives idolatrous worship to “Mary”, goddess to Catholics everywhere who they call “mother of heaven” and compare to a “dove” in their doctrinal statements.

This is the cover illustration for one of the books written bv Christina Rossetti, sodomite and Catholic poet, whose lyrics on Marian worship were chosen by Craig Courtney for a song composition by Courtney

This is the cover illustration for one of the books written bv Christina Rossetti, sodomite and Catholic poet, whose lyrics on Marian worship were chosen by Craig Courtney for a song composition by Courtney

Of all the lyrics available in the Western Hemisphere, Craig Courtney chose the lyrics of the dead, mystical, lesbian Catholic poet, Christina Rossetti (1830-1894), so he could add some dark, haunting music to the words of her goddess lyrics. Listen as the Catholic director in the video at this link explains how Jesus looked up to Mary, just as Mary looked up to Jesus. What blasphemy!

Such a sad and hopeless religion. I’m thankful that GOD saved my grandparents out of this dead religion with its dead, anti-Christ music.You can also see a Presbyterian church sell out to Rome as they sing this song of worship to Mary in the video at this link.

mary dove worshipHere are the lyrics of this idolatrous song titled “Herself a Rose” which not only deifies Mary and personifies her as a Dove and Jesus as a Rose, but which also references the venerated “Sun” of Catholicism, who is a false and different Christ than the “Son” of the Most High who true believers worship.

“Herself a rose, who bore the Rose, She bore the Rose and felt its thorn.
All loveliness newborn Took on her bosom its repose,
And slept and woke there nightPoussin-Dove&Virgin and morn.
Lily herself, she bore the one Fair Lily, Sweeter, whiter, far Than she or others are:
The Sun of Righteousness her Son, She was His morning star.
She gracious, He essential Grace, He was the fountain, she the rill:
Her goodness to fulfill And gladness, with proportioned pace
He led her steps through good and icatholic-orderll.
Christ’s mirror she of grace and love of beauty and of life and death:
By hope and love and faith Transfigured to His Likeness,
“Dove, Spouse, Sister, Mother,” Jesus saith.

Wow! “Herself a ‘Rose’ who bore the Rose”? “Her goodness to fulfill”? “She was His morning star”? Those who know Marian worship in the Catholic religion will immediately recognize the doctrine whereby they associate Mary with the deified Dove in their theology.

vatican high massAnother Courtney song is called “Sanctus“. Courtney was commissioned by the papal leadership to write it for a special High Mass at the Vatican. No man can serve two masters for he must love the one and hate the other. Is Courtney sold out to Jesus Christ? No. Courtney is sold-out to Rome, and is a a traitor to Jesus Christ and his martyrs who died at the hands of Rome. I have no desire to sing the songs of a sellout, especially when his lyrics are anti-Christ and his musical sound reminds me of a Roman chant which in my opinion is akin to a dripping faucet. We must remember as a follower of the Christ that Scripture, not musical pleasure, comes first, because that’s the price of His cross.

Great Is Thy FaithfulnessShould we not encourage those who use their talents to exalt the name of Jesus Christ in song? For example, listen to these beautiful arrangements of hymns heard in the videos at this link and this link and this link and this link?

Why do we feel a need to sing slow, morbid, dry dirges that exalt Mary, the cross, Vatican Requiem and Mass art forms, or dead ritualistic anthems? Why not sing exuberant, uplifting Christ-glorifying, Spirit-filled songs of Praise to the Lamb, the Messiah?

associationWhen a composer is still alive or his influence is at least still potent, his beliefs and doctrine can also steer people into the dark paths of heresy. May we never be guilty of making a choice with our music which can potentially serve as a path to heresy for a weaker brother.

Abel offered a more excellent sacrifice. We should as well.

Abel offered a more excellent sacrifice. We should as well.

I have to almost chuckle aloud at what one minister of music told me many years ago when I was in high school. I had asked to be excused from singing a John Denver song in our “Christian” school choir. The minister of music said he would excuse me, but that if we followed this principle of association, we would have to get rid of almost all of our music. What?

This minister of music obviously had a very small repertoire of music if all he could find were country songs by new age musicians like John Denver.

Don’t get me wrong – I do understand that the principle of association can be taken to an extreme. After all, the Psalmist David wrote music and he had committed adultery; however, he repented. I am not saying we have to use music by only those who are morally blameless, because nobody is without sin. I am not even saying that we have to stay away from music that was written by composers or authors who are dead and whose author no longer has influence; however, what I am saying is why would we want to promote certain individuals who are selling out or why would we want to be guilty of making a choice with our music which could potentially serve as a path to heresy for a weaker brother? Why wouldn’t we want to find the songs with the holiest styles, the best tunes, the most Scriptural lyrics, the best authors and composers and associations, and the most spiritually effective emotions and thought to them? Why would we not want the best? Any musician worth his salt could find barrels of good music. For one, the hymn book is filled with a great number of such songs that are becoming extinct and that are no longer even remembered.

“By faith Abel offered unto God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain, by which he obtained witness that he was righteous, God testifying of his gifts: and by it he being dead yet speaks.” – Hebrews 11:4

silver pieces

The price of a sellout never really matters in the end.

Why would we even want to use music by a sellout? That’s the better question.

It reminds me of a conversation I once saw among people debating over “levels of separation” and whether the Bible forbid this level or that level.  My question to those debating the subject was “Why would you want to even hang around those type of people even if you could prove from Scripture it was ‘okay’?”  I have no desire to hang around or support men who disobey Scripture or preach heresy or who use their influence to promote heretics or heresy.

prostrate-to-popeWe must encourage those who are using their talents for the Savior and we must speak out against those who are willing to lay their talents at the feet of heretics, wolves, and Rome’s bidding, because one day we will stand before the Awesome Lamb and Judge of Mankind, alongside those millions of saints who died by the hand of Rome.

“Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.” – James 4:4