ROMANISM: Why study it?

popeOne of the main reasons that I developed an interest in occult and ecclesiastical Rome many years ago was because of prophecy. The Bible clearly names the Romans as the final empire (before Jesus Christ returns to set up His glorious Kingdom) in Daniel chapter 2, chapter 7, very clearly in chapter 9, and vaguely in chapter 11. However, some Christian organizations and educational institutes state in error that Rome’s empire ended in A.D. 476.

007.jpg.opt750x750o0,0s750x750My studies, as seen in both this blog and our partner blog, confirmed that the Roman Empire truly did NOT end in A.D. 476. Not only did the Unholy Roman Empire continue into the 19th century under guise of a religious-political hybrid, but their pagan Baal religion did as well under guise of Catholicism. Romans today probably have more power and technological capabilities to annihilate their opponents than anytime previously in history. Do not trust those who say the Roman Empire ended in A.D. 476. It did not. It continued until the present era as the Bible stated. Let GOD be true and every man a liar.

False teacher Billy Graham Video:

False teacher Billy Graham

Another benefit of my research has been to help me see how many of our history books today have been revised and how much of modern Christianity still carries the remnants of Roman Catholic beliefs in their cathedral-building, day of holy convocation, holidays, treatment of widows and poor brethren, self-absorbed traditions and rituals, methods of ministry, inviting of pagans to be in their congregational times, mega-church mentality, charismatic and superstitious beliefs, ecumenicism and much more.

It also showed me how Roman Catholicism was but Baal worship re-labeled, and helped me see the history of Baal worship (Jezebel worship), Nicolaitanism, and Baalam worship in the Bible and the Book of Revelation and how it is still affecting us today.

falsereligionThe research has greatly changed my worldview both spiritually and physically in many ways. It has been well worth the research to find purity in theology and life, and to discover answers to questions in Scripture.

The correct Gospel is a matter of heaven or hell. Seeing the many tentacles of religious Rome and their covert Baal message is helpful in avoiding their many masked organizations preaching a works gospel.

stronnieKnowing the correct candidates to vote into office is a matter of freedom or tyranny. It helps to see which candidates are Knights and to also see why so many Democrats and RINOs are Knights who agree with each other, while the American people who just want to eat, live, and be free are perplexed as to why the people for whom they vote seem to be such lying phonies. It helps to see the agenda of secular Rome, who resides under the same pontiff as religious Rome, as well as their many spies, soldiers, and operations who purport the most heinous of governments and crimes so that they may corrupt, destroy and overcome the American Empire (and with it the world).

img-thingTruth, knowledge, wisdom, instruction, and understanding are all worthwhile things to pursue for a Christian as the Spirit of GOD used Solomon to tell us in Proverbs.