CHRISTMAS: The tale of two authors

Kirk Cameron - ChristmasI am republishing two great articles below which may explain why many Christians are no longer celebrating Christmas in spite of “Celebrity Christians” like Kirk Cameron who are promoting it and even making the over-the-top claim that Santa Claus is a “Defender of the Faith”.  Keep in mind that although Kirk Cameron once agreed with Ray Comfort that Catholics need salvation, more recently Kirk Cameron has started touring Catholic media and promoting their values.

Another more intriguing note is that Kirk Cameron was actually married in a Catholic Church after he was supposedly “saved”.  Why did he join Ray Comfort to start? Was it to get credibility? Why is he joining Catholics now? Perhaps that is a research project for you. You may not even believe what you find.

In addition to the many articles that are on our website, below you will find two very comprehensive articles on Christmas that explain why more and more Christians are not only getting rid of their Santa Claus decorations and Christmas tree, but are walking away from the festival day entirely.

  1. Why Fewer Christians Are Celebrating Christmas**
  2. Why I Don’t Celebrate Christmas

 **I do not know much about the author Heather Clark personally and I do not endorse all of the pastors she quotes, but I do endorse the history she shares in this article, because I know from my own research that the history she shares in this article is well-researched and well-written.