How to Live With an Unqualified Clergy

screen-shot-2017-01-21-at-8-27-32-pmRecently, John Piper wrote an article in reference to Donald Trump entitled “How to Live Under an Unqualified President“.  I found this exceedingly ironic and laughable, which in many ways epitomizes the state of the United States. Piper has already appeared in the past with similar maniacal articles that appeared to be his attempt at throwing the Presidency from Trump to Hillary Clinton. Yet, loyal Piper followers, like the children who mindlessly followed the Pied Piper to the crack in the ground (i.e. the abyss), are much like many other man-centric clone groups today that appear all around us in various forms.

If anyone has read the articles of our partner blog,, they will understand that our partner website does not consider Trump to be a very moral individual and the words “dangerous” and “immoral” (regarding Trump) should come to mind when reading those articles. However, unlike the Pied Piper’s article above, our partner website’s articles also described how Hillary Clinton was even more dangerous. Our articles explained that in spite of Trump’s immoral past, Hillary’s felonies superseded any hesitations in voting for Trump. John Piper, on the other hand, seemed to be doing his best to help the pro-abortion, anti-gun Democratic nomination and communist criminal felon, Hillary Clinton, win the election. Well, John Piper, Pope Francis, CNN, and the Democratic communist party failed.  Now Piper writes the above article that sounds an awful lot like he could be from the “Not My President” crowd of thugs and villains who have been marching the streets these days.  Hillary Clinton was for abortion.  Trump claimed to be against abortion. Clinton was against guns. Trump claimed to be for guns to protect citizens from the tyranny that was almost upon the USA, similar to the tyranny that the Popes had leveled against the citizens of Europe and the United Kingdom in days past (which was the driving reason that many of the first Americans formed the original colonies and why some colonies banned Roman Catholics from living in their state while others only banned them from holding office to avoid the tyranny they had escaped coming to the shores of the New World in America). Why would John Piper push voters against the only viable candidate against abortion? When a holocaust of over fifty million babies have been killed in America due to abortion, why? I suggest for the same reasons that Pope Francis was also pushing voters against Trump.  John Piper and Pope Francis seem to be very chummy as shown in an earlier article on our website located at this link.

His article wreaks of man-centric wisdom and arrogance. Who is Piper to talk about how unqualified Trump is to be President? After all, Paul the apostle wrote many letters, but not once did he say that any particular Roman emperor was “unfit” or “unqualified” to be the ruler.  Paul’s only real philosophy on government was to pray for them and realize that GOD had placed them as the rulers for that era and time and place for a purpose.  Oftentimes, GOD places rulers in power, because they are a reflection of the people.  So how ironic is it that Piper himself is completely unqualified to be a pastor, whereas Trump is actually qualified to be President (regardless of how fascist he may or may not be), since Paul lived when past Roman emperors such as Nero lived and Paul never stated they were “unqualified” to be emperor or even hinted at it. After all, GOD establishes kings and removes them as the Bible teaches. The irony is breath-taking! It’s not even the pot calling the kettle “black”.  Instead, it’s a morally-challenged heretic calling a government official unqualified, because the official doesn’t meet the qualifications of a pastor. Piper’s moral failures and theological heresies are well addressed in the previously mentioned earlier article on our website located at this link.

In other words, John Piper is not qualified to be a clergyman like many clergy in the United States, while Donald John Trump actually is qualified to be President.

To show you how dangerous it is to live in a nation with men like John Piper, wolves in sheep’s clothing, where such men are an epidemic upon unsuspecting church goers, let’s look at how prevalent it is today. We see such theological “pop” groups forming around various “spiritual leaders” like Piper like so many clones.  Today’s so-called “leaders” consist of popular authors whose literary ‘rags’ contain little Scripture but lots of man-made philosophy. They also include mega-church pastors, YouTube sensations, televangelists, national denominational or “Christian” university heads and leaders, “Christian movement” leaders, and other non-Biblical theological influencers, rather than what the Bible prescribes – local elders and deacons.  From the local congregation, we see that a group of the various local elders around Jerusalem were the council who sent out evangelists to other parts of the world (usually single men in pairs of twos, an older mentor and a younger trainee).  The local congregation also seemed to be the hub for all other helpers, teachers, and gifts being utilized by Christ’s Body. They didn’t “join a church” but entered the Body of Christ through faith and repentance (“inward change” not “outward lists of men” as the Catholics teach), but came together to form a local assembly under the care (not control or tyranny) of a group of elders who were aided by deacons.  The various servants of the local congregation all appeared to be outgrowths of the local body of believers. They were not separate groups without accountability and they also were not ‘connected bureaucracies with hierarchy that was top-down’ such as European religious aristocracies like the Anglican, Catholic, Orthodox, Episcopal or other more bureaucratic, tyrannical “pyramid schemes” who all emanated from Constantine I, the emperor who the History channel has shown to be in love with himself, as Constantine was attempting to be the Messiah of Christianity or Christ and also attempting to be the sun god of paganism or the Emperor Caesar with his bureaucratic government forming his own Church (with the term “Circe” or “Church” being the actual name of a goddess holding a cup in her hand like the woman shown in Revelation 13). Most I know attending “churches” today actually act as though they are a part of the Roman system in how they treat others and how they seem little interested in discussing the Bible or hearing it read all the way through each year or at least every few years.

In the New Testament era, elders reported directly to Jesus Christ the Chief Shepherd as His under-shepherds as the letter from Peter describes. Elders were accountable to each other and to their flocks, and they taught their congregants to study the Bible themselves on a daily basis, as seen in the Berean Christians, so they didn’t need an ecclesiastical clergyman to tell them what to think as rabbis, priests, and other man-centric clergy do today. When I say ‘man-centric’, think ‘mind-control’. After all, when a clergy leader tells you “let us interpret the Bible for you” as I have heard stated before, you can bet they want you to turn your own mind off, stop reading the Bible for yourself, and let them tell you everything you need to know from the Bible (if their words include anything from the Bible, and since they prefer you not ‘fact check’ them at all, how will you know if what they say is their opinion or from the Bible).  Many church goers today prefer not to ‘fact check’ them, but prefer to lazily just accept whatever mush they are told to believe by the guy standing in a position of spiritual leadership, as long as theirs a hot-sounding rock band and as long as the clergyman’s words makes them feel good about their spiritual lethargy and “sounds good” to them and agrees with their own opinion – an opinion oftentimes not rooted and grounded in a lifetime of reading and studying Scripture verse-by-verse. They don’t even care if their pastor is pure in his morals, an example to their children and believers, blameless, or free of adultery.  Some may even prefer he be a little tainted to help soothe their own conscience.

Some church goers actually spend time in the Bible, but think that after reading or memorizing some common verses that they have heard repeatedly over and over that they know everything that needs to be known. Some even throw the Old Testament out and have no clue what it says or how it applies today.  Few thoroughly study Scripture, and this is frightening.  Why? Their entire salvation and belief system depends upon their understanding of what GOD has said in His word and do not realize that their trust in men is anti-Biblical as humans in general are not dependable. Any clergy who thinks you should trust him is probably the one you should’t trust.

Today, we must ask “how must we live with an unqualified clergy surrounding us in America”?  Well, first I do not believe if such clergy are teaching heresy or are morally unqualified such as John Piper that you should attend their large Roman cathedrals into which they’ve invested the majority of the given “tithe” money that could have been used to help the poor, spread the Gospel, and assist others.  Don’t read after them either.  Instead, mark and avoid them as Paul the apostle stated in Romans 16:17.  Do not bid them godspeed or have them into your home as John the Apostle stated as well in his letters.  Separate from those in major sins as described in 1 Corinthians 5 until they repent.

Do not be like the Pharisees among us today who do not follow the Biblical formula for restoration however. The Bible says we must first go to a brother alone to confront them when we hear they are in major sin to exhort them to repentance. If they do not repent, then go with two or three witnesses.  If they do not repent, then go to the entire local congregation and publicly rebuke them sharply as an example to discourage others from becoming exceedingly sinful. If they still refuse to repent, you must deliver their bodies over for Satan to kill and destroy, in order that their souls may be saved before they commit apostasy and shipwreck their faith from having defiled their consciences.  However, if at any point in this process from first confrontation to later public confrontations, if the brother repents, we should not continue to shun them, but welcome them with open arms rejoicing as the angels do and as the father of the prodigal son did in Jesus’ parable He taught.  This is not being done in most churches today.  Most don’t even consider sin to be sin.  Many use mental health labels in place of Biblical labels for the sin committed. Some are clueless that “mental health” labels and psychiatry was actually invented as a religion to replace Christianity in European and American society.  Others completely say that sin is “not really a sin”. Others still just look the other way.  Almost none go one-on-one in private to start the restoration process aimed toward repentance and loving restoration of fellowship like family should do.  They prefer to gossip about others instead and shun the person with no attempt at restoration.  Many actually just make up rumors that are not even true, much less encourage and restore each other with humble hearts instead of incredible pride.  In other words, most sin in congregations is excused.  The few who don’t excuse the sin of others as being “okay with GOD” are usually extremely arrogant in their own “works”, while they shun, denigrate and gossip about the one who has fallen.

One final note related to living with unqualified clergy.  If the elders and deacons are qualified morally and are theologically sound as described in both the letters of Paul to Timothy and Titus, they must be kept accountable by the sheep, especially in how much they emphasize GOD’s word. Part of this is what Paul described in his letters – their teaching ability.  They must be teaching the sheep how to feed themselves and most importantly, they must be feeding the sheep the right food – the Word of GOD.  When you see the Parable of the Sower, it shows how important having roots are to not “falling away”.  Most have been fed the lie of “once-saved-always-saved”, an important mantra propagated heavily in the 1970s and 1980s by that works-oriented man-centric preacher Jack Hyles, from the destitute city of Chicago. Hyles’ son was said to have committed adultery with at least ten women, and Hyles was also accused of the same by the man whose wife was said to have committed adultery with Hyles (Hyles’ secretary). In addition to his own fascination with his own greatness, Hyles used to teach all manner of man-made wisdom and very little to no Scripture in his books and works-laden “sermons”.  Is it no wonder that the Bible shows in that Parable of the Sower that Jesus gave to us that fifty-percent of those who receive the Word fall away because they don’t have sufficient roots.  Joshua 1:8-9 and Psalm 1 both describe that the righteous are rooted in the Word of GOD. The Psalms and actually the entire council of Scripture is replete with this incredible emphasis on immersing and grounding ourselves in the Word of GOD, not the wisdom of men. Paul was quick to point out that he did not come preaching the wisdom of men, but the words of GOD.  I have observed from my many decades on this planet of having been a Christian that the believers who ‘fall away’ are often those with roots in books, authors, sermons, and spiritual thoughts of men, but have little root in the study of the Bible, its lexicons, dictionaries, and other study tools, so that they may know for themselves what the Bible says. Seldom when they go to make a point on the Christian life do they quote Scripture, but instead they often resort to quoting men, men’s books, men’s theological systems, and men’s catechisms instead of the Bible. I believe GOD finds that abhorrent.

If your congregation loves to read books instead of the Bible or if your pastor likes to teach stories, moral lectures called “sermons”, “do good” messages, and quote “wise” words from other men or books, instead of reading and comprehensively teaching the chapters and verses of the Book of Books, GOD’s Holy Word, then you need to bring your pastor and congregation into accountability.  If they don’t listen and you live in an area where there are no sound congregations teaching the pure Word of GOD, then you may need to do, as my family and I do.  I teach my own family the Word of GOD for a couple of hours each weekend instead of going to a “service”, a meeting which usually requires no “service except that of sitting on a wooden bench for a couple of hours at a large, very expensive Roman-like cathedral in the name of spirituality.

The Blue Letter Bible online is a great tool by which you can teach your family and even show them how to drill down into the ancient Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek languages to understand what more challenging passages of Scripture are saying. When the clergy fail us, we must take the reigns ourselves and continue to follow the designs of Scripture in teaching our families the Word of GOD to ground ourselves and those we love in all the Books of the Bible, rather than just a few popular verses or stories from the Bible, followed by the opinions and traditions of men – men who seem to care less and less about the Holy Word of GOD and who seem to love more and more the wisdom and words of men.  Israel used to read GOD’s Word to all of her people in just a matter of days.

Has your congregation read the entire Bible from cover to cover? How qualified is your pastor?