How could humans just watch as Jews and others were singled out by the Nazis and carried off to the gas chambers to be killed? How could people get to such a point of inhumanity? Let me give you a possible answer.

Jesus, gasping for air and struggling to breathe, lifted his body upward with arms shaking to get another breath as the excruciating pain of his nerves in his head, hands, and feet joined the throbbing of his scourged body.

Meanwhile, His disciples stood and watched – doing nothing. Their own safety and comfort seemed to preempt any attempt to get Jesus off the cross. After all, they had to keep their name in the community and watch out for their own families first and foremost. In addition to the twelve, there may have been the one who was healed from blindness or the leper or Lazarus who He had raised from the dead or the adulteress woman who was forgiven or the many, many others who Jesus impacted with His love. Yet they all watched and did nothing. After the threat of persecution was passed, we see them gathered in an upper room – perhaps the same one as they had used on Passover Eve – perhaps they sang a chorus, read from the Bible, or even had a ‘service’, but when it counted most, they watched.

Yet, He forgave them and us while looking down from that cross upon those who did not deserve His love or sacrifice, including yours truly. He gave up His 33.5 years of life and He gave Himself over to such a barbaric death out of love for us – people who just watch instead of speaking out and making a difference for Him. May GOD forgive us for the times we fail to speak His name out of fear of losing our own status, possessions, or lives. May GOD grant boldness to us as we share His Gospel not just when it is convenient, but even when it makes us sacrifice the things that matter the most to us. May we never be satisfied with keeping traditions of men, and may we do our part even if the rest of His disciples would rather sit on their hands, run through Roman rituals, waste money on more buildings, parking lots, and greyhound buses instead of pouring that money into lost men, women, and children through private Gospel-soaked schools for lost children, movies for the masses to bring them to Christ, or a community building and light to the lost instead of a huge Romanist cathedral that collects dust all week, where men sit their carcasses on a bench for an hour and think they’ve done GOD a service, while they waste GOD’s money on their own choirs, ball teams, and fun activities, but can’t find a way to share free pizza with lost teens to reach them with the Gospel or make movies or build community centers to do the same. After their lecture with a handful of verses to justify the length of the ‘sermon’, they will talk in the foyers of their Romanist temple services of sports, movies, and their latest expense on themselves, but seldom talk in their so-called ‘fellowship’ of witnessing to the lost or what they studied in the Bible with their family that week in their giant Roman foyers. Their Christianity is one of self-absorption, spiritual pride, false piety, services, rituals, and getting a paycheck and pat on the back from their peers. They would never risk their job (and their pride of life) by living like Jesus at the workplace or mentioning His name – this would be anathema among their spiritual peers at their Romanist temples and even might lower the ‘tithes’ (aka building funds) which is why the pastoral staff would also frown upon them; and the poor soul who decided to shine their light at work, can not expect any assistance from their ‘church’ if they were so brave as to take a stand for GOD or talk of His love or just live the life of Christ, instead of doing the worldly wise way like their church peers of assimilating paganism and laughing and discussing pagan culture with their work peers in order to get another raise or be accepted. If their work mates curse GOD’s name, they just watch. If they mock Christianity, they just watch. Not once do they suspect that the so-called ‘Christian’ among them was actually a Christian or any different than themselves.

I don’t write such posts for “LIKEs” or expect any. I don’t write such posts for the praise of the local ‘church’, because it won’t happen. I don’t write such posts, because I think it will benefit me in any way – it will most likely do the opposite as even workplaces monitor social networking. I do so, because I don’t want to be one of the people who stands and watches.

May we never be satisfied with assimilating pagans and blending into a culture that hates GOD or we are no different than the disciples who blended into an angry mob as they took our precious Savior and bludgeoned Him with the Roman scourge and then shamed Him, before crucifying Him in a slow, grueling torturous orchestra of pain and degradation. While the mob of antiChrist pours out their vicious anger, hate, and violence against the Messiah who we love, may we never just watch. May we stand by His side without fear of the mob but rather with eyes gazing into eternity.H