GRACE CARD: Not My Precedent

“Not my President.” What type of precedent does this set? And how does the Grace Card play into all of this?

This chant of “Not My President” has been the mantra of many Americans in the Democratic Party who are clearly offended by the laws of the United States. Even though the laws of the land are very precise in delineating how elections are to be run, including the use of the Electoral College and how the results are to be counted, and even though Obama and Hillary have both recognized that the elections were fair and lawful, some Americans still roam the streets with signs that say “Not my President” in total disrespect and disregard for the laws of the land and their countrymen’s preferences, because they didn’t match their own preferences.

Yet, this is very fitting indeed. Spiritual activities are often seen in the physical activities of a land.

Hillary scorned and bulldozed the rule of law, and Trump is fascist, immoral, and hateful.  Can Americans not see themselves in this mirror of political puddles or should I say mudholes? How does this connect with the title of our article?

The Bible tells us that GOD told Israel that if she, as His people who were called by His name, would humble themselves and pray and seek His face and turn from their wicked ways, then He would hear their prayer, forgive their sins, and heal their land.  In modern times, American Christians have claimed this same promise conceptually in their hopes for healing in America as their economy seems at the verge of disaster, their freedoms are being trampled, their society is becoming militarized, their airports and borders are looking like the former U.S.S.R., their morals seem akin to those of pagan Imperial Rome, and their schools are a laughingstock. Is America going to become great again? That depends upon American responses to the following questions. Have American Christians turned back to GOD? Have they repented this past year? Do they even know what that looks like?

History tells us of the ancient Jewish people of GOD who, about two hundred years before the birth of Jesus Christ, chose to wear the clothes, celebrate the holidays, adopt the same pagan entertainment, sports events and theaters in fashion like unto the Syrians, their neighboring pagan overlords.  Soon there were few who followed GOD or who lived separate, holy, and apart for Him. Few avoided pagan assimilation. Finally, their pagan overlords decided that the few remaining, who had not assimilated, should be forced to assimilate and adopt the pagan culture, customs and practices like the majority. One Jewish priest, as the ruler of his village, refused to adopt such practices, and when commanded to bow to an idol by Syrian troops, he refused and at that point the soldiers of the pagan neighboring country came at him with a fury. He hid in the hills with his family and a handful of other families. They were in revolt for the sake of following their consciences toward GOD. They fought back in defense of not only their lives, but in defense of the promise of Redemption for mankind, in defense of the last remnants of truth and purity of doctrine in the world, in defense of the very lineage of the Messiah.  If this handful of Jewish families failed in their resistance movement, they would become as the Israelites, their northern neighbors, who had been assimilated and who had vanished from the earth as a people.

These Jewish men in the hills were the final remnant who were preserving the lineage of Messiah.  They were the family of the Maccabees, and it was their refusal to give into the pressure of going along with their countrymen in celebrating holidays of paganism, wearing clothing like the heathen, adopting the practices, customs, and entertainment of those around them, that actually helped to preserve the Seed of the Messiah, the world’s only hope of redemption.  Can you imagine how important holiness and separation is to GOD?

The result was the miraculous victory of this remnant of the Jewish people which is remembered this time of year.  Some call it Chanukah or Hanukkah. The Bible calls it the Feast of Dedication, a feast in the winter (unlike the Feast of Tabernacles that also celebrated the temple’s dedication in the late summer).  Jesus ONLY entered Jerusalem exclusively at the time of a Jewish feast, and we see Him in John 10:22 walking on Solomon’s porch in Jerusalem during winter in celebration of the Feast of Dedication. This Feast of Dedication, which was not part of the original feasts to GOD in the Law but which was recognized as legitimate by Jesus with His celebration of them, was a memorial of what GOD had done in preserving His Jewish people, their Biblical beliefs and culture, and the Seed of the Messiah.  It is also a time for us in the modern era to think through the dedication of our earthly temples as believers, to allow the Spirit to search our hearts and know our thoughts and to show us where we are assimilating the heathen or living lawlessly before GOD in some way, so that we too can rededicate our temples to GOD.  Law was created by GOD, and specifically the Law of Moses to which Jesus referred.

While we are not expected to keep the Law of Moses for salvation, Jesus said the Law would not end until all is fulfilled.  Hebrews 10 points out that the sacrifices were fulfilled (and thus ended), because Jesus was a sacrifice and offering once for all (one time for all time as the Greek denotes).  This chapter specifically states that there remains no more need of sacrifices, because of Jesus the Messiah. Those who teach otherwise are twisting the doctrines of Christ. Meanwhile, the Law was held up by Jesus in Matthew 5 as something that we should teach and obey, as He stated that those who do so will be great in the kingdom of heaven, and that those who do not teach the commandments of the Law and who disobey them will be least in the kingdom of heaven.  Paul also stated that the Law, while unable to save us through works, is still our School Teacher to show us the right way of living and to show us how wicked we are in GOD’s sight and in need of a Savior.

Today, the vast majority of pastors and Christians (at least in name) are assimilating the pagans, disobeying GOD’s laws, and teaching a false version of grace. In fact, they love to flaunt what I call the “Grace Card”. And if you call them out, they will attack or shun you.  Just as many today attempt to justify their illegal actions or gain special favor (or grace) for employment or special exemptions from the law of the land by flashing the “race card”, the “gender card”, the “sexual orientation” card, or other such “cards”,  many Christians today are also flashing their “Grace Card” to get special exemptions from keeping GOD’s Law, to gain favor from GOD for their pagan assimilation, or to justify their spiritually illegal activities. In this effort, they also employ the skills of idol-making in that they take GOD and Jesus and paint them to have virtues and values that match their own preferences.  If they want a GOD who loves rock music, they make a little tweak with their sculpting knife.  If they want Jesus to go swimming in bathing suits with other people wearing ‘colored underwear’ known as short shorts in a pool of water, they make another adjustment with their scalpel. If they want to totally disregard the Laws of GOD, they paint a Jesus who preaches against the Law and the Prophets.

By their illegal liberties they take in changing the GOD of the Bible into their own preferences, they are actually creating a King or Messiah according to their preferences, and they are ignoring the GOD of the Bible and the Messiah King of eternity in the process.  In a sense, and whether they realize it or not, they are looking at the GOD of the Bible and saying “Not My President”.  In spite of which, they expect to still access heaven, gain much reward, and enjoy this life to the fullest of their flesh and the next life to the fullest of their spirit.  History has shown us that nations will not last who flaunt the Word of GOD and His Law and commands, regardless if those nations call themselves “Christians” or “pagans”.

Meanwhile in a metaphorical sense, history is saying “Not My Precedent”.  The precedent of history has always been that righteousness exalts a nation and sin is a reproach to any people, no matter by what name they call themselves.  There is no precedent in Scripture for GOD’s people being able to assimilate the culture of pagans, and reap His rewards in the process.  There is no precedent in Scripture by which we can say that Grace can be used for a “Get Out of Jail” card or a ticket to sexual immorality or freedom from the Law of GOD.  Grace has always been GOD’s gracious favor to open our eyes, humbling us and softening our hearts so that we may choose Him by faith. His grace has always been about granting us favor to resist sin in the Bible, and never a license to sin as most calling themselves Christians in America seem to believe.

Many of those calling themselves Christians seem to think that if they give their alms to the poor, show up once a week to sit on a wooden pew, and live out the traditions and rules of their spiritual dictator or cheerleader, depending upon their view of how their papal-like ‘pastor’ should be. Their ‘pastor’ lectures weekly at the front of their cathedral, and if they attend his sessions more than others then they believe they are doing very, very well for GOD. As long as they keep their circle of “Christians” happy, follow the list of their sect or group of religious church -goers, and don’t do anything “too bad”, then they are acceptable to GOD.  And how, may I ask, are they different than the Pharisees who lived by their traditions, rabbis, rituals, charity, and put on a religious show for their friends, but refused to allow GOD to rule them exclusively as King, Master, Owner, and Savior of their lives (i.e. not just Savior).

GOD wanted them to rend their hearts and not their garments. He wanted them to follow His Law and Words, not what ‘they think’ or what their ‘pastor’ thinks is acceptable.  In Amos 5, GOD told them to take away the noise of their songs and musical instruments, because He didn’t want to hear them. Imagine if He was sitting in the average cathedral with their church (‘church’ was a Latin word for a pagan woman with a cup in her hand, reminiscent of the harlot of Revelation 13, as seen in the etymology at this link and this link).  These large cathedrals of America have “worship teams” who play their noise of music in complete assimilation of the heathen’s songs of noise. He  did not want their offerings, and He does not want American Christians’ pagan offerings either.  American Christians, like Israel in Amos 5, also assimilate the heathen, sleep in the bed of pagan culture, and change the GOD of the Bible into a god of their own preferences.  They prefer a GOD who enjoys their pagan holidays which they celebrate in His name (i.e. Christ Mass) as Aaron also celebrated a feast to Yahweh mixed with paganism.  They even expect GOD to accept the pagan holidays named after pagan deities (i.e. Easter) as long as they do them “for Him“.

Jesus said for us to not add “old wineskins” to “new wineskins” and Paul said that Christ has no fellowship with Belial, but American Christians, whether they realize it or not, have told GOD the same thing they tell most of their former pastors who refused to give them what they wanted: “Get out of here!”  And again, most of them don’t even get it.  Even if they read a million articles like this one, they wouldn’t get it.

They have replaced GOD with a god who allows them to feel spiritual for attending all ‘services’, helping out with the cathedral activities, giving away some of their second-hand clothes, clutter, and other garbage to the poor and the “LORD’s work”, and who allows them to then enjoy their cultural paganism all week long just like their lost friends. They like a form of Christianity which doesn’t really cost them much – just enough to make them feel more spiritual than their neighbor and a fire escape from hell. If you point out how much assimilation has occurred in congregations to many of your fellow church-goers, this will help them to see how they really look like to GOD (i.e. like the picture painted above – one of pathetic hypocrisy), and they will probably hate you for it, shun you, and make up nasty rumors about you, so be prepared for persecution if you decide to take up your cross and follow Jesus rather than conforming to the world. Those sects, like the fundamentalists-in-name-only, seem to especially hate you – perhaps because they think they are perfect and don’t want you to show them that we all are falling quite short of GOD’s standards and need to repent?  But what choice do you have, since Jesus said if you don’t take up your cross of suffering, then you can’t be His disciple?

In Amos, the noise of Israel’s musical instruments, rituals, offerings, and religious froth were troubling to GOD, and you can assume that today the American Christian’s modern versions of the same are just as troubling. And you can also assume that judgment is coming.  Don’t fool yourself into thinking that America is going to be ‘great’ again.

“I hate, I despise your feast days, and I will not breathe [i.e. smell] in your solemn assemblies [i.e. your ‘church’ gatherings or services; i.e. they stink]. Though you offer me burnt offerings and your meat offerings [i.e. give things for ‘LORD’s work’], I will not accept them: neither will I regard the peace offerings of your fat beasts. Take away from me the noise of your songs; for I will not hear the melody of your musical instruments. But let judgment run down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream.”

As I wrote in one previous article, I can almost sense the judgments of GOD coming like a mighty rain upon the stiff-necked people of America. In Revelation 3, Jesus says that He vomits out lukewarm people, because He would rather them be hot or cold, yet most American Christians (if Christians they be) do not ‘get it’.  They live in bed with the world and enjoy the music of abominations even in their own congregations. They create and watch movies with pagan music, vulgar language, immodest dress, and other things abominable to GOD. They fornicate with their eyes and bodies, and divorce their spouses like their hedonistic neighbors without Christ (and sometimes worse than them), and celebrate Catholic holidays like Christmas, Easter, and Valentine’s Day, and they do all of this “for Jesus”.  But GOD doesn’t want their immoral ‘Christian’ music, their ‘Christian’ movies full of immodesty and rock, or their holidays. He despises their immodest clothing with “Christian sayings” on them, and their other ‘offerings’ to him. GOD wants their lives, but they continue with their stiff-necked love of the world, while offering money, temple time, and unjust “social justice” instead as a way of appeasing Him, so they can keep sleeping with their true love – the World. And so judgment will run down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream.

What does GOD say?

“I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your terror comes,
When your terror comes like a storm, And your destruction comes like a whirlwind,
When distress and anguish come upon you.
“Then they will call on me, but I will not answer;
They will seek me diligently, but they will not find me.
Because they hated knowledge, and did not choose the fear of the LORD,
They would have none of my counsel, and despised my every rebuke.
Therefore they shall eat the fruit of their own way, and be filled to the full with their own fancies.” – Proverbs 1:26-31

“He who is often rebuked, and hardens his neck,
Will suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy.” – Proverbs 29:1

While most church goers either have no compassion or just simply ignore those who need salvation or restoration from ‘great sins’, other church goers have stopped calling such sins by the name of ‘sin’ in America. Neither attitude is of Christ, but a reflection of a proud, worldly, and pagan harlot Church in America holding a cup in her hand (like the pagan goddess after whom she is named, Circe, with a golden cup of abominations and spells) who either condemns the sinner or condones the sinner. Jesus recognized the sin, forgave and restored the sinner, and this is what we should do as well instead of either justifying the sin or looking down on the sinner.

There is more hope for a prostitute who stumbles seven times in sin and repents and gets back on the Gospel way, than there is for a man or woman who refuses to see their pagan assimilation as an abomination to GOD and who refuses to see that all their church attendance, ‘good deeds’, songs, and Facebook posts “for Jesus” or other “good causes” are but so much dung and vomit to His ‘nose’.  In John 8, Jesus addressed the hypocritical religious crowd ready to stone an adulterous woman.  The Perfect Almighty Lamb of GOD, whose heart yearned with love, forgiveness, and compassion for others, turned to the woman and asked her:

“Woman, where are those accusers of yours? Has no one condemned you?” She said, “No one, Lord.” And Jesus said to her, “Neither do I condemn you; go and sin no more.”

No wonder Jesus told the religious crowd:

“Verily I say unto you, That the publicans and the harlots go into the kingdom of God before you.”

Sunday, or the day of the Sun that Constantine established in violation to Scripture and who the Anglicans who translated the KJV supported by rendering the Greek word for ‘Sabbath’ into English as ‘first day of the week’, is the day of spiritual show for most I know. Do you wonder why the world doesn’t love the church goers today who flaunt their new riches, outfits, jewelry, and condemnation on Sunday, while turning their noses up at anyone around them who they don’t think is as ‘good’ as they are? This ‘Church’ is not why Jesus died.  Jesus died for sinners. He died for love – love that not one human deserves. He died for what people could become through His Spirit.  Jesus was compassionate and loving towards others, and devoted to sharing the good news with others and living a life free of pagan assimilation.

GOD hates and despises such false Christianity that only expects its false brethren to follow traditions and rituals described by men. GOD rather wants us to follow His Laws and requirements to not assimilate the heathen.

GOD prescribes that Love be our Rule. He hates ‘traditional Christianity’ that looks more Roman than Biblical, and that mocks His Law and His requirements for holiness, and which scorns sinners who need restoration or salvation. He longs for a People who share the Gospel with the lost rather than talking about it on Facebook and in Sunday School classes to each other, and who live holy, free of assimilation of pagan culture, free of false Roman traditions, beliefs, and holidays, free of judgmental pride, full of love for their own fellow believers who are struggling with wounds and shame from sin, unemployment, challenges of life, abuse, and scorn from the lost for their holy living. The local assembly of believers is to be a family, and not a time to invite lost people for the ‘circus’ of entertainment, rock music, and fun activities in hopes of ‘winning them’ – winning them? to what? As we have written in our article on “Church-i-anity” on this website, Christians should be engaging with the lost through community centers, motion pictures, books, Bible studies in their neighborhoods, and such – not by turning their congregations into circuses or into a ‘numbers game’.

GOD doesn’t find any joy in a harlot Church who offends their own who are trying to live holy by flaunting their assimilation and telling the separated, holy brethren to “get out of the cathedral club and truck it down the road to find another assembly”, or who ignore the financial needs of their own who are struggling from disability or tough times.  GOD despises those who ignore or condemn those struggling in sin instead of restoring them in meekness as He did. GOD hates when we fail to show love or when we wallow in every form of known sin and flaunt it on social media and in every day life in such a way as to discourage the few who are still attempting to follow GOD’s Laws in holiness. GOD is sickened by those who attend their cathedral club, and shame and persecute those who attempt to honor GOD with their lives and consciences by mocking, gossiping about and picking on them.

America was once a great land, full of love and compassion, where most believers had very similar thinking to each other before the movements known as liberals, new evangelicals, evangelicals, and fundamentalist movements began to splinter everyone apart. Before the past century, in America, you were either an obedient Christian with sound doctrine or you were a disobedient brother or heretic.  There were no ‘movements’ such as the ones mentioned. Satan seems to have strategically splintered believers into movements, and I believe he probably used ‘pop’ preachers and others to do so.

Liberals who didn’t believe in GOD were called atheists – they were not called ‘liberal’ Bible professors and given some position at a university.

New Evangelicals who didn’t believe in the inspiration of the Bible and who believed in allowing immorality were called heretics or false brethren or apostates or unbelievers – they were not acknowledged as just another brand of Christianity.

Evangelicals who believed in girls wearing bikinis to Sunday School Bible studies and listening to rock music in their private, public, and ecclesiastical gatherings were called immoral and disobedient Christians – they were not exonerated with the title of ‘evangelical’ as opposed to ‘fundamentalist’.

Fundamentalists who held the moral high ground and the theological high ground were called Christians in America before the past century, and the old American fundamentalists did not look to ‘fundamentalist leaders’, especially those with authoritarian, fascist temperaments or such who promoted national ministries, tours, campaigns, and mega-ministries instead of local elder-led congregations. Like papists of old, the new Fundamentalist leaders promoted papal authoritarian control of congregations by one man rather than accountability among multiple elders. They were known for their sermon delivery style that included screaming and violent fits of wrath onstage in which they supposedly were ‘naming sin’, hammering on ‘soap box’ topics, and creating a very man-centric environment where all manner of hero worship (with the fundamentalist leaders being the ‘heroes’) and man-centric teaching (instead of expositional chapter-by-chapter teaching) became the new normal for these self-proclaimed ‘conservative’ theologians and their followers.

Much like America’s recent elections, Christians were expected to choose one of these ‘movements’ or ‘parties’ led by these new movement ‘leaders’, and much like America’s recent elections, the choice of which movement a congregation would embrace was a terrible choice – a choice of the ‘least evil’ rather than purity of practice. While a few congregations may have avoided embracing any particular camp or large ministry or college or movement, many of the congregations in America did. Some movements leaned more towards love and Bible-centric focus, while flouting holiness. Still others had beautiful godly music while teaching heresy. Others flaunted holiness, rather than flouting it, but then were weak on expositional teaching of Scripture and loving others, but large on controlling others and man-centric focus (i.e. give a round of applause to ‘Fundie Joe’ who is speaking to us today for our emotional ‘revival’ meeting or let’s all click ‘LIKE’ a thousand times on this popular ‘leader’ of a national ‘ministry’ or go crazy over his lastest book – as opposed to only recognizing the local elders of a congregation).

Many entire denominations were pulled either into one movement or another from top-down bureaucratic ‘connected’ leaders who resembled Catholic Rome rather than New Testament believers. While the Jerusalem Council in the New Testament was simply a council of all the elders throughout Jerusalem, the papist model has not been a council of elders, but a monarchy with one supreme heretic on the Roman throne surrounded by heretics of lesser rank, resembling a feudalistic aristocracy. Today, they call these types of denominations by the name of “connected denominations”. I call them fascist bureaucracies.  In the New Testament, elders were accountable directly to Jesus Christ and to each other and their flocks. Flocks watched out for elders. Elders, and most probably multiple elders, watched out for a single flock. Elders watched out for other elders and other elders’ flocks in one sense. Flocks watched out for flocks as we see in 1 Corinthians 16 as the Corinthians were giving money for the poor believers in Jerusalem.  Elders filled new elder positions by appointment and by the election of the congregants [the Greek uses the word for ‘raising the hand’ in the context of such elections]. There was no preeminent elder that I can find in Scripture.  We see Apostle John in his letters calls out Diotrophes for attempting to be the preeminent one in a particular congregation.

This is the truth of Scripture, regardless of whether it fits into any one movement or denomination or ‘ministry’ or sect.

Before these ‘movements’ were spawned, most believers in America acknowledged the fundamentals of the faith or the basic doctrines of Christ and the Gospel. Then in the 1900s entered the ‘liberals’ who denied the Scriptures, opposed by the authoritarian “fundamentalists” whose leaders seemed to be papist-like in their fascism, as they angrily threw chairs across their tent meeting stages to the cheers of the audiences, while yielding godless sons in their own homes which contradicted the requirements of elders. Then again, these new entertainment masters of tent meetings and shows didn’t really answer to one flock, did they? Who was there to keep them accountable?

One fundamentalist leader was known to have even shot a gun at someone with whom they didn’t agree.  Another top fundamentalist leader, who started a school of higher learning, was said to have been a Freemason and attended a seance among other choices he made, including adding Freemasons to his leadership and collecting Catholic art. Some of the fundamentalist movement’s most admired leaders were Freemasons or sons of Freemasons (i.e. Satanists in disguise).  Who were these ‘fundamentalist leaders’ really? Infiltrators from organizations of Occult, Jesuit Roman, or Baalist disguise? Or all the above?

This does not mean that I believe all those who call themselves ‘fundamentalists’ are like this.  In fact, I believe quite the opposite.  I believe many fundamentalists are actually very sound doctrinally and in practice, although many do tend to lean towards heavy, authoritarian practices.  I also do highly believe in the fundamentals of the faith.  What I’m saying is that I believe those populist leaders who created the “fundamentalist movement” (not those who taught the fundamentals of the faith) created a movement of authoritarian, papal-like teaching for a reason.  Many of these men also promoted the ‘KJV-only’ movement which was also very papal-like in attempting to ruin the flock through creating the KJV into the only translation (which only they can “properly interpret” – or so they think) as opposed to teaching the origins of the KJV from the Greek and Hebrew and its words which are not of private interpretation, but are obvious in their ancient meanings.  Ironically, the opposing movements of the fundamentalists do the opposite in accepting every perverted translation that is printed such as the NIV which removes verses, meaning, and twists meaning.  Again, an understanding of the fraudulent nature of forgeries by the men of Rome in Vatican City such as the Codex Sinaiticus manuscript, the Codex Vaticanus manuscript, and others like them, which are clearly forgeries are necessary to see through the false intellectualism handed out to pastoral students by so-called ‘professors of theology’ at the non-Biblical ‘schools of higher learning’ who teach the students that all manuscripts are equally pure and all translations are as well to their own intellectual embarrassment since many of the fraudulent manuscripts and translations contradict the pure one. This, the ‘grand professors’ teach, is to be accepted by the students by a faith that lacks in logic.

So whether it is through populist leaders of national ministries (in opposition to the Biblical model of local elders) or in the KJV only movement or the other movements such as fundamentalist, evangelicals, neo-evangelicals and such or other non-Biblical institutes that vie for the minds of believers in the place of the local elders, we see how the Body of Christ has become so splintered, ignorant, and with such enormous variance in the meaning of Scripture (much of the teaching being false teaching or extra-Biblical).

As a result of rising ‘leaders’ under guise of being ‘leaders of Christianity’ in the past century, many of the Protestant denominations, many of whom were already very Roman in their sacramental beliefs but who had moved closer to Baptists in rejecting sacraments such as the Methodists and Presbyterians, began to deny the authority of Scripture, move back towards the legalistic requirement of sacraments for salvation, and to change the doctrines of the Gospel of Christ, while adopting Roman or pagan practices or sinful lifestyles.

Baptists began to fight over the inspiration of the Bible as well by the 1960s. In the end, a great number of ‘movements’ were borne – many of them with ‘leaders’, schools and colleges and sects which were not Biblical at all. While America’s spiritual leadership consisted primarily throughout its history of local pastors or elders, who were locally appointed by other local elders and also elected by the local people as the Bible teaches, the past century saw an enormous waterfall of new ‘national leaders of Christianity’, massive bureaucracies, ‘Christian college leaders’, conventions or church headships, ‘mega-ministries’, movements like those mentioned before, international franchise churches with top-heavy corporate control, and ‘mighty Christian celebrities’ and rock ‘stars’ arising to ‘lead’ the people, more than at any time in American history.

Looking back, it appears that many of these movements, whether by conspiracy of Jesuits and papists or by conspiracy of Satan, were tools to divide believers away from their elders’ rule, to point them to ‘top leaders’ of nationalist movements or ministries or colleges, and to ultimately destroy the congregations in America.  Instead of local pastors or elders who WERE the seminaries of old (much like Elijah and Elisha with sons of the prophets), clever men arose with large bureaucracies who paraded the old model of theological learning based upon Greek societies and colleges in the exact manner as Roman papists had done in Europe. The emphasis of what the Bible ‘really means’ was pulled from elders led by the Spirit, like Charles Spurgeon or John Bunyan or Jonathan Edwards, and handed to ‘higher learning’ institutes. The attention of congregants from local elders who lived the life of the Scriptures in front of them was pulled to ‘mighty leaders’ like C.S. Lewis who taught damning heresies of purgatory, work salvation, and occult theology, whose lives were not invested locally and who could look like celebrities from a distance (like the Pope) where they are not as easily inspected by believers in great contrast to the model of the Scriptures. Pastoral elders today feel the need to quote all these ‘spiritual celebrities’ – celebrities who are not even Biblically valid in their roles.

Today, we see the result.  I would estimate that 97% or higher of congregations are filled with pagan assimilation, error, and confusion. If I were to start a congregation in my local area only with families wanting to be free of pagan assimilation, I would be hard-pressed to find enough families to equal the fingers on my one hand, and most claim to be ‘fundamentalists’. So how can America have revival and turn back to GOD?

And this is how a nation is destroyed. Most congregations don’t even know what direction Truth is anymore as most have no idea what the Bible says, or when they do hear it, they usually learn it from a professor or pastor or papist who teaches it out of context with twists, turns, additions, deletions, and based upon manuscripts fraudulently forged by papists – manuscripts and teachings that are even defended by many ‘fundamentalist’, ‘evangelical’, and other such colleges and celebrity pastors, which should be of no surprise really.  Few know of the lies of the Jesuits or the forged manuscripts of the Vatican as the Christian journalist Chris Pinto has so well documented in his research on the scrolls of these Codexes that delete the Trinity and other important doctrines from them (i.e. Codex Sinaiticus, Codex Vaticanus). Most people believe their fundamentalist, evangelical, or other leaders, and today the elder system is in shambles as self-appointed elders and pop authors and presidents of ‘Christian’ mega-ministries, colleges, and broadcast media have arisen as wolves in sheep’s clothing without appointment of other elders or the election of the flock, but rather as a franchise or through a university or another mega-ministry or so-called ‘Christian’ media introduction. I have never seen so many false ministries that look so close to the truth than in our present era.  Recently, I saw a ministry called ‘First Fruits of Zion’ that looked amazing until I searched for their Statement of Faith and read more about them, and finally realized they were teaching heresy, including the bizarre teaching that the sacrifice of animals is still required by Christians and they are anti-Trinitarian (they would love the Vatican’s manuscript, which many fundamentalists and evangelicals have also embraced, known as Codex Sinaiticus, which deletes the ‘Trinity Verse’ in 1 John). Is this Satan’s way of getting people ready for the third temple of the False Christ with animal sacrifices? Doesn’t the Roman Church state that the sacrifice of Christ continues with the ritual, weekly killing of Christ for sins (instead of what the Book of Hebrews teaches, for example in chapter 10, that Jesus died one time for all time when He died on the cross)? Will the Roman Mass (taken from Babylon), celebrated in modern times by name of the Eucharist, be merged with the animal sacrifices in the future third temple, headed by the False Messiah and False Prophet?

I have never seen so many religions that are variations on a legalistic Roman system or a legalistic Jewish system with a bit of heresy of a variety of sorts added into the mix, and so many people are falling for these clever ‘rip-offs’.  With all the ‘rip-off’ clothes that are a generic version of a famous name brand or ‘rip-off’ accessories that also attempt to look like the original popular name brand item, I can’t help but think of the term ‘rip-off’ with the modern variations of religious lies that are being touted today by many slick false teachers around the world with beautiful logos and visually appealing websites, intellectually worded and cleverly written books, and slick looking teachers … all filled with lies. And eternally, many are being ‘ripped-off’ due to these shysters.  Without the Bible, people today will easily be misled into the bogs of false gospels, diverse temptations, highly available addictions, pagan assimilation, and theological chaos where the quicksands of Satan will suck them down into the grave of damning heresy, unbelief and apostasy.

If Americans can search the Scriptures again to find the way to “true North” when it comes to the Truth of the Bible, and then knowing the ways of Scripture, can repent and turn to the Truth, then perhaps there is hope for America.

Meanwhile, as I look around, I see self-righteous fundamentalists, who have all but merged with the old evangelicals in practice, as they celebrate the pagan lifestyles of the lost world, books of witchcraft celebrating Harry Potter, movies filled with filth, the music of the shamans (rock music) in the name of GOD within their own congregations; the pagan witch festivals of Christ Mass, Easter, and Valentian’s Day in the name of GOD within their own congregations; and the writings and works of those who teach damning heresies such as John Piper, Tim Keller, the Gospel Coalition, Sovereign Grace Ministries (started by Roman Catholics) or C.S. Lewis who was ‘converted’ by the papist J.R.R. Tolkien whose writings were of Occult belief and whose children all attended Stonyhurst College, the school of the deceptive Satanic Jesuits who headed the Inquisitions and who are known for their Satanic practices, their assassinations of Protestant kings, their founding by and of the Illuminati, and their infiltrations of governments and religious denominations and circles throughout the centuries.

I also see the blatantly disobedient evangelicals who have basically become large social justice stations like the Jesuits with social gospels and full-time activities and rock concerts offered to their cathedral club members, without compassion on their own wounded or needy (much like the fundamentalists), while oftentimes excusing their members who are engaging in fornication and even their leaders (but allowing them to continue in their pastorates or non-Biblical bureaucratic hierarchies and non-Biblical nationalist teaching roles), while building larger and larger cathedral campuses, ministries, colleges, ‘Christian’ stores, and a market footprint that makes those merchants in the temple that Jesus whipped seem like children with a lemonade stand.  Today, the evangelicals lecture on whatever tickles the ears of their membership such as ‘How I know there’s a GOD’ or some other impotent topic that highlights their illustrious ‘intellects’ (spelled ‘EGOs’), but doctrine has been polished down to where it is ‘denominationally correct’, popular among the people, and no longer offends others (i.e. Biblical truth does) such as Catholic priests, rabbis, or other false teachers, and especially to such a point where their teaching will never offend their many denominational and local members who continue to drop their coins into the coffer, thus keeping their giant empire of cathedrals, colleges, industry, media, and merchandise alive … for Jesus, of course. Just keep in mind there were ten virgins, but only five were ‘rapture ready’ in Jesus’ parable of the wedding night. Judgment is coming.

Imagine if all of the ministry ‘leaders’, elders, university Presidents, authors, and media personalities who claim to be ‘Christian’ were to awake tomorrow and they decided to forsake pagan assimilation which means they suddenly embraced Biblical Christianity again, including its commandments on dress, music, holidays, ecclesiastical form, using money for members rather than fun parks, and suddenly rebuked their followers for their carnal lives filled with the sins deemed ‘acceptable’ to modern culture among their denomination, including certain forms of fornication and other pagan frolicking.  Would the average church goer leave their massive mega-churches, ‘ministries’, colleges, and such with a snort and a shout out ‘Not my President’, ‘Not my Pastor’, ‘Not my Ministry Celebrity’, or ‘Not my Favorite Author’? Would other wolves in sheep’s clothing just take their place? And would the church goers in America who claim to be ‘Christians’ just re-elect more wolves to govern their many forms of entertainment and ‘ministries’ so they could keep up appearances, ride their emotional feelings of spirituality during the ‘worship music’ on Sunday, and feel good about themselves for another year? After all, they visited the big cathedral in town and sat on its seats for the prescribed time.

To all of this, I must confess that my soul sighs and utters the prayer of the Apostle John:

“Even socome, Lord Jesus.”

For I still keep sensing the rains of judgment are coming.

” … let judgment run down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream.”