FREE: Prophetic Charts

For my own families’ Bible study, I have created a couple of prophetic charts to assist as we study what I consider to be events that are very likely to take place very shortly.  I will give you a brief understanding of each chart in the caption. To view each chart a bit bigger, just hold your computer keyboard’s CTRL button and use the scroll wheel on your mouse to make the photo bigger.  When you’re done making the photo larger, simply reset the screen back to normal size by holding the CTRL button and clicking on the zero key on your keyboard.  Enjoy!

Bible - Categories

I have categorized both the Old and New Testaments based upon what I perceive to be the main categorical topic within each Book of the Bible. That doesn’t mean that each Book does not contain other topics. However, I do find it interesting how both the Old and New Testaments seem to have the same type of categorizations.  The Old Testament is more prophetic and historical, while the New Testament is more about Wisdom related to how the Messianic people of Faith are to live after Jesus the Messiah came the first time, and how His first coming relates to the Law and the Prophets found in the Old Testament.  The prophecies of the New Testament are primarily related to the events around Jesus’ Second Coming.

The following chart shows how the prophetic signs and judgments of GOD within the Book of Revelation would look in a spreadsheet.  I have a personal theory that the Book of Revelation seems almost like a hybrid of a website and a spreadsheet in how it’s arranged as if GOD was showing that He knew these inventions involving hyperlinks and cellular data would exist in the future.  I could be wrong, but I have built out what the spreadsheet might appear to be.  Hyperlinks could be added to certain events in the spreadsheet to take you to a drilled-down detailed description of things.  For example, the False Messiah could be hyperlinked to Revelation Chapter 13.  Israel could be hyperlinked to Revelation Chapter 12. The Seventh Seal could be hyperlinked to the First Trumpet Judgment. And so forth.

Prophetic Judgments

The Battle of Armageddon at the bottom of this spreadsheet could be followed by the Millennial Reign of Jesus the Messiah upon this earth for a thousand years.  After these thousand years, the old earth and heavens melt with a fervent heat, and the judgment of the wicked begins from the Books and the Book of Life.  The Books appear to be the Book of Works which is appropriate since most without Jesus think they are ‘pretty good people’.  Sadly, they will see they were really filled with innumerable evil works and if they did not live perfect and their name is not found in the Book of Life, they will be damned.  And Hell will be tossed into the Lake of Fire along with Satan, the False Messiah, and the False Prophet.  It will be a dreadful day; however, after this the New Jerusalem, the New Heaven, and the New Earth will be unveiled for those of us who by faith have given our lives to Jesus the Messiah and thus have our names written in the Book of Life.  Be sure you have your name there!  Give your life to Jesus if you have not already!  Words and intellectual belief won’t save you.  We must believe in Jesus by giving our lives to Him and allowing His Spirit to indwell us.  Blessings and grace!

Finally, I have a theory that the Prophetic Books of the Old Testament were fulfilled primarily in chronological order.  I realize there may be a few verses here or there that may not follow this theory, but I believe the overall larger part of the Old Testament Prophets do seem to follow this logic.  I also checked with my father who studied at three different Bible colleges including Moody Bible Institute during the late 50s and early 60s and who pastored for over forty years and he agreed with me.  Therefore, the following chart shows what I theoretically think may be the passages of the Bible that have not been fulfilled yet.  When you see “(completed)” to the side of an Old Testament Book of the Prophets, it’s my way of noting that most of its prophecies have been fulfilled already.  This chart may be helpful for those who desire to review these ‘unfulfilled’ passages as they ‘Watch’ and ready themselves for the Messiah’s soon appearing!

Future Prophecies