If AntiChrist came to your town?

leopoldRemember the old poem “if Jesus came to your house?” I have one for you: “If AntiChrist came to your town?”.

Many today who profess the name of Christ are probably without salvation. Baptism and the LORD’s Passover are acts of obedience to Christ, but are not merits for salvation. However, as acts of obedience to Christ, they usually follow immediately after salvation. Few youth or others are being baptized in congregations today, yet most claim salvation. Have they really given their lives to Jesus Christ to own in exchange for the Holy Spirit who is our seal of redemption and our promise of eternal life someday?

Also, many have been sold the lie of “once-saved-always-saved” in which a magical “sinner’s prayer” purchases them salvation as though it is some incantation by which a life of faithfulness can be foregone. A ‘sinner’s prayer’ is the first step of faith, but salvation is by a life of faith, not an incantation. Persevering faith cannot be replaced by incantation ‘sinner’s prayers’ that offer a warranty of ‘once-saved-always-saved’ and persevering faith cannot be replaced by works.

GOD’s grace makes faith possible, but GOD’s grace is not a license to sin or assimilate, and today most (not some) Christians offer fake “grace” to people in the sense they apologize to the lost world for the standards of holiness found in the Bible or for anything in the Bible that the depraved culture finds too “mean” or “ungracious”. Our grace must end where GOD’s grace ends.

Most in congregations assimilate paganism. They embrace the artistic forms and cultural blueprints of hedonism, the backbeat of shamanism, the attire of harlotry and shame that would make any early Christian blush, the literature of heretics, the symbolisms, feast days, artistic forms, and even the Latin Vulgate text of the Catholic Church, and all of this in the name of the Messiah without even the slightest hesitation or embarrassment. In fact, they celebrate their assimilation. Culture is the physical Sprout or Product that blooms when the Seed of Belief has flowered, as conveyed by missionaries years ago on the Back to the Bible broadcast. Thus, to adopt the culture of pagan belief or false religion, because it is politically expedient, contemporaneously expedient, artistically enjoyable, aesthetically beautiful, or a favored tradition, is to refuse to be transformed and conformed to the image of Christ as commanded in Romans 12, and is instead patterning ourselves after the world’s blueprint, which is the very assimilation condemned in Romans 12:1-2.

If one assimilates sun worship, heathenism and / or the false religions of the day, including Catholicism, to maintain a certain network of friends or to indulge one’s own artistic palette or to avoid offending men, while offending GOD, let us remember the Words of the Messiah Himself:

“No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve God and affluence.” [Matthew 6:24]

It is not our job to make the Gospel of the poor, humble Carpenter of Israel appear ‘affluent’ to the rich and powerful of this world. Jesus warned us that we would be hated for His sake, not embraced. If so many today among even the ‘conservative’ or ‘fundamentalist’ congregations have succumbed to being absolutely in bed with the culture of religious heresy, sensual paganism, and Romanism, and even celebrating it with great religious zeal among the most conservative of cathedrals in the name of Christ, can anyone explain to me how the Roman AntiChrist will not be welcomed with wide open arms into any city or church building in this land? Will this Man of the Devil be some raunchy evil-looking man? Or could the key to universal worship of this Man of Perdition be that of conditioning people to today’s raunchy culture, so that when AntiChrist does appear, he will in contrast look so much better, far more affluent, moral, cultural, intellectual, polished, beautiful and similar to the epitome of what every pagan and false believer has celebrated as the ‘perfect man’ in Hollywood, in Romanism, in universities, and in cathedrals for decades now and with the same fake grace and openness to worldly and heretical culture? The Devil is not as stupid as some may think.