THE SEASON: Jesus is the reason?

Jesus is the Reason for the-Season2IF “JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON”, THEN:

1) Why does history record a Christian being martyred for this celebration?
2) Why was Tammuz born on December 25th and celebrated for Millennia?
3) Why was Tammuz’ birth directly linked to the birth of the Sun?
4) Why did sun worshipers for Millennia celebrate this Winter Solstice?
5) Why was this celebration part of the eight witch Sabbaths of the sun?
6) Wheel of the Year - CopyWhy was this celebration linked to human sacrifice for thousands of years?
7) Why do witches today STILL celebrate it?
8) Why are all the implements tied to ancient sun worship celebrations?
9) Why does history state that Catholic Romanists adopted it from the heathen?
10) Why does the Bible say not to imitate the heathen or adopt their ways?
11) Why did England legally ban Christmas once the Catholic Romanists were ousted?
12) Why did Catholic Romanists reinstate it once they took the government back again?

Tau, Tav, Tammuz, and Taurus represented by the "T" or "X" or + (cross) in ancient pre-Christ history.  CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE

tau is t

Tau, Tav, Tammuz, and Taurus represented by the “T” or “X” or + (cross) in ancient pre-Christ history. CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE

13) Why did early Christian America ban it by law for hundreds of years?
14) Why did it revive once the Catholic population in America increased?
15 Why do the Catholic occult’s Hollywood films promote it so much?
16) Is it because Christians have forgotten their history?
17) Is it because Christians have forgotten GOD’s commands on assimilation?
18) Is it because this Satanic Sabbath is packaged in the name of GOD?
19) Why does the Bible speak of ancient heathen decorating trees in their homes?
20) Why does the Bible speak of the weeping for Tammuz among the heathen?
21) saturnusWhy do most theologians find Jesus’ actual birthday to be unknown?
22) Why do most theologians see winter as the least likely time for Jesus’ birth or for shepherds to be abiding in a field at night?
23) Why do the Druids connect directly to the holly and ivy? Where did Santa originate? Why did the Romanists rename their “gods” to be “saints”? Why is “Santa” a Roman word translated “saint”.
24) Why do tales of pagan gods Odin and Nicklaus (god of the sea) mirror Santa?
25) Why do tales of Odin’s flights through the sky mirror Santa?
26) Why do yule logs and the word “yule” tie directly to ancient heathenism?
27) Why does the practice of caroling tie back directly to ancient heathenism?
28) Why do the days of Christmas number twelve like Saturnalia?
29) Why did the Reformers and true Christians call the Pope “anti-Christ”?
30) If Catholic Romanists butchered Christians on Christmas, could they do it again?
31) Why does Catholic Bill O’Reilly use the term “War on Christmas” taken directly from the historical term describing the Protestant governments’ banning of Christmas by law?

Before I engage in activities that other Christians question, I like to prove whether I am able to participate as Scripture states.

AshTammuzBefore I tell my friend who is a Luciferian that I’m right and he’s wrong about Christmas’ origin, I like to know that I’m right. Before I share the Gospel with a witch whose history defers from most Catholic Romanists and Protestants, I like to let her know I agree with her and agree with her on the history of Christ Mass and explain that she’s right that Christians shouldn’t celebrate it.  Perhaps then she will listen to me share the Truth of GOD’s Word and the Gospel if I am speaking the Truth and acting credible.

“Prove all things; hold fast that which is good” – I Thessalonians 5:21

jeremiah10-2_halfSadly, many witches and Knights Templar know far more than most Christians today on history, because Christians have gotten lazy and are throwing away their heritage to watch a sports show or movie instead of studying. If someone is consistently sharing the Gospel to others, they will eventually have to prove all things not just for themselves but also to others. You had better know how to answer these questions.  I wonder how “Christmas Christians” explain these things while soul-winning? Are they soul-winning? What answers would you give to a witch if she asked you the following questions? Would you just make up some new “meanings” for all the questions as the Romanists did in Medieval times?


  1. Can you prove that Jesus was born on December 25th?
  2. Why was Tammuz born on December 25th?
  3. Why does history support witches who claim they own the day?
  4. What Bible verse allows you to “redeem” a Witch Sabbath for GOD?
  5. Sacrifices to Molech of the Baal sun worship religion, similar to the human sacrifices that took place on Saturnalia or X-Mass.

    Sacrifices to Molech of the Baal sun worship religion, similar to the human sacrifices that took place on Saturnalia or X-Mass.

    Which Bible verse allows you to attach Christ’s Name to heathen ways?

  6. What does the Bible say about imitating the way of the heathen?
  7. Can you explain why you can “redeem” the Catholic’s Mass of Christ (Christmas), but not their Sunday Mass?
  8. Can you explain why GOD killed 3000 people for “redeeming” Baal paganism for a “festival to Jehovah”?
  9. Would you adopt a Ouija board or the Circle of Fire ritual and just give them new “meaning”?
  10. Is there anything you can’t “redeem” for Him? Why the differences?
  11. Can you redeem idols for GOD as well?
  12. 140618-gnostic-crossWhat agreement has the temple of God with idols? Are you not His Temple?
  13. Is it okay to adopt heathen ways if you do good deeds on those days?
  14. Is it okay to celebrate traditions that disobey Scripture for sentiment?
  15. Is it okay to “keep the peace” at the cost of disobeying the Savior?
  16. Can you explain why ancient witches celebrated this day and still do?
  17. Can you explain why you can do the same in “Jesus’ name”?
  18. Can you explain why martyrs died for refusing to adopt pagan days but you are allowed to adopt pagan days and further aggravate the matter by blasphemously saying that the precious sinless Lamb of GOD, JESUS CHRIST, is the reason for the season”?

If you celebrate Christmas and have a conscience toward GOD, then wouldn’t it be righteous to at least complete answers to the above eighteen questions if you do truly care about what GOD thinks?  And if you are really just trying to make your life easier, then just admit it.

crossesAs a footnote, it should be noted that the four major Witch Sabbaths of Baal sun worship all land directly thirteen weeks apart from each other and form a sun cross “+” which directly correlates to the winter solstice, the summer solstice, the spring equinox, and the fall equinox.  Coincidence or expected if these days are sun worship Sabbaths?

The fact that these Witch Sabbaths form a cross is not surprising once you learn the history of the cross, a symbol which was around long before Christ.  Crucifixion on a cross was also a pagan Roman tradition used long before Christ. Is it any surprise the Catholic Romanists take such pleasure in it and especially with little idolatrous representations of Jesus still hanging on it?

bentcrossDid not Hebrews 12 state that Jesus despised the shame of the cross? The swastika is another example of a pre-Christ cross just like the standard cross. The cross is used for the Hebrew symbol “Tav” or the Greek symbol “Tau” from which we get our letter “T“.  It is believed to have been taken directly from TAMMUZ.  Ironically, today the Hebrews have a secular month called “TAMMUZ”.  The cross has been proven to be a pre-Christ symbol of pagan heathenism, and there are scores and scores and scores of crosses found by archaelogists and connected with heathen practices long before Jesus was born.

ffdddDid Catholic Romanists “redeem” the cross symbol or other heathen holidays?  If Jesus despised the shame of the cross, then why did Paul glory in it? To Paul, the cross was a sign of suffering to the early believers who gloried in their sufferings, but not in the pagan symbol of the cross. If you read the passage where Paul says this, you will see the context is his glorying in suffering rather than in his triumphs.

Almost all of Catholic belief was simply Baal sun worship belief taken from ancient heathenism and then merely re-labeled to represent “Christ” as the progenitor and representative of all the ancient Baal system. This is blasphemy and it is expected of anti-Christ Rome, but not professing believers.

The four minor Witch Sabbaths also land thirteen weeks apart and form an “X”.  Today, those who known occult symbols know that the “X” is used for many of their company logos, to represent themselves (i.e. “X-men”), and much more.

wheel-of-yearIf you combine the cross (+) and the X, you will form a symbol known as the “Wheel of the sun”.  This eight-spoked symbol of sun worship and the patterns of the sun are seen in the court surrounding the obelisk of Rome, a phallic symbol of Baal, standing directly in front of the Temple of Jupiter known today as St. Peter’s Basilica.  In fact, the statue of Peter found there is actually the statue of Zeus.  They renamed Zeus as Peter and still worship this pagan deity. They also renamed Saturnalia, a heathen twelve day festival of sport in which orgies and debauchery took place before the Lord of Misrule was sacrificed. History records the story of a Christian, before the time of Constantine and his Romanist Church, refusing to play the part of this mocked “Lord of Misrule” and being executed for his stand for Christ.

The-Mystic-and-Occult-Arts-Litzka-_-Walter-Gibson_1024x1024They are the “X”-men and the Double-“cross”ers of the world. Will you emulate them or the Messiah?

Will we be transformed into Jesus Christ’s image as Apostle Paul exhorted in Romans 12? Or will we be conformed to the blueprint or schematic of this present world?

The choice is ours. The Judgment is His.