HE AROSE: First Fruits or Easter?

The-TombShould the resurrection of Jesus be celebrated this year on March 27th? or on April 24th? or on April 26th? or every day?

Did Jesus rise from the dead on Easter Sunday? or did He rise from the dead on the Feast of First Fruits? And when should we celebrate it? On Easter Sunday (March 27)? or on the Feast of First Fruits (April 24)? or should we celebrate it three days and nights after the Feast of the Passover (April 26)?

Some say that Resurrection Day is their favorite holy day.  Since he wrote the majority of the New Testament, which holy day was Paul the apostle’s favorite?

“One person esteems one day above another; another esteems every day alike. Let each be fully convinced in his own mind. He who observes the day, observes it to the Lord; and he who does not observe the day, to the Lord he does not observe it. He who eats, eats to the Lord, for he gives God thanks; and he who does not eat, to the Lord he does not eat, and gives God thanks.” – Romans 14:5-6

Does this mean that Paul the apostle would have encouraged Christians three hundred years later to follow the leadership of Constantine I, who considered himself to be the Head of the Church vicariously in Jesus’ place, and who dedicated a day of worship to the sun in 321 A.D. (Sunday) and who led Christians to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection on the day of the fertility goddess and Babylonian deity, Ishtar (Easter)?  I have heard some ‘cowboy scholars’ who attempt to wrestle the German word ‘Oestre’ to the ground and pretend it was an old Germanic word for “resurrection”, but their lack of historical backing and the machinations and little hoola-skirt dances around semantics are not convincing when the width, height, and breadth of history weigh heavily in the other direction with mountains of evidence heaped in favor of both the etymology of the word ‘Easter’ being a derivative descended from Ishtar and the facts on syncretism practiced by Constantine and the Romans; in other words, they combined all things Baal and Bible, including the holy days.  I need not spend much time on addressing these self-proclaimed ‘experts’ since most are either virulent Catholics, tradition-worshiping Protestants (‘protesting’ Catholics), or some other sect who embraces the pagan witch Sabbath of ‘Easter’ out of blindness and who use it for the worship of Jesus Christ. This is utter sacrilege, as the Bible itself repeatedly teaches in both Testaments. There is no fellowship between Christ and Baal.

Therefore, when we see the Pope ringing bells, lighting incense on fire, and making a Roman show at Easter time, we have the opportunity to join the Romans and their version of Christianity – a blend that is metaphorically far more potent than marijuana as it uses about 75% Baal practice and doctrine and about 25% Bible practice and doctrine.  Judaism actually does a bit better with a religious blend of about 75% Bible practice and doctrine and only about 25% Baal practice and doctrine. Soon, when prophecy is fulfilled, that will change to 100% Bible as the Jews finally accept their own Messiah of whom their prophets prophesied for thousands of years.

As Paul the apostle stated in Romans 11, it’s much easier to graft the natural Jewish olive branch back into the Messianic faith than to graft a wild Gentile olive branch into the Messianic faith. More and more we see even Baptists mimicking Rome with the pagan, idolatrous Baal practices which are addressed with far more documentation and in great length throughout this website. They engage in the charismatic healing powers akin to shamans, the music of the voodoo witch doctors, the literature and entertainment that exalts the occult, the culture and many of the beliefs of the Roman occult, and the lifestyle of pagans. The Baptists are considered some of the oldest Christians in the world, along with the Waldensians.  They are considered to have existed since the time of the apostles outside of the fake, occult Christianity of Rome. Yet, today they are not much different. Few who claim Christ are. How many are still ‘watching’ or even aware of these matters?

It appears the time of the Gentiles is coming to an end.

The Jews were only blinded in part until the time of the Gentiles ends, according to Paul’s writings in that chapter. We know that a ‘falling away’ was prophesied to take place by Paul in 2 Thessalonians 2 and that he wrote in his letter to Timothy that in the last days people would not endure sound doctrine.  We see all of these things  happening today. We see the Jews are back in their land as the Bible predicted. I believe the time of the Gentiles is at the very close as even many conservative Bible-believing groups begin to head back under the skirts of pagan Rome and it’s Baal beliefs.  I believe the pouring out of the Spirit upon the Jews is very close, as well as their final seven years as prophesied by Daniel which were put on pause the year of the crucifixion (approximately A.D. 31 Passover). Now, I believe that prophetic clock is about to tick once again.

Therefore, since Easter is a mix of pagan worship and Bible worship, and Christians are not allowed to mix pagan and Biblical practices, we must conclude that Easter is not an acceptable time to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Whether you celebrate the resurrection on the Feast of First Fruits (April 24 this year of 2016) or three days and three nights after the Feast of the Passover (April 26 this year of 2016) or every single day, this is your choice to make as Paul said in the Biblical quote above.  Paul was addressing the Biblical feast days and Sabbaths in light of the Messiah’s first coming, especially with the Gentiles added to the mix. Much of the New Testament is simply an explanation of the Old Testament in light of the Messiah’s first coming.  That’s the best way to understand the New Testament.  That was the context for those verses on some seeing one day as holy and another person seeing another day as holy. Let each be at peace with their conscience on these matters.  What Paul was not saying is that we can adopt pagan witch Sabbaths and mix Biblical and Baal worship.  I believe this is a reprobate interpretation of Scripture and a twisting of this passage to fit into the Roman system as it continues to become popular once again even in America as the Gentiles fall away, resist sound doctrine, and as their time comes to an end.  Paul was addressing a difference in opinion over which Biblical feasts were to be celebrated, not which pagan feasts were to be mixed into Biblical feasts.  I believe Paul, a student of Gamaliel and bond-servant of Jesus Christ, would have some very direct words for those today who are following this practice.

Thankfully, a remnant of believers will follow the Scriptures and remember the resurrection of Jesus Christ, not on a pagan witch Sabbath with the sounds of witch doctor’s drumming and the adoption of pagan culture and Roman beliefs, but on the week that Jesus died approximately 1,985 years ago with the simple hymns and early Christian beliefs still intact in spite of Roman usurpation of the Scriptures.  A remnant is still waiting and watching for His return, and like the wise virgins in Jesus’ parable, their watching is soon going to pay off.  May you be one of those counted worthy to escape the coming nightmare.

Grace to you.