HEAD DOWN: In the bad times

Christians are diverse.

  • imagesSome are grieving widows.
  • Some are singles longing to find their life-time mate.
  • Some are ridiculed at school.
  • Some are unemployed.
  • Some are overwhelmed with business and / or personal obligations.
  • Some are severely handicapped, blind, lame or have special needs for life.
  • sddSome are old and neglected.
  • Some are hated for their color, financial status, or physical limits.
  • Some are persecuted at work for Christ.
  • Some are persecuted at home for Christ.
  • Many are hated for their beliefs by family, friends, and acquaintances.
  • Some suffer from chronic pain.
  • Others struggle with depression, pride, bitterness, and tempting pleasures.
  • Many are holding on to hope.
  • Many are struggling to have faith.
  • Many wonder when they are going to see the reward for following Christ.
  • ffffffOthers do not see a way forward in life.
  • Many are tired from the journey.
  • Others feel despised, “smitten of GOD”, afflicted, sorrowful, grieving, and rejected of men and forsaken.


sffdaDon’t lose hope! ALL ARE LOVED with an everlasting love by a Savior who walked on earth and overcame the same trials as us and withstood the same temptations that we face in ways that we will never know until we get to heaven. Don’t give up to despair! Don’t give in to temptations. Let your head hang forward and let the weight of it metaphorically carry you through the last few laps of these few short years on earth. Keep your eyes on the glory set before you, the prize of the high calling of GOD in Christ Jesus!  When Jesus moves, the impossible becomes possible! We must not doubt His timing. He always knows best for us.

indexI remember many years ago in basketball practice that because we lost a game, we were required to run an extraordinary number of “suicides” (as the running exercise was called).  Some dropped out, one cursed the coach, another threw up, and the rest of us kept going. The only way I made it as one of the youngest members of the team was to put my head down and let the weight of it carry me forward. I’ve remembered that many times in life and I’ve metaphorically done that very thing many, many times.

Lazarus from the tombRemember, that you are not alone. As a great Christian friend of mine recently stated, “GOD seems to move in the eleventh hour”.  Jesus actually moved even later than that in the story of Lazarus, but it was so that He could glorify Himself and fulfill His Will through raising Lazarus from the dead. Jesus was not late to Lazarus’ household. He was right on time.

Peter sinkingYour disappointments are His appointments! He has not forgotten or forsaken you (and He will not). Keep your eyes focused on Jesus who endured far more evil than us and He did not deserve it! Don’t do as Peter who lost sight of Christ and began to sink into the waters of the Sea of Galilee. When discouragement comes, throw it out of your mind and focus on the Messiah! Imagine what it must be like for those who do not have Christ or may not even know of Him.  Imagine their loneliness, addictions, sorrow, pain, and suffering in life with no hope. In Christ, we have hope!

ggggWhen the valley is deep, when the problems seem insurmountable, when the mountain is steep, when the night seems dark ahead of you, when the river seems uncrossable, when the odds are impossible, and when the burdens of life seem far too heavy to carry another step, Jesus is able and completely in control. He plans the steps of His children.

File_PassionMovie_NailHandPayday is coming! Remember Who made these promises is sure, firm, and solid as a Rock! His Word is true! You can make it if you look to Jesus!! When you seem buried in the tomb of despair, remember that Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life! He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life! He is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End! He is the Creator of the Universe and He is a Brother to all those who place their lives in His hands in repentant faith.

And many of us in the Body of Christ will be glad to give you a tight metaphorical virtual hug, and pray with you if you just need a shoulder on which to lean, a friend to listen, or just a good cry. That’s what Family do for each other. If you share your prayer requests in the comments of the “About” section of this blog (do not give away too much information about yourself for security purposes), I will be glad to pray for them!

I am so, so very thankful for a Savior Who loves me and understands me, and listens to me, and for those members of His family Who are there for me when I need it most.

If you have never heard of my Savior Jesus Christ, I invite you to read the article located in the top tab of this blog entitled “Most Important Article”.