Reformation Day was this past week as many Protestants celebrated 500 years of the Reformation, which was a movement led by mainly men who believed in baptismal salvation and Roman sacramentum. It took place when the Protestants sought to protest their mother Catholic Circe and reform it (Reformers). Baptists, on the other hand, considered the Roman Circe to be an abomination to GOD, Baal worship packaged with Christian labels, and were murdered by the Romans for two millennia and nobody is celebrating their contribution (or the Waldensians who were similar). Eventually, the Baptists and Waldensians were infected as well for the most part. Today, we see the time of the Gentiles ending. Next year, Israel celebrates their 70th anniversary. This is a significant milestone in Biblical numerology. I am interested to see what will happen next year. May we always be watching for the Messiah’s soon return. Most will still be celebrating their Baalist traditions, false religions, Romanist or pagan ways, in their Circes and won’t even notice we’re gone. So sad and a reason to continue holding forth the light as the Baptists did for many centuries. 

Let’s pray for many during these last days as so many are falling for the lies that Protestant’s best known leaders promoted which included holding to the sacraments of Rome (administered by self-important, fake shepherds), spending their money on their massive Circe building programs, and an array of fun activities that resemble ‘Vanity Fair’ in John Bunyan’s work ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’. For example, many of these Reformed or Protestant leaders promoted baptismal salvation which Paul the apostle excoriates in his Book of Galatians and in his Book of Romans.  The rags of Rome were packaged up in a new garb that resembled Biblical Christianity far more than the Roman Catholic Circe did, and this false Protestant Circe was far more effective in luring in Baptists, Waldensians and other such true believers from their congregations held in caves, forests, and private homes into large massive building programs as well.

Now we are seeing the sacramental work salvation theology being sampled by many Baptists – doctrines so damning that no true Baptist would ever accept them and for which most Baptists for the greater part of the past two thousand years gave their lives to ensure their soul would be saved. Did you know that Calvin attended the same college as Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Roman intelligence and military arm known as the Jesuits? Calvin, Wesley, Luther, Zwingli, and others taught the damning doctrines of Baptismal salvation. Men such as these were responsible for their condemnations of Baptists and even in some cases the killing of Baptists just like the Roman Circe had done to Baptists.  Yet over two centuries, the Baptists have learned to sleep soundly in the bed with the Protestant Reformers.  Now, more recently, they are seen even trying out the bed of Rome as the world watches the union of almost every religious group and denomination into one massive false Circe.

Today, not many in Baptist circles seem to worry about the warnings of Paul in Galatians chapter 1 as they furiously race to lap up the Romanist sacramental doctrines for which Baptists were historically massacred in great numbers in order to stay true to Christ. No longer do the Baptists keep the true Sabbath on the seventh day of the week. No longer do Baptists meet secretly in their own homes or in the natural environment. No longer do they avoid the Catholic holy days such as the Mass of Christ (Christ Mass) or the feast of Ishtar (Easter).  Baptists now celebrate the Catholic Pentecost (set by the Roman Circe) instead of the Biblical Pentecost (measured fifty days after First Fruits) as occurred last year when the two were about four weeks apart.

For those who have no idea of Biblical doctrine and Christian history, most of what I’ve said in the previous paragraphs are not registering. Some may even see them as crazy or non-traditional among Baptists, but for those who know their history, they will recognize that the Baptists have climbed into the bed of Rome over the past two centuries after wedding with the Protestant movement.  Spurgeon made this history of the Baptists abundantly clear and their succession directly from the apostles as the oldest lineage of believers in the world.  One may also read this history in books such as the 1931 literary work of American Baptist pastor, James Milton Carroll, titled ‘The Trail of Blood -: Following the Christians Down through the Centuries – or, The History of Baptist Churches from the Time of Christ, Their Founder, to the Present Day.’  Another great work of literature on this historical subject is that of G. H. Orchard who wrote ‘A Concise History Of The Baptists: From the Time of Christ Their Founder to the 18th Century.

As Baptists commit whoredom with Rome, is it any surprise their music sounds like the sound of whoredom? Or that they now assimilate Rome’s holy days or that the divorce rate of Baptists has soared to the point that they are one of the worst denominations in the world when it comes to divorce statistics?

Remember what happened when the Good Master came back and found his servants were not watching but had joined in with the drunks around them? Judgment is coming.

Even so, come MASTER Y’SHUA!