REFORMED: Sign of the end?

  • Does Reformed theology’s popularity indicate we’re ‘close to the end’?
  • Where does the Reformed movement trace its origins?
  • Was Calvin a ‘converso’ infiltrator? Did he go to school with Ignatius?
  • Is the time of the Gentiles coming to an end as more move into Rome’s bed?
  • Why were popular reformed movements today like Sovereign Grace Ministries started originally as ‘People of Destiny International’ and ‘Covenant Life Church‘ by Roman Catholics, Larry Tomczak and C.J. Mahaney?

Why do Calvin’s core Reformed doctrines and beliefs, his assistance of the Inquisition, his beheading of other Jesus followers, his Jew hatred and works salvation (sacramentum) all resemble the Catholic religious system of Rome? Was Calvin ‘renouncing’ or ‘reforming’ the Catholic Church? Was ‘reforming’ the Catholic Church the right thing to do?  … READ MORE