ELECT: A President not a pastor?

How many times have you heard the comment: “We’re electing a President not a pastor”.

This is a dichotomous view that is heavily prevalent now among many believers. Their belief is that our personal life is separate from our public life.  I had a conversation with Josh Duggar a few years ago at the last election.  He was pulling at the time for Rick Santorum, a known Knight of Malta and RINO.  Yet, this philosophy that our public life and our personal life never intersect has impacted not only the political views of families like the Duggar family, but also people in my own congregation. It’s widespread. Is this Biblical? If a candidate lies to his wife, will he lie to you about his political promises?  Many other examples can be used.

Another popular view is that of pragmatism – a philosophy which the Jesuits who supervised the Inquisitions stated succinctly as ‘the end justifies the means’.  In other words, we should vote for whoever has the best chance of winning, even if the candidate is a ‘snake in the grass’.

Finally, to add to these two prevalent anti-Scriptural views, a final commentary on many believers today is that they are incredibly unlearned on what is happening and who is running.  I recently commented that Rand Paul was the only candidate to stand for all of our Bill of Rights to someone and they didn’t seem to know this – in fact, they seem surprised.  Yet, even a novice at current events should be able to ‘google’ for these basic facts and the records of the candidates running this year.

So why are American Christians completely anti-Biblical now in their belief systems and in their knowledge of government and what is happening in their country? And if they don’t even know the basic beliefs of candidates, can we expect them to analyze weightier matters of the Bible such as whether love and justice are more important than more minor issues (by the way, Jesus said this – not me)?  In other words, are life, liberty, truth, and love more important than fighting every war in the Middle East or economics or other less important issues?

I believe American Christian men are responsible.  I believe they are no longer aware of what the Bible teaches, because they don’t read and study it – in their homes or in their congregations. They prefer ‘good books’, videos, blogs, forums, and topical discussions and lectures.  I believe they are no longer aware of what our laws and Bill of Rights teach or what our candidates believe, because they are no longer actively studying these either.  They are irresponsible.  They sit on their couch and watch the tube or sit and view the internet.  They want Fox News to feed their minds (and Fox News, the fake conservative outlet, is the last media source they should be viewing but that’s not the major thing, because they would see this if they were studying the issues). We need a generation of Christian men who are following Scripture, not just talking about it.  They need to spend less time on the internet and watching their smart phone and big screen, and more time involved in life.  Otherwise, our congregations and our nation will be gone and they won’t even notice.