PAGAN CULTURE: Redeemable?

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Is pagan culture redeemable?

Which of the following practices (which fit into Wikipedia’s definition of cultural practices) did GOD allow His believers to practice? Of which of them, could a person say the following?

“I know XYZ is pagan in origin, so I just redeem it and put Jesus first in it.”

  • XYZ = Psychics
  • XYZ = Seances
  • XYZ = Necromancy
  • XYZ = Reading of fortunes, palms, cards, crystal balls, and other divination
  • XYZ = Meat offered to idols (Acts 15:29 and 21:25)
  • XYZ = Bestiality
  • XYZ = Necrophilia
  • XYZ = Ouija boards
  • XYZ = Rock music
  • XYZ = Revealing dress
  • XYZ = Transgender dress
  • XYZ = Bloody meat
  • XYZ = Strangled meat
  • XYZ = Bel feast days such as Christmas or Easter
  • XYZ = Tarot cards
  • XYZ = Pornography
  • calfXYZ = Dancing seductively
  • XYZ = Books glorifying sin
  • XYZ – Pagan entertainment
  • XYZ = Sodomy
  • XYZ = Adultery
  • XYZ = Fornication
  • XYZ = Forbidding marriage
  • XYZ = Forbidding meats
  • XYZ = Feminism
  • XYZ – Transgender roles
  • XYZ = Evolution
  • XYZ = Fascism
  • XYZ = Communism
  • XYZ = Idols such as golden calves and decorated trees
  • XYZ = Profanity, obscenity, and vulgarity
The "Book of Incantations" of Satanic origin as seen celebrated in the movie based upon C.S. Lewis' book "Voyage of the Dawn Treader".

The “Book of Incantations” of Satanic origin as seen celebrated in the movie based upon C.S. Lewis’ book “Voyage of the Dawn Treader”.

When it comes to culture, so many have a hard time realizing that GOD will not allow us to adopt pagan ways or “redeem them” for Him. Others realize it, but choose selectively which pagan practices they will redeem based upon their traditions, social and religious circles, or personal preferences.

Those who feel they can adopt pagan practices and customs must walk over a plethora of Scriptural verses and Biblical stories to say that Jesus Christ, who is the same yesterday, today, and forever, would agree to adopting any pagan practices in His name.

Why then do so many today do so? I believe the answer is because they “wanna do” what they want to do. It may be for convenience, social reasons, tradition of parents, clergy and friend, or just for their own pleasure, but it really oftentimes comes down to putting themselves on a pedestal as a god unto themselves.