SATANIC: Cover stories?

The Satanic “Puppet Masters”, like master intelligence officers, appear to be getting their “cover stories” all ready for the end of time.

  • The rapture “cover story” could well be alien abduction.
  • The “cover story” for when the sun burns men could be global warming.
  • The “cover story” for other natural disasters could be HAARP.
  • The “cover story” for the Wormwood star? Could it be Planet X Nibiru?
  • The “cover story” for the Roman beast’s global work might be to blame “token” Jews who they’ve set up for the fall, which might lead the world armies to surround Jerusalem …
  • The “cover story” for how the Roman False Messiah ‘saved the world’ could be to pretend that the Battle of Ezekiel (shown in Ezekiel 38 and 39, and which the Bible seems to indicate will take place at the beginning of the seven years of Daniel’s prophecy) is actually the Battle of Armageddon (which is seen in Revelation 19 and other passages and which the Bible seems to indicate will take place at the end of the seven year period); thereby, if his False Messiah takes credit for what GOD is going to do in the Battle of Ezekiel, he would claim GOD’s glory for himself and would look like a Messiah to the world.  Also, vultures are seen to be feasting on bodies in both Battles.  This is an easy ‘cover story’ for Satan, so look for it.
  • The “cover” for the fall of ‘Babylon’ just might be the United States. Since ‘Babylon’ is a “city” in Revelation, it is interesting how JFK and Reagan both emphasized the wording “a shining city set upon a hill” to refer to the United States.   Perhaps it was just a coincidence, but Reagan gave the Vatican their first embassy in history and JFK was the first Catholic U.S. President in history.  Since America does not rest upon seven hills and is not truly a city, I find the United States to be an unlikely candidate for the qualifications of that great city ‘Babylon’ which is pictured as a woman who the Dragon (Roman Empire) will burn with fire.  Babylon, the actual city in Iraq, is also an unlikely candidate since it also doesn’t rest on seven hills.  Rome, on the other hand, is both a city and rests upon seven hills.  It is natural that Vatican City would rather the U.S. be ‘Babylon’, because they could have a False Christ step forward to “save the day”.  However, whether or not this happens, I would imagine they (Vatican City) are the more likely candidate and will go down in flames after America; that is, once the Dragon has finished using Vatican City for their own means. Americans should not rest easy, especially when Obama, who has all the appearances of a Roman agent as shown elsewhere in this website, has had access to top security levels of American security precautions, military, and nuclear power.
  • The “cover story” for how “the ‘false messiah‘ comes before the ‘true messiah'” could be as follows.  Satan could make an Islamic leader look like “the beast” who attacks the United States; thus, with such a setup, a Roman emperor could play the “hero” and rescue the world from “the beast”.  In reality, Daniel 9 is very clear that a Roman emperor will be “the beast” (and Daniel 2 and Daniel 7 say the beast’s kingdom will be the Romans).

Those who attempt to deny the Roman element of the final pagan messiah of Revelation oftentimes use statistics, rationalism, fear, and twisted Bible verses to prove their point. However, they cannot change the fact that the pagan messiah is going to be a Roman as stated very clearly in the Book of Daniel chapter nine verses twenty-six and twenty-seven.  In verse twenty-six, we are told that the ‘prince’ to come will be of the people who destroyed the sanctuary and city of the Jews.  History tells us that the Romans did that very thing in A.D. 70.  Unless they plan to revise the ancient history of their conquest of the Temple and Jerusalem in A.D. 70 (which they would probably love to do), then those who deny the Roman nature of the Final Beastly Ruler had best accept the fact that the false messiah cannot be manipulated into being another nationality.   Could he be both Roman and Muslim?  We have yet to see, but to deny the Roman element, which many of these pseudo-prophets do in their pseudo-prophetic ministries, is to attempt to replace the plain facts of Holy Scripture with man-made stats and rationalism.   Regardless of how many “cover stories” are created by Satan …

… GOD is going to blow all his covers off and leave him standing quite embarrassed in the end.

Jesus Christ will annihilate Satan and his global forces at the Battle of Armageddon while protecting Israel and destroying Satan’s pack of lies.  Get ready, world!  Israel is back in the land, the world is focused upon Jerusalem as the Bible predicted would happen in Ezekiel and Zechariah, Rome is on the rise as seen in the article at this link, Rome has almost ultimate temporal, material power as seen in the article at this link, the Knights are moving events in place to blame Israel, Russia and her allies are almost in place as predicted by Ezekiel 38 and 39 as seen here and here, and even more interesting events are transpiring as seen in the article on the Temple Mount at this link and in the video of this Jewish preacher sharing GOD’s Truth at this link.