Defense News reported from Jerusalem this past summer that Obama made an agreement with Israel to assist them with their security.  What does this mean? Remember the Bible says the final False Messiah will break his covenant with many and some think that this covenant might be an agreement with Israel.  However, the covenant mentioned in the above article is not a covenant with many. Also, the Bible states that if it were possible even the elect could be seduced by the False Messiah.  Obama does not appear to be duping or seducing Americans, much less the elect, so I really don’t see Obama coming close to fooling the elect.  However, I believe it is possible that the False Messiah might point to someone like Obama as a “false messiah”. Keep in mind that everyone is looking for the False Messiah to come first and then the true Messiah. Thus, do you not think that Satan is smart enough to create his own “false messiah” before he brings his “true” messiah (the False Messiah).  Remember, that Obama was brought out riding on a donkey and the press made mention of this messianic comparison.  Other messiah talk has also been mentioned by the media and this seems all too convenient … almost conspiratorially so. We even think about the “empty chair” that Clint Eastwood used in an illustration about Obama at the Republican National Convention.  Those who understand Israeli festivals know that Jews set out an empty chair at Passover as a symbol of their awaiting the Messiah.  In essence, it appeared Clint Eastwood was saying “We’re still waiting, because you are no Messiah, Obama”.  Now Obama has signed into law this agreement with Israel.  Satan could easily use Obama as his patsy fall guy or “false messiah” in order to prepare the world for the real False Messiah; and when it comes to the False Messiah, I could see a moderate Republican who is close friends with the Vatican pope (maybe even exalted by the pope) as being far more likely to seduce the very elect if it were possible.  Obama? Not so much.